Those Consumed by Order

  • The frozen earth beside Magda's head exploded as the mace planted itself where she had been only a moment before. Shards of ice and stray sparks of shock magic bit at her cheek, and she kept rolling down the hill, squeezing her eyes closed. A grunt of strain from above told her that her assailant was struggling to pull the mace free. She rolled once more and got to one knee, looking up. Just a few feet away a figure in gilded armor tugged at the haft of the mace that had almost taken her life. He was half obscured by an ornate hood and cloak of pale, layered material. When he noticed her rising, his head turned in her direction, and a grimly glowing blue eye bored into her from the shadows of the hood.


    Magda stumbled to her feet, backing away as she looked at the state of herself. Her chain mail had been torn in several places, but the leather beneath had largely held. Her only plate armor, on her shins, knees and shoulders was still in place, though significantly more dented. Glancing around, she saw her shield off to her right where it had fallen, and her own mace not far from it. As she turned to move toward them her attention was drawn by a growl on her left; her attacker had pulled the mace free and was striding toward her, a naked sword in his other hand. This "Castigator", as he had called himself, made a much more intimidating figure from the front, thick plate armor of Dwemer metal covering almost every inch of his body, and weapons that seemed specially crafted to complete this picture of authority. Sparks still jumped from both sword and mace, revealing the potency of their enchantments, and both of those glowing, hateful eyes were now firmly fixed on her.


    "You cannot oppose order itself, Cleric," he spat as he strode toward her, "It is as elemental as the earth and sky."


    Paying no heed, Magda turned and broke into a run down the slope toward her equipment. She heard a snarl behind her and could almost feel the heavy footfalls in the ground as he gave chase. At the last possible moment she lunged, gripping first her shield and then the handle of her mace. A shadow fell across her, and she raised the shield, bracing herself. The blow rattled her bones and her arm went numb, but she didn't miss a step. He had struck with both his weapons, so she slammed her mace into the side of his leg. The metal groaned as he fell to a knee, assuring her that she done some damage. She forced aside his weapons and swung up, hoping to end it quickly with a blow from under the jaw. Her mace met only air, though, as he twisted away with almost unnatural speed. She followed up swiftly with a jab in the abdomen from the edge of her shield, laying him out flat.


    She took the moment's reprieve to get to her feet. "We're on the same side, can't you see that?" She gasped, dodging a swipe from his blade.


    "You deceive only yourself," the Castigator grunted, "If you would spare the agents of chaos, you would share their guilt." There was clearly no reasoning with him.


    Somewhere in the distance she heard clanking metal. She began praying that Phynaster would not abandon her, but quickly had to turn her attention back to her enemy as he stalked forward again, with more caution this time. Now as he moved he favored one leg; perhaps she could outlast him after all. She readied both shield and mace, waiting for the opportune moment. Just as he prepared to strike he noticed the glowing light between her body and shield. In that moment of hesitation she opened her guard and unleashed the spell; a blaze like sunlight erupted between them. He raised his arms to shield his eyes and face, and she struck with all her might at his exposed abdomen. There was a satisfying metal against metal crunch, and a wheezed cough as the air was forced from the Castigators body. He doubled over as she stepped back, and he looked up just in time to see her swing the mace across and crush his skull.


    For a few moments she stared at the still form on the ground. Beneath the now bloody hood she could just see one eye, still open, still glowing accusingly. A clinking behind her made her turn, and she took a hasty step back. Four hulking figures in the same armor had crested the hill, and stood glaring down at her with glowing eyes, weapons already bared.


    Phynaster... she thought, and then heard metal rapping against metal from the other direction. Turning, she smiled broadly. Three Guardians of her own order stood there. The one in the center stepped forward, lowering mace and shield, eyes trained on the hilltop.


    "Sister. Looks like you found some excitement. Won't you introduce us?"


    Hefting her mace for a better grip, the four of them began advancing up the hill, weapons beating on their shields.


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  • Paws
    Paws   ·  April 13, 2015
    'Bino's just reminded me. I'm adding this to my build
  • Borommakot
    Borommakot   ·  March 3, 2015
    They're hands down my favorite scenes to write.
  • Paws
    Paws   ·  March 3, 2015
    Well it's effing cool. I'm hoping to repay the compliment and write one of these, this time having the Castigator win. There's just something fun about writing a combat scene, isn't there?
  • Borommakot
    Borommakot   ·  March 3, 2015
    I was thinking a spell like Sun Fire or Vampire's Bane being used as a sort of magical flashbang, which in game terms would probably be a stagger effect. I think the only way to pull that off is with Impact, though.
  • Paws
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    What's not to like? I love that special move, what were you thinking there because I need to replicate it in game?
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    I'm relieved that you like it, Phil!
  • Paws
    Paws   ·  March 2, 2015
    This is epic!
  • Borommakot
    Borommakot   ·  March 1, 2015 didn't have much in the way of context, did it? It's a confrontation between Phil's Guardian of Phynaster and a Castigator.
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    I have no idea what this was about. But it was a cool scene to read. 
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    Right you are :)