The Snowscale, Chapter 3

  • "What do you want?" asked Jeetum. "There was an old fortress just inside the High Rock border." replied the old man. "If we can get there, you should be safe." "Safe from what?" asked Jeetum "An evil force is rising, son. Snowscales are a very rare yet powerful breed of Argonians, and someone wants to see them extinct." "Alright, I'll go with you. Just try not to walk too slowly. By the way, my name is..." "Jeetum-Ja." said the old man. "You mere named after you're mother's father. You can call me father, or Galius Lerexus if you wish." said the old man. "Alright Galius, it looks like we've got some traveling to do."

    On their second day of walking, they finally got to the fort. It looked mostly abandoned from the outside, there was just one guard standing at the door. "What are you doing on our sacred grounds?" asked the door guard, who was also a pale-skinned Argonian. "My father said that this was a safe encampment for my kind." replied Jeetum. "So, you think that you are a Snowscale? Well the door is locked, the only way to open it is to put a drop of blood in the lock. However it will only open if you are a true Snowscale." said the guard. Jeetum pulled a knife out of his pocket, and made a small cut on his left hand. He put a drop of blood on the lock and the doors opened. "Alright then. Head on in, but the Human stays here." said the guard. "Don't worry son, I'll be alright. Go meet you're new family members." said Galius.

    The inside of the fort looked very different from the outside. There were hundreds of fellow Snowscales inside. "What's you're name?" asked one of the Argonians. "My name is Jeetum-Ja. It is a pleasure to speak with you." replied Jeetum. "Likewise." said the other Argonian "My name is Gleams-Like-Snow. You should go meet you're fellow Snowscales." Jeetum went to the local tavern, the "The Drunken Snake"  to meet some other Snowscales. "What's you're pick, friend?" asked the bartender. "I'm just looking for work." said Jeetum. "Well then, you should head over to the enlistment room. It's just down the hall." said the Bartender.

    The enlistment room was a large room with beds, a smithy and dozens of soldiers. "I'd like to join you." said Jeetum. "Is there any room?" "There's always room for a new Snow-Guard." said the one soldier. "Just head over to the General over there." The General was a tall Argonian with scars all over his face. He wore gleaming white armor with a silver sword on his side. "What do you want?" he said to Jeetum. "I want to join up. May I?" asked Jeetum. "Well then, you're just in time." Said the General. "We're moving out to a nordic crypt not to far from here. Head over to the Smithy ang get some armor, I'll fill you in while we march."