Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 52

  • The Stalhrim in the Deathbrand boots and helm shone like a gold in Glover’s eyes. He held the helm in his hands and studied it. “It sure looks a fearsome helm. And look at this Stalhrim right here. That’s some remarkable work I’d say.” The blacksmith looked to Teldryn. “A fine discovery.  Here is your gold. Let me know when you find the rest of the treasure, and I’ll see you’re properly paid.” He flashed him a smile. Then he noticed the older mer was alone. “Where’s the kid?” He frowned.

    Teldryn sighed, crossing his arms. “He’s at the beach, near the strange stone. Said he needed to think alone for a while.”

    The blacksmith was silent for a moment. He wished he had more time to talk with the two mer, but the Redoran Guard kept him busy most of the time. Something was going on, and Glover had no idea what it was. But he could tell the mer was worried. “Is it serious? I mean I don’t pretend to understand it all, but I hope everything is alright with him. I’d rather see him joyous than a darkened spirit.”

    You don’t know the half of it, Mallory. I wish I could understand it myself. “I don’t know how to explain it. Ciel’nn is… struggling with something that I don’t fully understand.” Teldryn replied, changing his stance. “Anyway, about the rest of the treasure. I’m not sure when we can get to it again. Might be a few days or a week depending how he’s feeling.” The blacksmith nodded, and Teldryn turned to the market.

    I wish I knew what to do. I don’t like feeling helpless.

    He told me he doesn’t know how to fight it. Neither do I.

    He’s afraid, and I don’t know how to help, but be there for him.

    Shit! He’ll be alone when it begins. Or has it began already?

    Oh, Ciel’nn, I wish I could join your fight.

    The older mer glanced at the Alchemist’s stall. Tenaru was brewing some potions for her stock. He wasn’t sure if a calming potion would help at all. Teldryn took a deep sigh. I’d better go and check on him. He turned to leave the market when Tenaru spotted him.

    “Hey you!” The Alchemist waved at the older mer. “How is Ciel’nn?” She asked when Teldryn walked closer to her stall. “Is he well at all?” Tenaru tried her best to keep her voice neutral, but  their ‘sudden’ meeting at the Temple had left her concerned. To add her concern the older mer shook his head. “Is there anything I can do?” Tenaru frowned. “Anything?” There must be something I can do!

    She must really care for Ciel’nn. “I’m not sure if anyone can.” With that, Teldryn strolled toward the beach. But I’ll do what I can. He gritted his teeth together. I hope he knows he’s not alone. There were tightness in his chest as his heart ached for being helpless. He released a heavy sigh.

    The sound of the lapping waves hadn’t brought calmness to him as he had wished. Instead his mind tried to comprehend what was happening to him. Ciel’nn could  hear the faint whisper in the back of his mind. A whisper that he tried to resist. It was the same whisper and feeling that he had felt when he had assaulted the Skaal hunters the first time. And, it scared him.

    Ciel’nn opened his eyes and stared out at the sea. What would happen if he let it go? Would he become something else? What if he… He shook his head with gritted teeth. No, he wouldn’t let anyone hurt Teldryn. The thought of his partner getting hurt put him on edge, nearly offensive.

    He still couldn’t understand what had happened at the shrine of Mephala. Was it a bad thing? Ciel’nn couldn’t say. He only felt something that wasn’t familiar to him. There was darkness, pitch black and impenetrable darkness. What did it mean? He wasn’t ready to try again. I don’t know if it’s to protect or meant for my demise.

    This is my struggle. And mine alone. Yet I can’t make any sense of it. I’m confused.

    What am I supposed to do? Give in? I’d rather not.

    But I don’t know if I can resist it for long. It’s an almost overpowering sensation.

    I’m scared.

    Ciel’nn hugged himself as if a cold wind blew over him. He wished that the higher forces would leave him alone. He didn’t want any of their interference. Then he heard steps behind him. The young mer knew his partner wouldn’t leave him alone for a long time. So he waited for Teldryn to sit down next to him.

    “How are you holding up, Ciel’nn?” Teldryn asked as he looked to his partner. He put his arm around Ciel’nn’s shoulder and pulled him closer to him.

    The young mer sighed and leaned into his partner. “I’m still at a loss about the mage, and torn to understand anything that happened at the Temple.” The older mer’s presence made him calmer as always when he had troubled times. It was like a warm aura in which Ciel’nn wanted to drown in.

    “You know you’re not alone. I’ll be with you through anything and everything.” The older mer said in a soothing tone. He brushed his head against Ciel’nn’s own. “Let me know if I can help you in any way, alright? I can’t stand it if I can’t help you.”

    Ciel’nn put his hand on Teldryn’s. “Through anything? I know and I’m grateful, Teldryn.” He whispered. “When you’re staying close like this, you’re helping me. It means more than I can say.” The young mer thought a moment. “I’m glad you’re with me, Teldryn. I don’t know where I’d be if I was alone.” Then he added in Dunmeri, “I love you.”

