UOTW Chapter 233 Payback


    Author's Note: The chapter has not been edited except for mistakes and errors therefore the content may change at a later date although the plot will remain the same. The content you read now is as I written it in 2014-2015. I hope this fact doesn’t lessen your enjoyment.

    As always, should you see an error or something you feel is off then by all means let me know.
    Sotek Loyal Hound of Hircine


    Aela led the four Companions as they made their way down the steps of Jorrvaskr and across the market place. She stopped at the fruit stall as Carlotta called out to her.
    “Oh Aela? Here, I have that basket you wanted”. As she spoke she placed a small basket on the counter.

    “Thank you, that’s great”. Aela exclaimed then she made her way to Belethor’s shop. “You three wait here, I’ll be just a second. The Harbinger wanted me to get something”.

    Vilkas shrugged then looked across to the Inn.
    “We’ll meet you inside”. Then he and Farkas started walking up the steps to the bannered mare. Sotek however walked over to the wall then sat on it and waited patiently.

    Soon enough Aela exited the shop with a wrapped parcel. Instead of heading off to the Inn, she went to the meat stall.
    “Anoriath, please tell me you got it!”

    He looked a bit startled initially but he soon got his composure back.
    “Ah Aela. You wanted a beef joint, didn’t you?”

    She started screwing her face up at him.
    “No, I wanted two”.

    “Well, I’m afraid, I’ve only got you… three actually, and two venison pieces. Top quality I might add”.

    Aela breathed a sigh of relief.
    “Oh, you really had me going there damn you”. Then she smiled at him. “Three’s perfect, and thank you for the venison”.

    Sotek jumped off the wall making her turnaround in a start.
    “What the? Oh hi. I thought you went inside?”

    “No, I thought I’d wait for you. Do you want a hand?” as Sotek asked he pointed to the basket and package Aela was carrying.

    “Oh, please. Here, you can carry these”. She then passed him the wrapped-up meat and basket while she held on to the parcel. “Come on you, let’s get inside”. Then they headed into the Inn.

    Aela told Sotek to join the other two sitting by the fire on the bench while she sorted out the drinks. Now she was alone, she had a chat with the Innkeeper Hulda.
    “I want to rent out the main room for us, and the two side rooms for Vilkas and Farkas. Here’s the meat joints I promised, also there’s two venison. Is that ok?”

    “Ahh yes, that’s no problem at all. Is this the parcel you want taken to your room? And the basket I presume?”

    “Yes. Have you talked to the maids about tonight?”

    Hulda nodded discreetly.
    “Oh yes and they are more than willing. What about Sotek?”

    “I’ll sort him out, and the parcel should help”. As she spoke Aela grinned evilly.

    Hulda laughed quietly.
    “And no doubt you’ll enjoy it. Everything’s ready; I’ll serve up supper around eight”.

    Aela nodded.
    “Thanks. Can I have four meads please?”

    “Coming right up. Remember yours is the earthen jug; it’s watered down so don’t let them drink out of it”.

    Aela threw her a smile then headed to the three Companions.
    “Drinks are on the way”.

    Within a few minutes, a Maid came over to them carrying a tray.
    “Here you go, four meads. Aela, this one is yours. Hulda wants a lady’s impression of the stone flasks”.

    Vilkas gave a laugh.
    “So why give it to her then? She’s no lady”.

    The maid just laughed.
    “She is more so than the rest of you. Besides, she’s the only one who’s wearing girl’s clothes so you put a dress on then you can try it”.

    Vilkas grabbed her playfully.
    “Well, you take this off then I can wear it”.

    She gave him a playful slap across the face.
    “Oi, later you, later”.

    “Can’t I’m afraid; I’m with company tonight”. He stated disappointedly.

    Aela gave him a smile.
    “Actually, yes you can because I’ve booked the three rooms. Sotek and I have the balcony”.

    Farkas looked at her oddly.
    “There’s only one room here?”

    Aela shook her head at him.
    “Oh no, I booked the maids rooms as well. Two of them, they come with maids so I am to believe”.

    Sotek looked around the inn, he couldn’t shake the fact that something was amiss but he didn’t know what. Putting his worries aside he started drinking just as much as Vilkas and Farkas, even Aela was drinking roughly the same amount.

    That early evening Aela went to the washroom and while she was there, a maid bought another round of drinks to the table. The three Companions were sitting around waiting for Aela to return and during this time, Sotek took Aela’s stone flask.
    “Ermm, that’s Aela’s drink”. A maid stated, trying not to act nervously.

