SotF: Codex: Bestiary: An Introduction to Lycanthropy

  • Lycanthropes or more popularly known as Werewolves are a form of therianthropy where the victim takes the form of a wolf creature. Like other forms of therianthropy, lycanthropy is the result of a curse, or blessing to some by the Daedric Prince of the Hunt, Hircine. While lycanthropy is the most common form of therianthropy in Tamriel, the exact specifics of their curse vary from lycanthrope to lycanthrope.


    An example of this is the vector of transmission. It has been reported that lycanthropy can be transmitted by bite wounds like an infection which after a period of 3 to 14 days of fevers, night terrors, and fatigue would they finally transform into a lycanthrope. In other reports, drinking the blood of a lycanthrope will lead to instant transformation. Yet in another, the victim would turn into a lycanthrope after performing dark rituals. In addition to the vector, the form of the lycanthrope also varies from a more humanoid wolf-man figure to taking a visage of a dire wolf, indistinguishable from the genuine animal.


    Academic questions aside, there are a few things that are consistent with every lycanthrope. First is that when transformed, few can match a lycanthrope’s strength, agility, savagery, and powers of regeneration making them a dangerous foe. Second is that a lycanthrope’s sense of smell and hearing are supernaturally elevated, making them excellent hunters. Thirdly is that all lycanthropes can be cured but take note; there is no universal method to do so and any Vigilant attempting this must take care for any possibilities.


    To fight a werewolf, the metal of silver can negate a lycanthrope’s powers of regeneration and the purer the silver the more effective it would be. Fire, the element of purity would also put a stopper in a lycanthrope’s vitality. With the help of a skilled alchemist, weapons coated with Wolfsbane would have a similar effect to silver on lycanthropes and if both can be used together, the better.


    Warning to all Vigilants: do not attempt to engage a werewolf alone. Werewolves have been known to decimate entire parties of well-prepared hunters and even on a successful hunt, the hunters would suffer heavy casualties. Werewolves like all therianthropes are at their most vulnerable in their human, elf or beast form and even then they are dangerous foes.


    - Excerpt from Bestiary: An Introduction to Lycanthropy by Senior-Vigilant Wilk





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