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I was walking in the woods..

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    November 15, 2011 7:38 PM EST

    Hey Guys,

    sorry this is late in posting but the blog section just wasn't the place for it,

    I thought it would be a great time to propose a game of sorts.

    It's called "I was walking through the woods"

    And all you have to do to play is, while you are exploring Skyrim it can be anywhere out in the wilds, in a dungeon, in town etc,  take note of interesting landmarks or something different. And then just leave a comment down below 

    Just two rules to keep the game fun and open to everyone:

    1) Do not give away the exact location of where you found/saw this, as some people would like to find it on their own.

    2) No scripted events that are part of a quest.

    With the Radiant story line sending everyone off in different directions I'm hoping to hear some really exciting things. Good luck and happy hunting.


    If someone would like to know the locations of the said events or landmarks please use the PM Inbox (found just under the sign out button in your window) don't post answers here.

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    November 16, 2011 12:21 AM EST

    I saw a kid drinking from a tankard in an inn, i hope it was filled with milk.

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    November 16, 2011 12:42 AM EST

    While wandering in the wilderness I found a woman living out in the wild who gave me bow practice.  Real bow practice not that pay me x gold an bingo you are a level higher but I had to shoot at targets.  She said to come back and she would give me advanced training.  I will if I can remember where she was.

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    November 16, 2011 12:44 AM EST

    hahaah awww. i hope you do find her again that sounds awesome. ^_^

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    November 16, 2011 12:59 AM EST

    I was walking in the woods and found a flame altronach (sp?)... He was battling w/ some mage.   I (c. 6th lv.)came to help, and when it was over the mage and the flame were dead, and my heart was beating rapidly (no heal potion/food remaining).

    I was walking in the woods and found a scary rock.  I was trying to get over a mountain, but the path I had chosen had dead ended.  It began snowing heavily.  On my return, I came around a bend and saw an Ogrim - except it wasn't an Ogrim, just a rock that kinda looked like an Ogrim in the snow.  This happened soon after my flame encounter, so I was a bit paranoid.

    I was walking in the woods and found an anbandomed alchemist house.  Nothing was 'owned'.  Just free stuff, and a small house/shed (not a separate cell).

    I was walking and found a waterfall... with a tunnel underneath.  (Seen two of these already).

    I was walking down a path and saw M'aiq...Perhaps you will see M'aiq.  I will not say where I saw M'aiq. Perhaps I did not.

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    November 16, 2011 1:05 AM EST

    wow Rune your adventures sound awesome :D stupid scary rock >.> but yay for free stuff.

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    November 16, 2011 1:35 AM EST
    I saw the headless horseman but he wasn't much of a conversationalist.
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    November 16, 2011 1:35 AM EST

    ah ha, i see what you did there

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    November 16, 2011 1:38 AM EST
    Lol I couldn't resist. I love puns.
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    November 16, 2011 1:57 AM EST

    I was walking across the plains and i saw a sabre cat trying to catch the butterflies.

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    November 16, 2011 7:47 AM EST

    I was walking through town and I saw.... a guard patrolling through the water?

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    November 16, 2011 8:48 AM EST
    i was walking in the mountains and saw a spikey rock... wait a minute rocks arn't spikey nor do they have red eyes that arn't garnets that i can take... o poop thats a dragon thats waiting in ambush, surprised he didn't get up and attack me he must've been hiding
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    November 16, 2011 8:54 AM EST

    heheh be glad he didn't bite you when you tried to take his eyes :P

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    November 16, 2011 10:10 AM EST

    I was walking in the woods and i came upon a rock that if looked at right was the shape of a face.

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    November 16, 2011 11:11 AM EST

    wandering the wilds i found a nice old lady with a shack that was ruined almost to the foundation. i looked around and i saw a trap door. i went in and there was alchemecal ingrediants and enchanting bench and alchemy bench. i go back up and where she had been nice and sweet before she says she had to kill me cause i know her secret and she turned out to be a witch

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    November 16, 2011 11:13 AM EST

    i find him all over the place

  • November 16, 2011 11:52 AM EST

    I was walking through the woods and came upon a poor fisherman getting his souse destroyed be three dragons, two of them were blood dragons, which sucked for him. After he died, they turned on me, Which sucked for me.

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    November 17, 2011 8:40 AM EST
    you have no idea how scared i was when it turned its head i literally jumped of my couched and stared mashing buttons good thing Lydia was with me or i would have died
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    November 22, 2011 6:56 AM EST

    I was walking in the woods.. When I found a lot of dead animals here and there.. I was like hell yeah, free pelts! Then a dragon smashed down right on top of me. I did luckily kill him / her / blood dragon and when I looted it I found tons of alchemy-stuff, jewelry and dragonbones / dragon scales. I got over encumbered and then the second dragon landed... An Ice dragon..

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    November 22, 2011 10:39 AM EST
    i was aimlessly wandering when I saw a giant herding a mammoth. I wasn't really interested in fighting them, so I took a wide turn around them. The trouble started with a small pack of wolves, which I disposed of easily, but I managed to startle the mammoth in the process and was promptly attacked by him and the giant. While running for dear life, an assassin comes out of nowhere and tries to kill me! I'm frantically sprinting around (and chugging stamina potions) when I hear that familiar roar. Fortunately, the dragon distracted the giant and I was able to put down the assassin and get some high ground to take out the mammoth. After all was said and done, I was one in one with the giant (aka the easy part). So, with all my new loot, I decide to head home to Whiterun. I need yo unload some weight, and make A LOT more potions!