Cyrodiil's Champions: A Pirate Hero Part 1

  • Prologue




    Ian S. McClure




    I'll kill them! I'll kill them all!




    They left me for dead, after all. Pretty clear that they didn't believe in 'honor among thieves'. After everything we did together! Us on the Hackwing, we were the terror of the Abecean. I'd daresay we were the best damn pirates since the likes of Velekh Sain and Torradan ap Dugal, which is probably the proudest achievement of my life. Especially seeing as how I'm a Saxhleel, and a woman at that! Nobody ever thought some Argonian slave girl would captain a pirate ship, but I did, and now Nix-Jeelai is a legend among buccaneers. Small comfort,that I just might be remembered after I die.




    But then, the mutiny. Damn it all! My first mate, some puffed-up High Elf called Rilindaril, decided he'd make a better captain than me. Bastard somehow convinced my crew, too. Most of them, anyways—a few stayed loyal. The traitors attacked at our favorite port, on Herne. Now, mind you, I'm damn good with a sword, but so were they. Barely escaped with my life, after killing a fair few of them. Most of the crew that stayed loyal, they weren't so lucky. I only know of a few that escaped.




    Had to lay low for a while after that. I knew I couldn't stay on Herne, but I had a little plan in mind. See, the Empire never caught me, so they probably didn't know who I was. And I'd heard some whispers—whispers that some underground cavern had been found near Anvil! I figured that'd be as good a hideout as any until I could get a new ship. I vowed that I'd show Rilindaril and the rest who the boss really was!




    But something else drew me to Cyrodiil. I had a dream, see, which is pretty rare for me. I don't remember much—fire, monsters. And a voice… Telling me to bring some Amulet to a man named Jauffre. Now, I'm no superstitious idiot, but my gut told me that I should follow the dream. And I never ignore my gut. So, I got transport to the Imperial City, nothing but the gold I'd stashed and the clothes on my back. Damn mutineers didn't even leave my leathers, or my blade.




    I'll admit—I was impressed by the Imperial City when I got there. It's an experience alright, walking those streets. But just as I was appreciating all this, some Imperial shows up to arrest me! Turns out the damn law knew more than I thought—they even knew about the mutiny. But without any armor or weapons, what chance did I have against Legionnaires? So I went quietly. I was beginning to question, for the first time, my instincts. But something kept me going, gave me hope. And I would take anything I could get in that regard.




    So, here I am, sitting in a damp, cold cell. Some Dark Elf bastard's taunting me, but I'm ignoring him. He'll be dead soon enough, I reckon. I just hope I don't join him... See, that's why I'm writing. I wanted to leave something behind, just in case. Thank the Hist or the Divines or whatever that they let me have a book and quill. I may not make it out of here, but to whoever's reading this, in case I don't make it out, I got one request:




    Find that scum Rilindaril, and stick a knife through him. Make it hurt.







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  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  May 7, 2017
    Sorry for taking so long to get to this. 
    Well this is one hell of a start.  :-O
    • Tenebrous
      Sorry for taking so long to get to this. 
      Well this is one hell of a start.  :-O
        ·  May 7, 2017
      Thanks, Sotek!