    “That’s fine, she’ll be here in a minute”. Then as he held his flask and Aela’s he caught a quick glance of the Innkeeper Hulda. She was looking straight at him. Sotek then glanced at the washroom, and at Aela’s flask. A second later, he guzzled down a few mouthfuls of Aela’s drink. Automatically he knew it was well watered down. He stared at the flask then at Vilkas and Farkas. They were well on their way to getting drunk but Aela seemed fine. He sat back thinking hard for a few seconds then approached the bar. “Ermm, Aela’s drink?”

    Hulda stood there watching nervously.

    “Sorry, I mistook it for mine. Can she have a refill? Don’t tell her I’ve drunk from it, she doesn’t need to know”. Then he gave her a wink as he sat down at the table once more.

    Within a minute Aela re-joined them.
    “Oh wow, my heads starting to spin”.

    Vilkas laughed at her.
    “Here we go, spin dizzy huntress falling on the floor”.

    Sotek laughed.
    “You what?”

    “That’s what we call her when she’s drunk; spin dizzy huntress”. Farkas roared out with laughter.

    Sotek looked at Aela’s flask then nodded discreetly to himself as if he understood what was going on. He gave Aela a smile then decided to play along.
    “Hulda, can we have six of your strongest meads please?”

    “Coming right up! Ermm six?”

    Sotek grinned to Aela then gave her a wink.
    “Yess, six. Now, Farkas, Vilkas, we got to drink them as fast as possible. Aela, sorry but you can’t join in; you’re the judge”.

    Within moments the six flasks were placed in front of them. Aela gave a slight laugh then she called out.
    “Ready? Go!!”

    As one they all grabbed a flask then drank as fast as they could. Sotek downed the first flask but he slowed up on the second allowing Farkas and Vilkas to overtake him. Farkas just managed to upturn his flask and bang it on the table before Vilkas. Sotek however took a few more seconds to finish. The moment he did he felt the whole room spin. At that point, the Innkeeper called Aela over.

    As Hulda spoke she pointed to Aela’s flask.
    “He drank from your flask”.

    Aela looked horrified.
    “What? Who did?”.

    “Sotek! He knows your drinks watered down”.

    She turned around and faced him.
    “Has he said anything?”

    The Innkeeper smiled.
    “No, he winked at me then he has been making them drink even more. He knows you’re out to get them drunk, he’s helping you the poor fool”.

    Aela sat there at the bar deep in thought weighing things in her mind.
    “He’s helping because he loves me. He cares about how the others treat me. No, no, no, I’m not stopping. They always rip into me. It’s time they knew who they were messing with. You mess with the Huntress and you get the fangs. I’ll make it up to him tomorrow. Tonight, revenge is on the menu”.

    She returned to the table with more drinks then the Innkeeper called over to them.
    “Supper’s served”.

    The four of them sat to the big table to a giant roast which consisted of the three joints of meat which were cooked up along with the venison. As they ate and drank, the bard sang a few songs while the maids danced to the tune.

    After they had finished their meal, Aela took Soteks hand and stood with her back to him. She started dancing, rubbing herself against him. As she did so, she could feel he was getting quickly aroused. Smiling broadly, she started dancing sultrier, enjoying the passion she felt as Sotek held her hips. After a few minutes, she was getting hot as well as Soteks hands started to wander. She turned around to him then whispered in his ear.
    “You know I’m not as drunk as you three. Thanks for keeping quiet. Stay here, don’t move”. Then she shot upstairs to their bedroom.

    A few minutes later she called down from the balcony.
    “Has anyone seen a good looking Argonian around these parts? I seem to be having trouble sleeping”.

    All three of them looked up to see Aela overlooking the balcony. She wore a revealing dress which barely covered her front. Down both her sides the dress was open and the front was only held in place to the back by two coiled straps.
    “Bloody hell, you’re in for a good time”. Vilkas called out.

    Farkas gave Sotek a slap on the shoulder.
    “Oi when a girl like that calls you, you gotta go. Leave your drink and get going. Why is he still sitting here?”

    Sotek got up then headed over to the stairway. Aela smiled to herself when she heard him practically come running up the steps. She grabbed him and threw him on the bed then she stood over the top of him as she danced seductively while his hands glided over her legs as far as he could reach. Within a few moments she had started stripping off his clothes then sat on his lap. She leant over and started kissing him while his hands explored her body moments later she was thrown on her back and her dress pulled to the side as Sotek started making love to her.

