D.K.R Year 5 Alpha Part 1 An Ill Wind


    The Argonian got to the the east gate of the city without any much trouble. He patted his horse, fed him a carrot that he got from

    one of the general stores in town and got onto the bay horse and sped down the cobblestone path toward the Imperial City. He

    decided against this and veered right, galloped fast down the road, hooves clattering against the cobblestone furociously. Once on

    the green road that lead to Bravil, Hasir saw an inn come into view,

    "Well... time to hold up my end of the promise," Hasir said, sighing as he stopped outside of the inn, dismounted and went inside


    Once over the threshold, the publican Mannheim Maulhand looked up from the mug he was polishing and set it onto the counter, put

    the cleaning rag into his trouser pocket and smiled at the Argonian, 

    "Hi, may I, er, help you with anything?" The nord asked


    Hasir shook his head very fast and proceeded through a trapdoor hidden in the wooden floor; leading to the basement. He

    unsheathed his akaviri sword from its sheath and crept to the room at the far end of the hall. Hasir wanted to run; hide away so he

    did not have to do this but he quickly shook this thought away. The snarling Argonian crept over to the ill-fated man's bed, raised his

    akaviri sword and swung the sword with such force that Rufio's head came clean off. 


    Hasir felt tired, sensing his righteous anger ebbing away and fell face first onto the bed, fast asleep; ignoring the headless body.

    When Hasir awoke hours later, he heard movement in the room; he stayed perfectly still while his eyes and ears worked feverishly to

    either see or hear the unannounced newcomer better. Hasir heard the rustling of the man's robe as he walking nearer to the bed

    where Hasir lay. The Argonian sat bolt upright as he heard the man's familiar voice,

    "You did as I asked, well done." Lucien said, gravely


    Hasir got off of the bed and straight up to the hooded figure, wearing a bewildered expression,

    "Don't you ever smile?" He asked, expecting the man to take offense. The man blinked. Hasir nervously scratched the back of his

    neck, "Sorry, ermmm.... so now what?" He asked, a hunted expression on his face


    Lucien Lechance snarled at the Argonian who almost fell back onto the bed in fright,

    "Hold your tongue, you insolent lizard. I can resind my invitation should you continue." He thundered, jabbing Hasir in the chest


    Hasir gulped forcibly and apologized,

    "Sssorry Lucien, pleassse continue."


     Lucien smiled and nodded calmly; appreciating the Argonian's change of tone. Hasir got to his feet and dusted himself off. Lucien

    smiled and told the Argonian that he oversees a specific sect of the Dark Brotherhoo; and that if Hasir so wishes, he could join up

    and meet his new 'family.'


    Hasir spent some time deciding upon this. Lucien looked at him rather sternly,

    "Remember, if you do happen to join the family, try not to break the five tenets."


    Hasir looked at Lucien as if he was growing another head,

    "The five... tenets?" Hasir asked, unblinkingly, "What in Oblivion are they?" 


    Lucien explained what the five tenets were. He turn to Hasir and asked the Argonian if he wanted, again, to join his family he was

    tasked with overseeing. He explained that this will be his one and only chance, so he had better decide quickly. He told Hasir that the

    dark brotherhood sanctuary he was in charge of has two Argonians., both of which are shadowscales. He also told him that if Hasir

    did wish to join, he should go to the east gate of the city of Cheydinhal far to the north-east of their current location.


    Hasir did not know how Lucien knew about the Blackmarsh group of assassins that were born under the sign of the shadow; he

    obviously did not want to give Lucien the wrong impression of him being a shadowscale-even though he was born under the sign of

    the shadow. In the end, Hasir followed Lucien, tail between his legs, out of the inn.


    Once outside the inn, the hooded man mounted his steed, a horse with a coat black as midnight, her eyes a fiery red, positioned

    next to Hasir's own bay horse. Bug-eyed, the Argonian gaped as he walked around the glorious black steed. He feared that if he

    stared at this steed for too long, his soul would be swallowed up by it and he would be left a lifeless husk so he tore his gaze away

    and looked instead to his own steed, finally mounting up seconds later.


    He gripped the reins of his horse and snapped them while giving the steed a like kick in the side and he followed Lucien's horse at a

    steady pace. He turned left at the intersection of the red ring road and the green road; his horse's hooves drummed a steady tempo

    as he followed the black horse over the cobblestoned bridge that connected the west and east banks of the upper section of the

    Niben Bay. He followed the black horsee, trotting just inches behind Lucien as he lead the way up the red ring road. Lucien broke of

    at a gallop and shot past Hasir's horse as he rounded onto the green road. The Argonian picked up speed as well and only stopped

    when he rounded onto the green road. 


    Hasir sighed as he saw Lucien's horse stabled at the local stable. The Argonian, however, did not see Lucien dismount. Hasir slowly

    urged his horse onward toward the stable, paid the stablehand the required gold to stable the horse and dismounted. Hasir sniffed

    the air hoping to catch Lucien's scent. The Argonian cried out with joy then his brow furrowed as he thought on the idea as to why

    Lucien disappeared,

    "Ha! Found you." He shouted with delight as he punched the air with his fist. He quickly covered his mouth and dropped his voice to

    whisper, "although, how in Oblivion did you turn invisible? is this a hidden dark brotherhood power I am not privy to?" 


    He couldn't have been more wrong but he had to figure out who this family was of which he spoke. He gave his horse a pile of hay to

    snack on and walked around the rear of the stable and found his way back onto the road which lead, Hasir saw, to a stone city. Hasir

    walked with purpose toward the city; toward its east gate.