Dragon Near Solitude (minor spoilers)

  • Holy crap. That was awesome. So I faced the dragon at whiterun for the main quests, went to high hrothgar, and was on my way to solitude to join the legion. I encountered a random mage who set a trap for me and attacked me along with random ghosts. He intended to turn me into one, but I killed with my axe of whiterun.(lots o fun) Back to dragons. I was minding my own business, running away from a troll, when, low and behold a frost dragon appears at a mountaintop. Well, I figure the dragon could kill the troll, and I could run away. Big mistake. He killed the troll alright, and chased me all the way to solitude. He fled when the guards began to attack him. I then join the legion and receive my first quest. I then am travelling to the fort when I stumble upon a stormcloak camp. Perfect, ill kill them. Just as I raise my axe, that same dragon reappeared (I could tell because he still had s minute amount of health missing)! Then the strangest thing happened. Me and the stormcloaks killed the dragon together. It was awesome, with the camp on a cliff and the dragon falling to its death after a well shot arrow. Then we all stood quietly, me revelling in the glory, and while the soldiers talk avout the dragon. I considered killing them, but I feel this camp will be shrine for my personal experience. That was the most fun I've ever had in Skyrim so far. It was awesome! Anyone else have some epic battles so far?


  • Daniel Deathwalker
    Daniel Deathwalker   ·  November 12, 2011
    *Spoiler* I'd just gotten my first Shout, and i was wandering, i headed north for no particular reason, i ran over this mountain and came to the labyrinthine i killed a Frost troll and ran inside, a few metres and and a dozen Draugr later i come into a sm...  more
  • Jared Frazier
    Jared Frazier   ·  November 12, 2011
    Oh yeah. After I watched Alduin raise one of the dead dragons with Delphine, I ran up to the Dragon using all the Destruction magic I could. The Dragon took to the air, and once it landed me it blasted me with it's shout. I decided that t...  more