    Down stairs they could just hear her moans as she bit hard into a pillow but she gave up trying to be quiet and threw the pillow across the room. Moments later various howls rang out from the balcony.

    Vilkas and Farkas were dancing with the maids but once they could hear Aela and Sotek, they went off with the maids as they were led to the maid’s rooms. Soon enough, and true to their form, the maids were moaning out loudly as well.

    A few hours later, Aela cradled Soteks head in her arms. She put the basket on the bed then pulled off the cloth which covered the top of the basket to reveal various fruits in it. She laid there, feeding Sotek some grapes then she started kissing him again. Within a few moments she was on top of him, holding his head in her naked chest as she made love to him. Soon they both started to fall asleep, wrapped in each other’s arms. Aela gave him one last kiss then she closed her eyes.

    Around three in the morning, Aela was gently woken up by Hulda.
    “It’s time. Are you sure about this?”

    Aela gave a slight yawn.
    “Yes. Oh, I know he loves me but I’ll make it up to him. No, I need to do this”. Then she got up and started to get dressed quietly. She leaned over the balcony and there below were the two maids. They were looking up waiting for her. Aela gave it one last thought; ‘now, do it girl’. She smiled down at them then gave the signal, this was it, revenge for all the boys goading and leg pulling. Now they would feel the Huntress’s bite.

    As one the maids went to the two rooms and started quietly removing all the clothes belonging to Farkas and Vilkas while Aela took all of Soteks belongings. Then they took all the spare blankets and furs from each room until there was nothing left; including the three furs the men were using for covers. Aela got the maids to follow her as they took all the clothes and furs to Jorrvaskr where the Harbinger, Whelps and Tilma were all waiting for her. Kodlak got a shock when the gear was piled up inside.

    “Aela, what are you doing?”

    She pointed her finger at him.
    “No, you agreed I could get revenge on them. For too many years they have been ripping into me. I’ll get them my way. No one will get hurt but by Hircine they will suffer for it! Now if you don’t mind everyone outside then Harbinger, I require the key”.

    By dawn, all the clothes, furs and blankets were removed from the inn. The only things left there were the three Companions sleeping stark naked. Aela even had the pillows removed. All their clothing was piled up in Jorrvaskr and that itself was locked up… and only Aela had the key.

    By eight, the market was in full swing and everyone in Jorrvaskr were sitting on the steps waiting patiently. Farkas was the first to wake up and was surprised to find himself naked.
    “What?” He bent down to get his cloths but they were gone. Puzzled he looked around the room but he couldn’t find anything to wear what so ever, having no choice he crept out of his room to Vilkas. “Oi wake up, damn it. Wake up and pass me a fur”.

    “No”. Vilkas cried out back to him.

    “Why not? Don’t play me like this! Give me my bloody cloths”.

    Vilkas opened his door, he stood there completely naked.
    “I can’t damn it! Mine are gone too. Where the hell is Aela?”

    Sotek woke up to the commotion. He gave the room a quick look then sat on the bed thinking.
    “Hey, you two!” He got up and looked over the balcony to see them both holding themselves. “I guess then that this is Aela’s doing as she isn’t here”.

    “No! Really? Are you sure she’s not hiding in your wardrobe?”

    Sotek grinned.
    “Nope but there are three blankets here”.

    Farkas shouted up.
    “Realy?” The next second the pair of them ran up the stairs and rushed to his wardrobe. Vilkas threw open the door to find it empty.

    “Oh; bloody funny! You moron”.

    Sotek laughed at them.
    “You think that was funny? Here, read this note”. He passed Vilkas a note which Aela left on the bed.
    ‘Dear Sotek
    Please tell Farkas and Vilkas their clothes… oh, and yours, are all in Jorrvaskr. I took the liberty of taking all the clothes and furs from the Inn. If you’re up before eight then you might get back to Jorrvaskr without too many problems.

    Love you lots Aela.’

    Vilkas cried out.
    “Oh, for the love of the nines”.

    Farkas looked horrified.
    “Quick! What’s the time?”

    Sotek looked out of the window; he could see Aela and everyone else sitting on the steps of Jorrvaskr. Even the maids and servants from the Dragonsreach were there and the market was packed.
    “Oh rats! There’s bad news, or really bad news”.

    Farkas groaned.
    “What’s the bad news?”

    Sotek couldn’t help but laugh.
    “It’s well past eight”.

