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What Was The Moment You Fell In Love With Elder Scrolls?

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    May 31, 2016 9:49 AM EDT

    Sorry if this has been done before but there is nothing wrong with a reboot, eh?

    What was the moment you had to stop and go "OK, this is something special". Was it love at first sight? Was their a certain quest or character that won you over? Or was it something you had to come back to so that you could really appreciate it?

    My first contact with Elder Scrolls is actually a pretty rocky one. The first game I ever played was Oblivion, I had been looking forward to it for a while since I had been completely sold by the trailers and the general buzz about it. I finally got the game and ran home to play it but it was so bugged, so fucked I actually couldn't play it. No matter what every time I exited the starting dungeon it would freeze within 60 seconds. Every. Single. Time. Nothing I could do would fix it and it pissed me off so much I put the game in a cupboard and never played it again (and still haven't actually). Cut to a few years later and I was still searching for the next big RPG I wanted to play and people were all telling me that Morrowind, the game before Oblivion was the best. I was reluctant beacuse of my past ES experience as well as being a pretty old game but I finally relented and got the game. I have a very specific memory of this, hearing Jiub's super gravely voice and then stepping off the boat and hearing this:


     The weird haunting howl the Silt Strider and how strange and alien it looked, I knew I was in love!

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    May 31, 2016 10:03 AM EDT

    Hmm... well I'll be straight to you guys. There's no 'love at first sight'.

    My relationship with Elder Scrolls starts with Skyrim and it was a slow one. I thought of it as a regular RPG, just chopping and blasting my way through dungeons and cave, giving 0% crap about lore.

    But then, as I find time to read the in-game books, I was sucked into the lore deeper than Mora's tentacles dragging me into Apocrypha. Then I started doing a more relaxed playthrough of Skyrim, more of a 'see but don't do' type of playthrough. I've started being more immersive into the game than ever before.

    In short, my relationship with TES is... platonic.

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    May 31, 2016 10:29 AM EDT

    Was there any single book that sucked you right in?

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    May 31, 2016 10:33 AM EDT

    I think it was the 2920, The Last Year of the First Era book series. Completing it was one thing. But once you've read all 12 books, it just felt like it was worth all the trouble.

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    May 31, 2016 1:58 PM EDT

    I used to always get Morrowind from the library every time I was with my dad when I was probably about 10 and didn't even know what The Elder Scrolls series was. I found the game too hard to play but absolutely loved it regardless. For some reason I just loved the opening scene with that voice over and staring at Saint Jiub when he was just Jiub as you awake on that ship. And lastly, I was absolutely enthralled by the character creation process. I still have a soft spot for Morrowind and love it even more now that I know what TES is. Plus, I'm also in love with the sounds the Silt Striders make. It's so nostalgic.

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    May 31, 2016 3:38 PM EDT

    When I stepped off the Silt Strider in Balmora and saw the view


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    May 31, 2016 7:36 PM EDT

    My first real "I love this series" moment was after I went all the way through Morrowind and SORT OF enjoyed it in a "I have half an hour after school and want to do something other than nap" way.

    Then I heard Patrick Stewart speaking to me from the potato face of Uriel Septim in Oblivion. I failed Potato Picard. I could not fail his son. I was hooked right into the story from start to finish, and my first playthrough took one sleepless weekend.

    I went back later to Morrowind, and I appreciate it in a lot of ways, but Oblivion is probably my first Elder Scrolls love, for all its warts.

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    May 31, 2016 10:31 PM EDT
    I think when I got Sanguine's Rose or the Longhammer XD.
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    June 1, 2016 4:21 AM EDT

    RIP Potato Picard 

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    June 1, 2016 5:45 AM EDT

    Similar to you Vel my introduction to the series was Oblivion and my first playthrough was a mess. The world was enjoyable, vibrant and engaging enough for me to finally restart after I nerfed my initial char.

    The moment I fell head over heels, I think, was hearing the Prophet of Anvil's speech for KotN:

    "That all the interplay is but a flea of assertion on a wolf of naught..."

    I was blown away. I had no idea what he was on about but I loved that sentence. It was a defining moment in two ways as it marked my first in-character roleplay experience and my first introduction to lore. 

    In character while on the Pilgrimage I would stop at each inn for a bite and read a volume of The Song of Pelinal. I found Sir Roderick and Lathon and followed their journey at snail's pace around Cyrodiil. I would read every book I found that even hinted it may contain the names Alessia, Reman, Pelinal or Morihaus as I attempted to unravel what that Prophet was telling me.

    I think that marks the moment when like turned to love for me 

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    June 1, 2016 6:16 AM EDT

    I started with Oblivion too and what got me hooked up to TES was actually the main quest which introduces you to all kinds of weird shit. Talking statues that give you weird artifacts? Oblivion Gates to some kind of hell, with four armed man as the big boss? Crazy elf-guy in blue robes preaching about new dawn? Aquiring armor of some Talos guy who was a man but is god now? Amulet that blocks demons from attacking the wolrd?

    That´s a lot of weird shit for one person to absorb in one playthrough. I needed MORE!

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    June 1, 2016 9:25 AM EDT
    The moment I truly fell in love had to have been in the shivering isles dlc. When I fist walked through that portal, talked to haskill, and stepped through and looked out at all the brightly colored plants and everything, I knew that I was in love.
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    June 1, 2016 3:25 PM EDT

    The moment that my character stepped off the boat in Seyda Neen.

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    June 5, 2016 7:12 PM EDT

    Oblivion was my first Elder Scrolls game, was so cool, Elder Scrolls IV is more medieval like, love that, I'm happy was my first Elder Scrolls game, I think since the first time I played it I get love of it, let me tell you something fun, I was really fun of Warcraft universe, when World of Warcraft was released I was so disappointing they just throw all the story to trash, so I was looking for something and I discover something even better, is like Warcraft was for childhood and Elder scrolls for young adult and more, the only way I would not love Elder Scrolls any more is If Bethesda or the company what is in charge starts to create "sh*tty" content, so I hope If they releases a next Elder Scrolls they will be careful about or I guess a lot of people would hate them, but they have a solid base of lore and content, even If they make "sh*tty" I think would not be easy to stop think about Elder Scrolls