The Chronicles of Damon Kaine: Chapter 4: "Enemies in high places."

  • 3E-427

    Heading east-north-east in Molag Amur, Vvardenfell, Morrowind.

         Damon and Dante had been traveling for several days, moving across the Island province of Vvardenfell. While at first distrustful of Dante, Damon slowly grew to like the vampire. Despite Dante being nearly thirty years older than Damon, he was pleased to find that they shared many of the same interests; they spent many hours while hiking debating on the finer points of stealth and hunting. As they walked they exchanged stories of their lives (Dante having more to say on this point) and shared secrets that they confessed they would not have revealed normally. There was one subject that they both avoided however, that of their parentage. By unspoken agreement, they never broached that subject, lest painful memories be brought up to the surface.

         "So what's it like being so old, yet retaining your youth?" asked Damon.

         "Ha! I could tell you many stories about the adventures I've had thanks to it. But my absolute favorite part is the girls!"

         "The girls?"

         "It's almost not even fair, Having the mind of a fifty-nine year old, yet having the physique of a man in his thirties. The ladies love it." Dante gave his peculiar Barking laugh and continued: "Yep, I've even lay with a Khajiit lass." At this, Damon gave a grunt of disgust. "Aye, and an Argonian maid as well!"

         "Ugh! What was it like?" 

         " I'll tell you what, the Argonian I didn't much care for. The smell they give off may be attractive to their males, But it smells like dung to me." Damon laughed. "But the Khajiit! Well, They're nothing to shake a stick at. You would think the fur would get itchy, but in fact it makes it feel like nothing you could ever achieve with a human lass. And the way they move! So flexible!"

         "Well kudos to you. I don't think I could stand it."

         "I didn't either friend, We'll get you one, someday. You can tell me yourself."

         "It's a deal. How much longer do you think will we have to walk?"

         "Oh, I suspect we'll get there by sundown today. Listen, there are some things you need to know when talking to the big man. Never look him in the eye, he will kill you. Never talk first, wait to be spoken to, or he will kill you. Always reply with 'Yes my lord', Or he wi-"

         "Kill me? I think i'm sensing a pattern."

         "Never interrupt him, or he will kill you. I tell you this for your own good, Raxle Berne is not a man to be trifled with."

         "Who was that vampire that I disturbed, is he like a General or something?"

         "Tartarus Berne. Younger brother to Raxle Berne. You have no idea how close you were to being killed."

         "Raxle is older than that vampire? But he was Ancient! How old are they?"

         "I'm not sure, but I believe they've been around since the first era."

         "Gods... That's crazy. Raxle must be so alien..."

         "He is. Come, let's pick up the pace, There are Lasses to bed tonight, and Warm blood to be had. Tomorrow, you meet Raxle Berne."

         "Super." Said Damon, and started to jog alongside Dante.


    Halfway between Whiterun and Markarth, Whiterun hold, Skyrim. 

         "Well that's interesting." I said. The Khajiit had gathered around me

         "Ri'saad would like to know what is going on. What just happened to you." Said Ri'saad, Supporting Ma'randru-jo with his arm.

         " Damon would like to know too." I said. I flexed my muscles. The feeling of power had vanished, leaving me with a very confused and battered group of felines who have had their fur singed. They HATE that. I looked back at the pile of bones again. A few tendrils of smoke still rose from them, but other than that, there was no evidence to the raging fire it was just a few seconds ago. The bones weren't even charred. " Have you ever seen anything like this?" I asked him.

         "No, but..."


         "this one has read something... but it is absurd."

         "Okay, I don't think this is really the time to be concerned about talking of weird things. That ship has sailed."

         The catman looked stressed as he pulled at his whiskers. Then he began rummaging around in his pack. He withdrew a book and flipped to the last page. He began reading:

         "When Misrule takes it's place at the eight corners of the world,

          When the Brass Tower walks, and time is reshaped,

          When the thriced-blessed fail and the Red Tower trembles,

          When the Dragonborn Emperor looses his throne, and the White tower falls,

          When the Snow Tower lies sundered, kingless, bleeding,

          The World-Eater wakes, and the wheel turns upon the Last Dragonborn." 

    Ri'saad tossed the book to me. It's title: The Book of the Dragonborn. 

         "Okay, so what does that mean?"

         "The Dragonborn is an ancient dragon slayer. He is the only one that can truly kill a dragon... By devouring it's soul." 

         I flashed back to how I felt when the colored wind flew into me. Like I could fly and defeat any foe. How else would a Dragon feel but that?

         Suddenly the earth shook and a noise like thunder rang out. The company cried and fell to the ground in it's quakes. Then what sounded like a voice echoed throughout the land:

         "DOVAHKIIN!" The thunder crashed once more then all was silent and still.

         "What the hell is going on!" I yelled to no one in particular.

         "You need to go." Ri'saad said, not looking at me.

         "What do you mean? I can't leave you like this." I stared incredulously at him.

         "For what ever reason, you are tied to these monsters. We don't know whether or not your presence instigated its attack. This one has the lives of the people with us to think of. Ri'saad is sorry my friend."

    I let out a gasp of air and shook my head. Then I dropped my pack, Sheathed my sword and walked off without another word.      






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