    Vilkas held his head in despair.
    “What’s the really bad news?”

    “Everyone’s out there! She got us good, really good”. Sotek smiled as he thought of the ingenuity she had shown planning it.

    Vilkas looked at the door.
    “Ok, now what do we do?”.

    “Simple, we go out there and face them. That’s all we can do”. Sotek shook his head as he thought about it.

    After drawing straws, Farkas was faced with going out there first. The moment he opened the door and looked outside, the crowd in the street cheered. He slammed the door quickly.
    “No! Oh god no! They are all out there!! Everyone!!”

    Vilkas and Sotek grabbed Farkas and threw him outside. As they did so he screamed loudly.
    “No!! lease? Get off!”

    He tried to get back inside but they had braced the door. Having no other option, he ran to Jorrvaskr past the Whelps and the Harbinger cursing at Aela as he ran. To his horror, the door of Jorrvaskr wouldn’t budge.
    “No! Open the door! It’s locked? Why oh god is it locked?” He held himself as he tried to open the door.

    “I have the key”. Aela said laughing at him. “And I’m not opening it until you’re all out here”.

    Farkas screamed at her.
    “Open the bloody door!”

    “Don’t you shout at me and cover that thing up if you don’t mind thank you”. Was her joyful reply.

    Ebony instantly burst out laughing. She sat on the wall and couldn’t take her eyes off him.
    “Hey Farkas, I’m impressed”.

    “Ebony, really”. Aela exclaimed then she laughed as well. Within moments Vilkas came running up the steps holding himself as cheers could be heard from the market.

    “Open the bloody door”. He shouted.

    Aela waved her finger at him, grinning broadly.
    “Not until the three of you are here, and there are laws about swinging around you know”.

    Farkas and Vilkas stood by the Skyforge much to Eorlund’s distress.
    “Oh, by the nines, get away from me”. He shouted.

    Ebony walked up the ramp and passed Vilkas her helmet.
    “Here, use this”.

    “What about me? I thought we were friends? I thought you liked me?” Farkas cried.

    Ebony laughed.
    “Oh, I do, Farkas, I do”. as she talked she kept looking down at his manhood which he kept trying to cover up with his hands.

    By this time the women from the market gathered near the steps of Jorrvaskr. The Harbinger turned to Aela.
    “Are you going to let them in yet?”

    “No!” She shouted. “Not until Soteks here… wait a minute! Where is he?” She stood up then walked to the steps, sniffing the air as she went. “Sotek you bastard! You lied! You said you wouldn’t use any spells over the next forty-eight hours. You’re bloody invisible. You promised me; keep your word”.

    The Harbinger jumped when he heard a sigh as Sotek appeared behind them all. Unlike Farkas and Vilkas, he boldly walked past everyone then faced Aela. As he looked at her he kept his hands by his sides, then he stepped right up to her, gently pushing her into the wall of Jorrvaskr, as he did so he gave her a kiss on the lips. She kissed him back then embraced him holding him for several seconds.
    “You’re a good sport, you know that?” She grinned.

    “Yess, now open the bloody door”.

    She showed him the key, all the while she stood there staring at him, grinning wickedly.
    “They went from the inn to here and you cheated”. Aela laughed.

    Sotek gave a sigh then he turned around and boldly walked to the market. He took an apple form the stall and bit into it.
    “I have no gold at this moment so I owe you it”. He stated to Carlotta.

    She laughed as she bashfully turned away.
    “What, no gold in your pockets? That’s stealing”.

    A guard walked over to them and laughed.
    “You’re under arrest”.

    “Fine”. Sotek smiled. “Arrest me”.

    “No thanks”. The guard said as he stood back.

    Then Sotek walked over to Jorrvaskr as casual as he always did, eating the apple as he went. Aela gave him a slap on the backside, smiling at him.
    “Your gears inside. Oi, you two! It’s unlocked”.

    Farkas and Vilkas both ran down the slope past everyone then practically ran inside while Sotek casually walked in the other door. He stopped momentarily then turned to Aela.
    “You know this is war, don’t you? As from now, we are at war”.

    She stepped right up to him and smiled.
    “Bring it! Oh look, you have”. As she spoke she pointed below his waist then she blew him a kiss as she laughed along with Ebony and the others.




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    Vilkas cried out.
    “Oh, for the love of the [Nine]”.

    Farkas and Vilkas stood by the Skyforge much to Eorlund’s distress.
    “Oh, by the [Nine], get away from me”. He shouted.

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