A Letter From Orsinium

  • Greetings old friend, I know it has been awhile since my last letter but you cannot blame me for the road to Orsinium was a long and treacherous one. As such you should ignore any rumours of me spending my time in the company of a rather attractive fellow traveller, for I was not and there are many tales I could tell you of the dangers I have faced in the past months. I can already tell that you don’t believe me, but regardless it is as much of the truth as you will ever hear from me. What I have been doing aside, how have you been? I heard that you met my sister on Auridon, how is little Kory doing? Is she still travelling around with that bear of hers? It would mean the world to me if you could check in on her occasionally to make sure she is safe while I am away.


    I’m sure you would love to hear what it is like here in Orsinium, all I can say is that things don’t seem to be going well for the Orcs. Sure, they’ve made some impressive progress in terms of building their city but they are still far behind the other great provinces. You may try to defend them by pointing out that their nation is still new, but they aren’t even able to protect their major roads. The caravan that I was travelling with was ambushed by bandits not far from the city’s gates. The bandits call themselves the Winterborn and from what I’ve heard since entering the city, their ambushes are not a rare occurrence. When I first heard this, I couldn’t believe it and you know me, I can’t help but stick my nose where it doesn’t belong, so I continued to ask around for surely the King would be doing something about these Winterborn. Apparently, he is in fact working to wipe them from the map, but he has been struggling in recent months. One name kept popping up; Urfon Ice-Heart, with each person that I spoke to the tales of this man’s powers became more and more outlandish. One such tale claimed that he was able to turn anyone who opposed him into solid ice. After a freezing trek through the mountains to the north of the city I was able to find what appeared to be a group of Orcish peasants carved from ice; many of them had been frozen while cowering in fear. I’d seen nothing like this before and hope to never encounter it again. To be completely honest with you the very thought of ever encountering Urfon Ice-Heart terrifies me even if all the other tales prove to be false. I find myself hoping that the Orcish King succeeds in his quest to destroy the Winterborn, for I fear that even the greatest Sapiarchs from the College would struggle to match Urfon’s magic.


    Look at me letting my fear get to me, the instructors would be disappointed. There is more I would like to tell you but it appears that I have company so it’ll have to wait until my next letter. Hopefully you don’t have to wait as long this time Raz.




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