    The older mer smiled. “And I’m happy to be with you, Ciel’nn.” Teldryn shifted his partner so that he sat in his lap. He looked into the mer’s eyes, which were full of warmth and affection. “I love you, too. And, know this; I will not leave your side. We will get through this.” The young mer looked happy  when he smiled to him so Teldryn memorized the look. The older mer realized he had began to appreciate these moments. He hadn’t known what he’d had missed out with all the other companions he had before.

    Ciel’nn smiled with his eyes half-closed. He began to feel whole again. Teldryn made him whole and more.  He leaned in and wrapped his arms around his partner, resting his head on Teldryn’s shoulder. “You know, I wanted to be just an alchemist and have a garden full of poisonous plants when I was younger.” Ciel’nn whispered calmly. Of course, he was still young, but Ciel’nn felt as if he had more years behind him.

    A childhood dream, Teldryn thought as he held his partner in his arms as if he would shield Ciel’nn from the harsh world. He tried to remember his own dream. “It still can happen, Ciel’nn.”  The older mer heard himself saying. Teldryn closed his eyes as his own comment surprised him. Euphoria filled his mind. Yes, he did mean it. It would happen only if Ciel’nn wanted it.


    A long sigh escaped Selvura’s lips. She had seen Casseth and his friends leaving the camp the other day. If only Sildras would have spoken to him, then they would be still in the camp. But it seemed he left the boy out of the planning. The second in command knew the younger reavers wanted to act soon, but Sildras’ slow planning would be their own doom.

    Especially when the other reaver bands had arrived, but they were still waiting for Folms and his twenty and Vother’s fifteen to arrive. It doesn’t look too good. Soon we’ll have to assault the Skaal village for more space. It would be ideal place to wait until the winter passes.

    Selvura turned around only to see a young reaver mer and recognized him. Dram, the boy Sildras usually keeps an close eye on. She felt a slight chill as the young mer looked to her. There was something strange with this youngster. “Dram.” She acknowledged the boy as shivers ran down her spine.

    “Where is Casseth?” Dram asked her. His tone was cold and he held a pearl in his hand. His only weapon was a rough chitin dagger. “Have you seen him?” He kept half blind eyes at the woman. Dram wasn’t aware of others seeing him as strange. He didn’t even smile when he saw the effect though. The young mer saw Selvura hesitated to answer to him. She knows something, but is afraid to tell. Curious.

    What should I tell him? Selvura sighed inwardly. “Will you tell the Reaver Lord if I tell where Casseth has gone?” She asked as shifted nervously.

    The young mer averted his gaze. “We don’t speak so much anymore, Sildras and I.” Dram replied in a slight saddened tone. “But, you can tell me. For I care for Casseth. I need to know.” Where has my brother gone? He raised his gaze when Selvura straightened up and sighed.

    “Alright, Dram. Casseth left the other day. I assume after the kid Sildras had met, and  who supposedly killed the Orc.” Selvura looked as the young boy winced. Yes, I don’t like it either. She wanted to tell the mer that she cared for them, but wasn’t sure  if it was worth it to tell.

    “He should have told me.” Dram shook his head. He looked to the woman again. “Let me know if he returns.” With that, he turned and walked away while handling the pearl in his hand. You should have told me, brother. I hope you’re not walking to your death.

    The second in command watched the young mer walking away, then sighed again. I really need to talk to Sildras. Soon preferably. It’s not his way to keep us in the dark. She marched to the center of the camp where there were a few other reaver leaders from the northern camps. Selvura had welcomed them to their main camp earlier. She sat on the opposite side of the roaring camp fire.

    “Selvura, you have a nice camp here.” Dandera smiled warmly. The trek to Sildras’ camp had been trying, but now her small band of reavers had a place to stay. At least for a while. Her band was still recovering from the werebear attack. Her lover, Kura, had been outstanding with defending their band on the trek. “We’re grateful.”

    “But we need a bigger place once Vother and Folms arrives. I heard they have quite a large group if put together.” Vermith commented. She was the leader of her own band of ten reavers, and she had taken Dandera’s band into her own. Vermith still had doubts of Sildras’ leadership. “So, what do we know of the current plans?”

    “I’m assuming we’re going to assault the Skaal village once everything is in order.” Selvura replied. Sildras hadn’t actually told her that, but that’s what she could guess. I should press him about it for our all sakes. We need to know exactly what he’s planning. She noticed their frowning faces, and nodded. “I’ll find out.”

    “I hope you do, because when those two arrive, they might clash with the Reaver Lord.” Vermith said in a low tone.

    And they were quiet for a long while. Selvura had to admit it might just happen, given Sildras’ lack of interactivity with his own band. She stood up and looked at her fellow reaver ladies. “I’ll go and talk to him now.” With that, the second in command left the campfire.

    Dandera and Vermith glanced at each other. “Boethiah bless our band."



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  • Karver the Lorc
    Karver the Lorc   ·  November 6, 2018
    Aww, Ciel still down. But I get it, when the higher ups start meddling the mortals are the ones who pay for it, cause the gods sure don't give a crap about that. 
    And the Reavers are still planning. Yeah, it does seem like Sildras is indecisive...  more