Wizard's Servant - Chapter 1-3 - A New Dawn

  • Scrag was running raising small clouds of fine grey ash which was covering the ground of a dark forest with dead withered trees sticking up like eerie scarecrows. Dense fog covered everything a few feet away and he had no idea about how much further he has to run. Strange shadowy figures called his name - sometimes scornfully and enraged, sometimes concerned and comforting.  They were all around Scrag but the moment he concentrated on any of them its shape became distorted and indistinguishable. Periodically he heard heavy breathing closer and closer behind him but every time he turned around there was nothing there but the same endless forest. Finally he fell on the ground exhausted and submissively raised his eyes waiting to whatever was in store for him. A cracking sound came from the bushes on his left and Scrag quickly turned only to see a huge shadow with glowing eyes leaping on him…

    Scrag woke up in a cold sweat despite the warm rays of the sun high in the sky. The Khajiit were disassembling the tents with two people working on each one – Zarrina and Chiran were accompanied by two well-armed men Scrag hasn't seen before.

    “Good morning,” Ahdani approached him with her arms crossed.

    “Good morning,” Scrag carefully tried to get up and looked at the caravan leader with surprise.

    “Zarrina is a very gifted girl” the old Khajiit said with a slight smile “You'd be dead if not for her spells.“

    “I'm very thankful to her and you, Ahdani, for letting me stay with your caravan. I haven't met those two yet, yes?” he looked at the working men.

    “Yes. These are Ji'dat and Ji’har, our guards. The white-furred one is Ji’har. It was his arrow that pierced the heart of that saber cat before it could deliver the last fatal blow, so you owe your life to him as much as to Zarrina. You'll have time to get to know him better – you're going on a hunt together now.“

    “But I don't know how to hunt, Ahdani.”

    “We'll work on that, Scars” Ji’har approached them, smiling. He was wearing an armor made of animal hides and a simple but well-crafted bow stuck out from behind his back along with a few arrows in a quiver.


    Ahdani and Ji’har exchanged glances and the hunter motioned Scrag to follow him to the lake.

    “You caught a Witbane from that saber cat and it complicated the healing; Zarrina did everything she could but…” Ji’har said when they reached the lakeshore.

    Scrag looked in the mirror-like water of the lake Ilinalta. At first he didn't recognize the face looking at him from the water, only a few moments later he saw the familiar features. Three big scars from the saber cat's claws were stretched across his whole face carving an ugly reminder for the fateful day when he left Drelas’ cottage for the last time.

    “Are you all right?” the hunter sounded genuinely concerned.

    “I'll be fine” Scrag's voice was emotionless “So, we need to go hunt now?”

    “Yes, you're right. Do you know how to use a bow?”

    “No, sorry Ji’har. I never fought or hunted anything before. The only weapon I ever used was a small dagger to gather ingredients.”

    “Hmm… Sorry, but why did Ahdani send you with this one then? ”

    Scrag didn't answer. His eye caught something in the water – red scales of a fish moving quickly under the lake surface. His arm thrust in the water in a single continuous motion almost imperceptible by the eye and came out shortly holding the Cyrodilic Spadetail in hand.

    “Have you had trouble chasing the deer in the past?” Scrag asked.

    “Yes, they sometimes run pretty far away and this one doesn't pursue them since he can't haul them back to the camp.” Ji’har was puzzled, unsure what connection can a fish have to the deer hunting.

    “Give me one arrow and a dagger.”

    Scrag gutted the fish with the dagger and used its insides to cover the tip of the arrow with a sap-like brownish substance.

    “Use this on the deer.” Scrag said with a confident voice.

    Just as he said that the two noticed an elk not far away from their position. Ji’har took aim, exhaled and released the arrow hitting the deer in the neck. The elk grunted in pain and tried to leap away like always but its feet suddenly became heavy and it barely managed to move when the second arrow pierced its heart killing it.

    “Impressive! But isn't it dangerous to eat the meat now?” Ji’har walked to the fallen elk.

    “The poison will wear off before we get back to the camp.” Scrag proudly replied.

    “Let's haul it back to the others then. Chiran will butcher it and the caravan will head out. We need to get to Helgen by the evening." the hunter looked at Scrag and added with a grin "Good job Scars!”

    "Thanks Ji'har." Scrag grinned in reply and the two slowly headed towards the camp carrying the elk with them...


  • Drifa Skir
    Drifa Skir   ·  January 2, 2014
    i love that alchemy is making him a productive member of the caravan! awesome!
  • Vazgen
    Vazgen   ·  September 11, 2013
    The next one is a bit tricky, I barely have time to game and its hard to write in such conditions  I may post the last part of this chapter some time soon but after that the continuation will have to wait until I'm done with my exam.
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    Good read Vaz! When's the next one coming?
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    Thanks mate! He may find comfort in the future, but it won't be too close I'm afraid  I have far going plans with this character 
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    Great, just great...  I so want Scrag to find comfort I hope this group sticks together
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    With all those beatings I'd have them too(and I do):P
    I know what you mean.
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    Thanks Robert! You're correct, he has never fought anyone before, his duties were limited to cooking and house-cleaning mixed with a little alchemy. He has very quick reflexes though...
  • Knight-Paladin Robert
    Knight-Paladin Robert   ·  August 23, 2013
    Great stuff as expected!
    I guess that since Scrag didn't see much combat, and his duties in the Cottage made him better at "crafting skills" than in open fights, but both his races are great fighters, let's see how he develops.
  • Kynareth
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    I will be patient...I can tell that you have crafted a very thoughtful story here, and I enjoy seeing where you are going to take your readers.  Take your time...you have a faithful reader in me!  
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    That's good  Unfortunately the next chapter won't arrive soon, I won't have access to my PC for a week starting from tomorrow. 
    I think Khajiit caravans are one of the most close groups in Skyrim. They are away from home and travel in land filled wi...  more