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Religion in Skyrim and everyday life

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    February 12, 2012 12:40 PM EST

    I've found religion to be mainly useless in Skyrim as the Princes do not actually play a HUGE role in the fate or outcome. Also they mainly seemed just too self-righteous to worship. The only decent quest I found for one so far was Meridia's for the Dawn Breaker sword. Ky, you worship yourself I assume. 

    In life, I found being a severely abused child, that "God" or whomever didn't seem to hear my pleas. My siblings and I used to be lowered down the dry well on our farm for amusement, left there for hours, day and night. During which I would pray to anyone listening for help, release, anything...I've never felt "faith" whatever that may be and never believed that anyone (but myself) was looking after me. I'm very interested in people's religious beliefs and how their faith developed and was sustained. Paul has created such a diverse group that I would truly love to know your thoughts on this.

    FRIENDLY discussions only!!! Please, PLEASE do not insult or degrade anyone else for their religious beliefs, even if they are Raelian.

    Paul, if this topic is too controversial, I will not be offended if you remove this thread.