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Weapons and armor in Skyrim

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    April 19, 2013 5:17 AM EDT

    I am not sure if there is topic here about this but I was looking today at some weapon stats. I have some discussion points here:

    1. Greatsswords are always inferior to battleaxes - do you personally feel difference. According to stats they have same speed and reach but battleaxes have higher stagger chance and they do more damage.

    2. Speed is different for each bow - how you noticed this? I, personally, did not even know that speeds were different. I knew about longbow but thats about it.

    3. Due to armor cap anything past 567 is useless? - I knew about armor cap but was never sure how it worked untill today.

    Share your knowledge brothers/sisters! I am still noob and post your general toughts.

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    April 19, 2013 5:25 AM EDT
    1. Greatswords are noticeably faster in my experience, much better once you get enchantments and smith it up, since they both add flat damage per strike. Plus they're lighter so you can power attack with them more
    2. Bound Bow with Power Shot and Quick Shot, I'll leave it at that
    3. Actually it can be worth having higher than that, I've run into some enemies with maces/warhammers and the ignore armor perks, it takes off a portion of your armor rating rather than reducing your DR
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    April 19, 2013 5:42 AM EDT

    I think naming Greatsword inferior to Battleaxes in Skyrim is somewhat exaggerated. Every weapon has it's pros and conts. It depends on your own preferences and playstyle which one fits the best. I prefer Greatswords, those Axes and Hammers are soooooooo slooowwww.

    Don't be ashamed, I hardly see the different bow speeds either. I use more time for aiming properly .

    That armor cap made everything past 567 useless indeed. (Unfortunally) there's no differents between (well upgraded) Light armor and (well upgraded) Heavy armor, when those crossed that 567 line. My Savior's hide armored warrioress with her Greatsword is better in high end fight, than my Deadra armored Tankette with her Sword and Board.

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    April 19, 2013 8:59 AM EDT

    Well these are stats for both weapons 

    Reach: 1.3
    Speed: 0.7
    Stagger: 1.1

    Reach: 1.3
    Speed: 0.7
    Stagger: 1.15

    Everything is same. Except for stagger, which I do not care about. Otherwise battleaxes do more damage. I was thinking that stamina use might be bit lower when power attacking with greatsword due it's lower weight. I feel like greatswords are more graceful and battleaxe is just hack and slash.