Den of Thieves - ToC

  • The year is 4E 201. and Skyrim is at war. The Legion fights against the rebel Stormcloaks for the control of the province while the Thalmor manipulate the events from the shadows. To make the situation worse, the dragons have returned after thousands of years to bring about the destruction of Nirn. Fortunatly, a hero has risen from the ashes of a destroyed town. A Dragonborn, destined to kill Alduin and restore peace. This, is not his story.


    While he fights the dragon menace, the people of Skyrim try to create a life for themselves by any means necesary. One of them is a Bosmer from Solitude. He has decided to steal for himself. However, justice has caught up with him and now, he has been thrown into a dungeon to die. But, fate has other plans.


    Prologue: Fresh Start

    After being thrown into a dungeon, Fel tries to escape with some other prisoners after the guards leave them alone and without a key. His first stop after escaping is Whiterun. He has decided to visit his old friend and teach him what happens to traitors.

    Chapter 1: Great Escape


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