SotF: Argonian Bloodwine

  • And this of course brings us to the boldest and most unorthodox of the wines of Tamriel: the Argonian Bloodwine! Ah yes, the infamous Bloodwine, a drink only for the bravest and most experienced of drinkers – this is not the drink for the fainthearted or the foolish. The Bloodwine is named so for its blood red colouration, viscous texture, and of course its metallic aroma. The Bloodwine has been described as tannic yet sweet with a hard finish but bears no traces of fruit as is in conventional wine. The wine is also a full wine, drinkers will know its presence when drunk. Readers will be most pleased to know that Bloodwine has a strong kick to it, almost as strong as Jagga or Colovian Vodka and it hits just as quick so your bodies know when to stop.


    As for serving the drink it is only fair that the boldest and most unorthodox of wines of Tamriel to be served differently from its ilk. Let not that the wine come contact to metal for even the cool touch of gold and silver will corrupt the wine’s taste. Instead serve the wine in cups of leather with hides of beasts native to the Black Marsh offering the best and richest of taste for the Bloodwine. Drink it warm or cold; it matters not for the wine’s hardy nature means that its tang will survive whatever the weather throws at it. It is not uncommon for some drinkers to spice their wine with Bergamot seeds, Foxglove nectar although purists such as myself would frown upon such defilement.


    Meat, especially red meat cooked bloody pairs well with Bloodwine. Not so unlike conventional red wines, Bloodwines bond well with red meat and the wine softens the meat beckoning more flavour from each bite. In return the meat mellows the Bloodwine’s hard finish like a maiden dancing seductively around a bonfire of the First Planting. Now unless you dear reader are an Argonian or have a taste for their food, never drink Bloodwine with fish. The wine brings out that ‘fish’ taste that overbears the drinker for the most part but do as one do.


    Now as to what exactly is in a Bloodwine, one may guess that with the word ‘Blood’ in the name the wine must have something to do with blood. An astute and logical conclusion if I do say so myself but the truth is far more complicated…


    - Excerpt from Wines & Liquors of Tamriel: A Complete Compendium by Ser Louis Pinot, Wine Connoisseur & Guildmaster of the Order of the Red Vine




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  • Vezrabuto
    Vezrabuto   ·  September 27, 2018
    I Love this Wine. My Main Character drinks it after a great relic find or to Celebrate a special Occasion, often paired with Steamed Crab Legs. Great Article Delta i really enjoy this. ^^