Forgotten Heroes Exordium: Valierus

  •     In the few days that passed since Valierus's arival in the White-Gold tower, I only ever saw him in passing while wandering the city or in the dining hall. To be honest the sad fact left me rather depressed for awhile. In the end though I decided that it was likely for the best since associating with me would have made Valierus into an outcast as well, so when Emperor Titus asked me about it, I told him we just didn't really have much in common.


       One Sundas afternoon early on in the month of Hearthfire, I was sitting in the Moth Priest's Library reading, when Valierus, Cyrus and the rest of their friends arrived to ask the Moth Priests about something. They arrived making a rather large amount of noise, much to the chargin of the Priests who immediately launched into a lecture on the importance of quiet in the Library. I sigh quietly and close my book and rise in prepartion to leave.


       My movements draw Valierus attention and he quietly extracts himself from the group, taking care not to draw any attention to his movements. He crosses the library and stops in front of me his casual stance exuding confidence, and surety. To my eye though his eyes seem to reveal  self-doubt. I quickly discard the thought, partially because I know too little about Valierus to judge such things about him.


       "Hello, Adalicia. How are you this fine day?" He askes politely. I hesitate momentarily before responding, trying to detect some bit of mockery in his words.


       "I was doing perfectly well, until you came and disturbed the quiet of the library." I finally reply.


       "Sorry about that." He winces, and runs a hand self-consciously through his grey hair.


       "Valierus," Cyrus joins us, and glances contemptously at me. Cryus has never really liked me, but I've never really understood why. "What are you doing talking with this mongrel? We're leaving."


    "Alright one second," Valierus responds, never taking his eyes off me. I suddenly become very uncomfortable with the attention he's paying me. " You should come  with us Adalicia."


      "Thanks," I respond quickly hardly daring to believe that he asked me to do so. "But I don't think Your friends would appreciate my presence very much."


        "Why should we associate with a mongrel breed? Come Valierus." Cyrus turns and moves to join their friends, whom are waiting impatiently near the exit, however he pauses when he notices the derisive look valierus has aimed at him. "What now?"


       "Nothing. I've merely decided to hang out with a mongrel." He fills the word with such contempt that the word forever afterward seemed petty and childish to me. He reaches over and grabs my arm and all but drags me out of the library. After several long minutes of charging through the halls he finally slows, seemingly satisfied that he's left the library and his friends far behind.


       "You don't have to hang out with me just because the Emperor asked you to." I tell him as he continues to pull me through the halls, seemingly making for the entrance to the Tower.


       "He didn't." Valierus glances back at me, his voice taking on an injured inflection. "Do you really think so low of me?"


       "Your choice of friends, and your attitude around them creates a reputation for you." I respond, watching his movements. I note the careful grace and conservative nature to his movements, and I feel a touch envious of his easy movements.


       "I didn't really have a choice," He retorts absentmindedly. "The person I most wanted to get to know, made any attempts at befriending her impossible."


       I blink in surprise, his answer took me completely by surprise. "What does that mean?"


       "I tried stopping by your rooms, but you were never there." He pulls to a halt outside one of the towers many rooms. "And you never responded to my advances when we were in the dining hall. Not to mention the fact that you completely ignored me whenever I tried o greet you in the halls."


       "But why would you want to be friends with me? I'm just a mongrel." I stop and stare unseeingly at the floor.


       "My parents used to say some of the best people they had ever known were Bretons. Your no more a mongrel than I am. Don't let Cryus get to you, he's just jealous." He shifts seemingly uncomfortable with expressing his emotions. "To be honest, I don't know why I want to hang out with you, you just seem like someone worth knowing."


        "Thank you."


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    Sotek   ·  May 17, 2017
    Outcasts make the best of friends or the worst of enemies.  :D