Journal of an Outsider ToC

  • So some of you might have noticed that Lissette posted a build called The Outsider (finally) and that I have been posting screenshots/journals of my playthrough in the photos section of the Vault, the album for which can be found here. Now you might be wondering why I'm posting this ToC if there is already a central album for the screenshots, well that's because I eventually plan on compiling the journals into a series of blog posts with all the bells and whistles that entails. Such as proofreading :D

    For now however this ToC will serve as a place for me to group together each entry with a little more structure then a simple photo album would allow. Also the underlying motivation behind it all is to bring more attention to the entries (and maybe Lis' build as well, but that's secondary :P)

    Chapter 1

    The first chapter of the Outsider's quest to gain his rightful place in Sovngarde. It is in this chapter that he escapes from Helgen, fights his first Dragon and becomes a full member of the Companions.

    Entry 1 - The Beginning

    Entry 2 - The First Test

    Entry 3 - Frost

    Entry 4 - Return

    Entry 5 - The First Word

    Entry 6 - To Slay a Dragon

    Entry 7 - Paying Respect

    Entry 8 - Companion


    Chapter 2

    In this chapter the Outsider advances through the ranks of the Companions, eventually becoming Harbinger and lifting the curse that holds the senior members of the group. He also meets the Greybeards, visits Solstheim and begins work on his Legacy.

    Entry 9 - The First Priest

    Entry 10 - Beginning of a Legacy

    Entry 11 - Ysmir Stormcrown

    Entry 12 - The Temple of Miraak

     Entry 13 - Miraak's Demise

    Entry 14 - A Costly Venture

    Entry 15 - Skjor's Death

    Entry 16 - Storm's Tears 


    Chapter 3

    The final chapter of the Outsider's quest. It is within these entries that he bids his farewells and gives chase to Alduin, colminating in a final battle within Sovngarde and a reunion with the Shield Brothers and Sisters he had thought lost to him forever.

    Entry 17 - Parting Ways

    Entry 18 - One Final Quest

    Entry 19 - A Single Step

    Entry 20 - The Trial of Valor

    Entry 21 - The Quest's End


    I also have an album of bonus screenshots that I have taken throughout the playthrough which have made the cut for an entry but that I still like all the same. You can find this album HERE and only here, as I have set it up so that they do not appear on the Vault's home page.


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  • Golden Fool
    Golden Fool   ·  May 17, 2017
    I've updated this with the entries for chapter 3, and with that the Journal is complete.
  • Golden Fool
    Golden Fool   ·  April 10, 2017
    Well that's chapter 2 completed, and hopefully if tomorrows live stream works out then I'll have all the shots I need to complete chapter 3 :D
  • Paws
    Paws   ·  March 9, 2017
    Sweet! :D I will catch up shortly!
    • Golden Fool
      Golden Fool
      Sweet! :D I will catch up shortly!
        ·  March 9, 2017
      Take all the time you want :P

      I haven't started up Skyrim in about a week due to uni starting back up and spending my time replaying Dragon Age Origins again (Yay Morrigan). Because of that I've run out of stockpiled screenshots to us...  more
  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  March 3, 2017
    Looking good GF :D