Reflection in Blood

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    Ancient scales garbed in loss, wrought in pain, wrapped in chains

    Thrown back to pick, back to chisel, back to mine

    Freedom won and freedom lost

    Slave, prisoner, just different titles wrapped in chains


    In silent thought, deep reflection the scaled one sat

    Reflecting back, dark furred friend sent by master, old and twisted

    Tracking missing delivery, the missing prey, a hunt is on

    Closing fast, the invisible stalker, nipping at the heels


    Smart prey, cunning prey, unwilling to go back

    To the swamps, like home but different, dark furred friend pursues

    Plans crumble to ruin, torn asunder, careful calculations all for not

    Like a house of cards, one slip and it's all over




    Ancient scales and dark furred friend together once more

    In blackened marsh, under glowing moons, brothers in iron bonds

    Strength and steel, shadows and trickery

    But hell hath no fury, like hope given form, a freedom unchained


    Far away dark furred friend is taken, far away ancient scales trek

    A purpose, a quest, a need yet unfulfilled

    A new friend, long overdue, the wanderer now two

    Strong of arm, strong of blood, blood too calm, prefered boiling


    Freedom given, easy as coin, sadly for ancient scales not that easy

    Oaths for freedom, steel hearted maiden follows

    A warrior, a companion, blood-kin, following unto death

    Wanderers now two, one and one, one wanting two



    Choices made, differences of mind, cultures like fog

    Hardened armor, vulnerable core, the steel heart scorned

    But tasks at hand, needs win true

    A purpose, a quest, the need almost filled


    Trust at last, but words poorly spoken

    What was two again one

    Unsure but with faith steel heart stands back, vigilance, standing watch

    A purpose, a quest, a need just steps away


    A meeting, a reckoning, a long time coming

    Words and weapons, spell and steel

    Through violence peace, through freedom won, freedom lost

    Always a price, nothing is ever truly free



    Again at rest, silent meditation, though not alone, others in the midst

    Proverb says don't poke the bear, problem is, a bear this one isn’t

    Ancient scales, powerful and deadly, iron hide, fanged maw

    Not bear but beast, born of dragons


    Flashing claws, gnashing fangs, ancient scales bathed in crimson

    History, power, long held deep, a king in rags, just one of the nameless, faceless dead

    Pounding hearts snuffed out one by one, like candles before the wind

    Murderous men, innocent men, just the same, all lambs lead to slaughter


    That fearsome power, the true beast unleashed, pacing in the dark

    Ancient scales, unbroken by  iron bonds, scoffs at silver chains

    A path, a secret, long forgotten, freedom once for some, now only one

    Again a purpose, a quest, a steel heart not forgotten



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  • SpottedFawn
    SpottedFawn   ·  August 24, 2017
    " But hell hath no fury, like hope given form, a freedom unchained" Beautiful line. Very poetic. I love how you've chosen to summarize Scales' story so far. Really enjoying this.
  • SpookyBorn2021
    SpookyBorn2021   ·  August 24, 2017
    That was a really interesting chapter. I like it, just very unique in it's telling and I can't say that much about it. Just one more entry though isn't it? I'll finish off there with an epic comment :D
  • Paws
    Paws   ·  August 20, 2017
    Nothing is ever free, not even revenge. This chapter is a great summary of the moments leading to this point, powerfully put.