D.K.R Year 4 Gamma Part 3 The Open Market

  • When Hasir worked his way around the same curved section of stone wall he had seen twice before, he went through another door

    and found himself in a bustling marketplace with signs hanging from shops on both sides that were bisected by a cobbleroad running

    down the center. As he navigated this marketplace he had to weave through throngs of people hastily moving from one shop to the

    next trying to be the first to get their hands on whatever it was they came for. When Hasir looked in awe at the sights, he

    accidentally bumped into an Argonian who was carrying iron armor he had bought fromone of the shops. 


    Beem-Kiurz cursed in Jel as he dropped his armor, the melodius clang of metal on stone rang out unheard from the constant talking

    from the bustling shop-goers. Hasir, however, heard this and maneuvered through the crow looking for the pieces of fallen armor. He

    guessed they would not be in the same area as the armor may have scattered to the fours winds. After about a few minutes of

    searching, hampered one by the rapidly scurrying feet of the market patrons, that and the treat of being knocked over, he located all

    of the armor peices, gathered them up and had to fight the crowd to both find the Argonian and to stop the armor from falling again.


    Hasir sighed in relief as he saw the a break in the crowd,

    "Thank Hircine, " He said, taking a deep breath, "now where did that Argonian get to?"


    He picked up the scent of the Argonian easily, found him and offered up his armor that he had dropped,

    "Er, thanks." Beem-Kiurz said, not knowing if he should trust this outsider or not, I have not seem you around... and I see alot of

    people in my travels, may I ask you your name?" He asked, furrowing his brow


    Hasir stared, wide eyed for moment and then cursed silently,

    "What? Oh, er sorry, my name's Hasir, nice to meet you." He said as his tail danced happily behind him. It felt good to see another

    of his race in Cyrodiil. Beem Kuirz asked him if this was his first time in the market district. Hasir cocked his head, apparently deep in

    thought and, after a short while nodded,

    "Yes, but this is also my first time in Cyrodiil. I came here because my friends need to stock up-on what, though, is anyone's guess."


    He turned to Beem-Kiurz again smiling broadly,

    "Care to show me around?" He said, gesturing to the the large market.


    Beem-Kiurz agreed and began the tour starting counterclockwise from their starting location,

    "Ok, llet's see, er, on your left you have, er, the merchant's inn, A fighting Chance, Red Diamond Jewelry, The Feed Bag," As he said

    this his brow furrowed, "Ya know, I have no idea what they sell there." Janine's 'Good as new' Merchandise, Three Brothers Trade

    Room and the Black Horse Courier." He smiled and gestured to his right, "Now on your right you have The Best Defense, The Gilded

    Charafe, Slash N Smash where their motto is 'the BIG orc weapon shop, BIG weapons for BIG heroes', The Mystic Emporium and

    Divine Elegance.


    Hasir clutched his head and slid down the side of a building. Beem-Kiurz turned in his direction wide eyed,

    "Hasir, what are you doing down there? Was that too much, should I've slowed down?


    Hasir looked up and shook his head, making the green and red Argonian relax somewhat,

    "No the tour was great it really was... but, no, this is... something else." As he said this a great wave of pain rocketed through his

    mind. Deem-Kiurz only knew Hasir for a short while but he already considered him a friend. He glanced down eyes wide; he had no

    idea how to help Hasir.



    He voiced his concern as he placed a hand on Hasir's shoulder,

    "Hasir, what do I do? Should I contact Mara? Maybe she'll be able to help."


    Hasir shook his head, clutching his head as yet another wave of pain tore through his head,

    "No," He panted, Mara will not he-AAARRRGGHH!" 


    Deem cast around quickly for help but say no one who would answer his slent plea. He just looked on in pity as Hasir's screams

    mingled with the silence of the market. He did not know what to do nor did he know if this was a disease could Argonians even get

    diseases? Or if it was something more on the daedric side of things. 


    Whatever it was, he knew he had to get help; he knelt down a began to pray to Mara for assistance. Throughout the prayer Hasir

    kept screaming as if prodded with a white-hot sword dipped in the lava of Oblivion. Visions began flashing through Hasir's mind,

    visions of the same daedric prince he met on the snowy island of Solstheim. The visions shimmered and dance in his mind's eye as if

    they were flames in a firepit; the visions distorted and slowly turned from the daedric prrince to that of a tree Hasir had never seen

    before, one that stood on its roots. he then heard a voice, or maybe it was a thosand voices speaking at once; they collided with

    each other like they were some kind of ancestral choir. 


    Hasir tried hard to focus on what the voices had to say,

    "Child of our roots hear us, our world is being threatened by a force we do not yet know, it is slowly siphoning the life force from

    the planet. If this continues, it will kill all hist trees as well as children of the root as well as the planet itself, help us please." As the

    voices died away, Hasir came back into his body as if he came back from where the voices sounded from. He slowly opened his eyes

    and stood up.


    Deem-Kiurz hissed in impatience and stared at him in disbelief,

    "What in Oblivion was all that about? You had me worried, you know that? He said, craned his neck to see Hasir better


    Hasir shrugged, reached into his bag, pulled out his waterskin and drank half of it. He replaced it and look at the curious Argonian,

    "Dunno... I think somehow the hist are in trouble." He laughed at Deem-Kiurz's clueless expression, "I have no idea what the hist

    are either, I mean I heard stories about them, but I would have never in all my life imagined such a tree would reach out to me." He

    shrugged again, It doesn't matter, I did, however get scant glimpses of my path ahead though, so there's that at least."


    Hasir smiled at the fellow Argonian and went over to the Mystic Emporium, wanting above all else to practice magic becayuse this

    was the area where he was weakest. Hasir pushed the door and entered. A long, narrow entryway met his eyes with a solid wall on

    the right while a long counter with several glass windows on the front stood at his left. The Argonian called out to the empty room,

    "Hello is anyone there? I have a question." He was disappointed when the only thing his heard was the echo of his own voice


     The Argonian heard footsteps on the staircase that went up to a seemingly invisible second floor landing; even though he couldn't

    see anyone coming. After a few minutes of frantic silence, a high elf descended the steps. She saw Hasir and approached him,

    "Hello, how can I help you?" She asked


    The Argonian smiled, showing multiple rows of pointy fangs. The high elf scurried into a corner like an ant running away from an

    incoming heated magnifying glass,

    "Please," She screamed frantically, "Don't kill me."


    Hasir shook his head and barrked a laugh,

    "I forgot that some races do not understand Argonians, thinking smiiles mean anger," His shook his head again, "I've only come here

    to learn about magic."


    The high elf looked at him with wide eyes, then composed herself in a manner with the semblace of calmness,

    "Forgive my initial terror, my name is Calindil...as for magic...er, try the mage guild halls in the surrounding cities, you know, er,

    Chorrol, Cheydinhal, Leyawiin, Bravil, Anvil and Skingrad." She paused for a bit, "You, er, do know them right?" She asked


    Hasir lent down and helped her up, she thanked him for his kindness,

    "No, I don't know the cites, I only know the cities I have already been to, that being the Imperial city." He said with a deadpan stare

    that Calindil found particularly unsettling.


    Calindil pointed in a westerly directed,

    "If you are serious about learning magic, then go to Skingrad and find the mages guild there."


    Hasir nodded,

    "Thank you, Calindil." He said, smiled


    Calindil paused and thought on something else,

    "Oh, before I forget, head to the stables, north of a small village called Weye, situated west of here, procure a horse and start your

    magic education in Skingrad."


    Hasir smiled, thanked the elf for her hospitality and left the building.