Your least favorite race in The Elder Scrolls franchise

  • Obviously someone is going to have a favorite race, but what is your least favorite race? Mine is the Imperials i just find them bland and uninspiring and i never had a fun time playing one of them.


  • Salohcin
    Salohcin   ·  October 28, 2012
    The high elves are terrible and racist nazis with pointy ears (shizno came up with that)dark elves are slavers who abused my favorite race, argonian, and deserved the red mountain eruption and nords are just ignorant and grnocidal
  • Mr. Mjolnir
    Mr. Mjolnir   ·  November 7, 2011
    Bretons and Redguards. What the hell are they there for ? I don't get these races. Why can't they simply be imperials ?
  • Piper Jo
    Piper Jo   ·  November 7, 2011
    All the races seem more interesting in Skyrim.  Prior to that, there were several races I found uninteresting or disappointing.
  • Quizzy13
    Quizzy13   ·  November 7, 2011
    Being of Norwegian and Swedish decent I have developed a stong hatred of Elves.  I think Altmer are probably the worst because they are stuck-up and snobby.  They even look down on their own kind.  I also dislike Dunmer very much becaue they are racist en...  more
  • Ashton Borne
    Ashton Borne   ·  November 7, 2011
    Bretons. I think they are just kind of there to have another race to play as. Obviously they are strictly mage type, and really for the hardcore mage player. I'm always a warrior, so that's probably why I prefer Nords, Imperials and Dark Elves. Nord and I...  more
  • Sheogorath
    Sheogorath   ·  November 7, 2011
    for me khajiit only cause they were funny looking. but i dont hold it against them. they couldnt help it. now dont even get me started on those damn imperials....always trying to imprison us or kill us.. fucking pigs
  • Soleiya
    Soleiya   ·  November 5, 2011
    Yup, I think you nailed it Jacob.  Imperials are just boring.  If I wanted to play a straight-up human, I'd go play any of a thousand other RPG's out there.  Even Bretons are mildly more interesting (although they are 2nd place in the least favorite race)...  more
  • Mike Gingras
    Mike Gingras   ·  November 5, 2011
    Wow David - you nailed it!  There always seemed something a little "off" about the Altmer - I never virtually met one who didn't come across as "too good for the game" - lol.  And definitely looked like they were from The Simpsons!
  • DesolateWolf
    DesolateWolf   ·  November 5, 2011
    I'd have to say Altmer (High Elves)! The are just so up themselves and snobby I have never come across a friendly Altmer and the ones in oblivion look like They're from The Simpsons. 
  • Theodore John Owen
    Theodore John Owen   ·  November 5, 2011
    Argonians. Hopefully i will be able to kill every last one in Skyrim.