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  • A beast is a generalised term for creatures of non-magical origin although this does not remove the possibility of magical tamperment. Non-sentient, beasts typically live on instinct although intelligence varies from animal to animal.




    by Mihin89

    The Bears of Skyrim are nasty pieces of work. Not only are they omnivorous- finding diet on flesh and fruit, highly territorial but are also accustomed to human presence unlike their shier southern cousins. However like their southern cousins, the bears of the North are strong and much faster than their size suggests so don’t bother outrunning them if you’ve provoked one and if you have to fight, use fire or spears.

    Now what is more important than fighting bears is avoiding them. One, always remember to clean up your camp. Bears, simple animals as they are more interested in easy food than a prey who fights back. So do not let the bear get accustomed to you being an easy source of food. Second is to make a lot of noise. Now this may be unfeasible if you’re in bandit country but it’s up to you to decide if you’d rather fight a bear or a company of bandits.

    If you have to fight them use fire or spears as mentioned earlier. As vicious as the fauna of Skyrim can be, any prey that has a chance to draw blood will chase off nothing but the most dedicated predator for even a nick could be fatal in the wilds. Be warned, if you see a bear cub, be on alert. Nothing is more dangerous than a bear mother and bears can be surprisingly silent when stalking and if enraged, nothing but divine intervention can save you then.

    - Excerpt from Bestiary: Bears of Skyrim by Vigilant Vivian Marolles





    The first thing you'll notice is that trolls are incredibly fast and strong for their size. A troll likes to pummel its prey into submission with powerful arm strikes and claw attacks. For this reason, I strongly recommend a shield.

    - Excerpt from Troll Slaying by Finn


    Travellers seeking to brave the snowy wastelands of Skyrim will face many dangers: blizzards, exposure – or a chance encounter with a Frost Troll. Identical to their temperate cousins, Frost Trolls can be differentiated by their white fur and larger frame; while the common troll has been averaged to about six feet, Frost Trolls have been counted among eight feet tall and are stronger to compensate for the increased weight. Frost Trolls are also known to be far more aggressive than the common troll, a behaviour academics believe to be a product of their environment – for little grows in the snow and whatever meat that comes along, the prudent survivor would see it as a meal.


    As with all trolls, the Frost Troll is gifted with powers of regeneration – no doubt another factor in their monstrous appetites. Unless a wound is highly deliberating; say a decapitation, impalement or immediately fatal, the troll’s blood will clot its wound quickly and bones will mend so make every strike count. An additional boon to trolls is that this power also means that the creature has a seemingly unlimited pool of stamina so end the fight fast before you tire out first. One may also make the use of fire for at its core, trolls are beasts and fire is the primal enemy of such creatures.


    Not known for their grace nor subtlety, Frost Trolls will attack by swiping its large and powerful arms at its target and if the opportunity presents itself, the creature may even grab its prey and pull it apart. Note that it is a known fact that trolls have the strength to pull a man in half – that is if the creature decides not to bite down on the victim with its mouth of jagged teeth. Trolls are not known to use tools so keep your distance and strike whenever the creature overcommits to an attack leaving itself wide open.


    - Excerpt from Bestiary: Frost Trolls by Vigilant Tarsus Avanch




    Author's Note(s):Image credits to Mihin89




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