Bound in Blood - Chapter 8: Valtheim

  • Bound in Blood

    Chapter 8: Valtheim


    Theryn was looking at Val as she was picking up flowers near Aela, who was negotiating with the stable master for a horse for Val. The morning chill has passed and it was slowly getting hotter as the summer sun warmed the earth. Theryn always thought that Skyrim was a wierd land. Summer was hot, but there was still snow almost everywhere. Only the southern reaches was clear of ice and snow.


    "Well, I've got a horse for Val, but we're walking." said Aela as she approached Theryn. Theryn nodded. "Fine with me." he said.


    "Val." said Theryn. "Let's go." Val nodded as she stood up and put the flowers in her bag.


    "So, you like alchemy?" said Aela to Val. "What?" responded Val.


    Aela smiled. "The flowers. You like alchemy?" she said. "Yeah. My father thought me." said Val.


    "I prefer my sword." said Aela. Val smiled. "I'm not any good with weapons." said Val. "That's why I use this." she said as fire formed in her hand.


    Aela nodded. "A mage." she said. "I can respect that."


    They passed by Honingbrew Meadery and approached the bridge across the Whiter River.


    "How old are you anyway, Val?" asked Aela. Val was looking at the valley between Whiterun and White River canyon. "I'm fifteen." she said. "I'll be sixteen next month."


    "I'm 28." said Aela. "You look younger." said Val. Aela smiled.


    "Since when have you been a Companion?" asked Val.


    "Since I was old enough to grab a sword. My mother, and her mother, were both Companions. I feel like I have a responsibillity." said Aela.


    "Can I be a Companion?" asked Val.


    Aela smiled. "Well, we've never had a mage before, but things can change." she said.


    "Then I'm gonna become a Companion." said Val as Theryn smiled. "Slow down a bit. We have to get to High Hrothgar first." he said.


    After a few minutes, they approached Valtheim Towers. Aela stopped them. "Be carefull. This is a known bandit camp. We'll be okay if we pay the toll." she said.


    Theryn took out his sword. "Enough of these damn bandits. I'm not paying any damn toll." he said and ran towards the towers.


    "Stop right there." said the bandit as she extended her hand. A second later, that hand was lying on the ground and the bandit was screaming.


    Theryn grabbed the bandit. "Where's your boss?" he asked. "My hand, my hand!?"


    Theryn put his sword on the bandits throat. "I'm not gonna ask again." he said.


    The bandit raised her other hand towards the top of the other tower. Theryn pullled his sword and cut open her artery.


    He entered the tower. Aela and Val were standing outside.


    "Shouldn't you help him?" asked Val. Aela answered. "I'm normally don't stand out of a fight, but I'm not going in there." she said.


    And with that a bandit flew out of a window and fell onto the rocks on the banks of the river. A fe second later, they could hear screaming in the tower and another bandit flew through the window.


    "Holy shit." said Aela. "That is one pissed off elf." The two of them were shocked.


    A few minutes later, Theryn walked out onto the bridge connecting the towers. His blade was red from all the blood. He continued towards the other tower, slowly picking up speed as he did.


    The bandit on the bridge turned around as Theryn smashed into him and carried him all the way to the other tower, using him as a battering ram to breach the door.


    A few minutes later, he came out on the top, dragging a bandit with him. He grabbed the bandit and extended him over the wall and held him over the river. The bandits prayers were useless as Theryn let him go and he fell onto the rocks.


    "What in Oblivion was that?" asked Val when Theryn got back to them.


    Theryn waved with his hand. "Nothing. I'm just to tired of bandits." he said.


    They set up camp in the tower and went to sleep.


    The next morning they continued towards Ivarstead. "You gonna talk about what happened at the towers?" asked Aela.


    Theryn frowned. "I'm just pissed off with everything that's happening. I came to Skyrim to find my sister and instead, I'm dragged into this mess." he said.


    "Don't worry." said Aela. "You're probably the best thing that happened to that girl. You're gonna make it."


    "Yeah. I guess you're right." said Theryn as he looked at Val.


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  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  April 3, 2017
    In some ways its hard to comment here as I know what lies ahead...
    I think I will put my focus on Theryn....

    I think the companion summed it up nicely... When Theryn lets loose then all who stands in his way pays the price.