C.O.T.W Chapter 56: The Backstabbing Argonian

  • Tulen got up long after the elderly argonian left; he strode out of his room, which was on the second floor of the sanctuary. Tulen

    hissed softly as he strode down the wooden logs that served as stairs and sniffed the air. A whiff of blood, silence and something that

    Tulen hated above all else meet his nostrils.


    His snout wrinkled and his lips pulled back. He hissed a name under his breathe, one word, seven letters,

    "Ocheeva." He did not hear the shrieks of his 'followers' as his one worded snarl startled a few. Some fell over in astonishment and

    other choked on mugs of mead they had been drinking.


    Nothing could placate Tulen from his frenzied state. The members of the silver hand who had long since toppled over were

    advancing on Tulen with terrified looks on their faces. Tulen did not think of what he did next as his mind was on the Argonian

    traitor. In a rage, he pulled a silver dagger from his the bound to his hip; He did not even care they weren't werewolves. The terrified

    members of the silver hand began ducking and weaving out of the way of the frantically swinging weapon, the choking members

    soon joined the members who stock stock still. 


    They moved forward and grasped Tulen's arms and held him fast. One of the franticked members kicked the silver dagger out of the

    enraged Argonian's hand and it clattered to the floor with a loud clattering sound. Tulen growled and struggled against his multiracial

    bonds, biting at the air, half-hoping to bite into someone's flesh. The silver hand assassin who wasn't holding anything stepped back

    against the wall to avoid Tulen's furiously nashing jaws,


    "Let me go you idiots, I have a traitor to find," He looked at the terrifed onlookers still holding him, "...and kill." When he said this,

    his tail spun around excitedly. He looked at them each in turn, "If you don't not release me, one of you will be next." He yelled,

    looking utterly mad." Nobody moved or even blinked. "Let me go, or every one of you is dead." He said with that mad expression

    complete with his slimy tongue licking his teeth in anticipation. 


    Horrified, the various members of the silver hand sanctuary stepped back, releasing the crazed Argonian. Tulen breathed deeply as

    he walked to the small table where an unknown nord was sitting humming to himself softly. Tulen inspected him thoroughly and saw

    yellow eyes as bright as a dying sun with black round pupils in the middle of those dying suns. 


    Tulen's brow furrowed and scratched his head,

    "Excuse me but, er, who are you?" He asked

    "My name isn't important. If you want to refer to me by a name, You may call me Tundra." He said with a dismissive hand.


    Tulen nodded,

    "Tundra, it is nice to meet you." Tulen said sticking out his hand


    The nord did not return this gesture but instead stared Tulen dead in his eyes. He asked the naked nord if he will help him beat some

    seense into the delusional, senial Argonian. Tundra shook his head and said he will be glad to kill her. Tulen started to protest but the

    nord said that years ago, her sister narrowly evaded him with the help of other creatures. He wanted to kill her sister to settle

    the score.


    Tulen furrowed his brow and asked him how he was about to do this. Immediately, the chair crashed into the nearby wall as the nord

    transformed and white fur erupted over his clawed, fanged form as a white werewolf advanced on the shocked Argoian; then shock

    became crazed mirth as Tulen cackled madly, 

    "This is perfect, utterly brilliant, Ocheeva will never suspect a thing." He said rubbing his hands together


    Tundra howled out loudly as white fur retreated into skin and claws shortened to nails. The nord eyed Tulen with those bright yellow


    "Yes, she'll be in for a shock, her daughter's stupid posse thought they killed me," He laughed high and cold, "her mother is in for a

    real treat." He said, a malicious smile forming on his face


    The Argonian smiled toothily at the nor and told him that anyone who thinks about double crossing him usally is not given a second

    chance the prove themselves. On that token, Tulen told the nord that he wants Ocheeva found and killed. He did not even ask the

    nord how he knew the aged Argonian, he just took it at face value rather than digging a deeper hole than neccesary. He told the

    nord to find her and do whatever he wished with her; whether that meant getting revenge on her himself or bringing her back to the

    sanctuary so that Tulen may exact some scaly just upon her.


    The nord nodded, exited the room and headed to the sanctuary exit. Tulen sat in the chair that the nord vacated and wondered if he

    had done the right thing and what his parents would say. He knew they were long dead but nonetheless, they seemed to influence

    his decisions long after their death. He heard Molag Bal in his head telling him to forsake his parents and listen to him, but, Tulen put

    to much stock in what his parents thought of him, even though what faith he had in his parents and brother were waning and his

    faith with  his lord was growing ever stronger.

    The nord turned right after exiting the sanctuary, once her was sure no one was watching he transformed into his wolf form.

    Tundradrew himself up to his full height and put his muzzle to air and sniff. He could smell the cold air as I filtered in and out of his

    flared nostrils, he could also smell a faint wet and earthy smell on the air as well. He knew this was HER scent; the one he was

    meant to hunt, to kill. He loowered himself to all four paws and shot off in the direction of the scent.


    He ran as fast as his paws could carry him. he ignored road signs and stuck to the natural path, splashing through streams and

    tearing massive claw marks were he gauged large chunks of rock away from its surface and he paid no attention to the wind that

    was, even now, trying to slow him down. He would have nothing stop him as he drew closer to his goal. When he got to the base of

    the central mountain, he eyes gave the impression of a constanlty buring malicious fire in his soul that was threatening to overwhelm

    him. He ignored this a scaled the mouuntainside using his massive claws to cut large three inch claw marks into the stone as he

    climbed like a wolf deranged. 


    When he got to the top of the mountain he saw it: the place were the scent originated from. Grinning evilly the wolf padded down

    the path to the monastery, transformed back into his nord form and knocked on the door. A man the nord did not recognize

    answered it and asked the nord if he could help him. In a rage the nord pushed the old man aside and he ran into the hall and

    followed his nose to a bedroom in the left wing where the female Argonian was sleeping quite soundly. The nord unsheathed his

    weapon and prepared to strike.


    The Argonian, even with her eyes shut tight, heard and smelled the intruder coming, opened her eyes and leapt out of bed

    immediatedly and drew her own weapon: a steel longsword. The nord yelled at the top of his lungs and lunged at the Argonian. She

    dodged rolled out of the way and grimaced as she heard the nord collide with the wall. Ocheeva doubled back and slashed furiously

    at the nord who, now recovered, parry every single blow of hers while grinning maliciously. The racket awoke Tigress and she soon

    joined in adding her own flare to the encounter; kick and punches flew through the air forcing the nord to duck and weave so as to

    avoid the severe damage those paws of fury could do if they connected with his flesh. the nord ducked out of the room just in time

    as a furry orange leg hit the wall where he stood moments ago. The force of the kick blasted a hole in the wall and beyond it snow

    could be seen falling. Tigress and Ocheeva ran into the hall and kicked and slashed at the nord, but he blocked every blow with his

    daedric sword. This caused the Arongian and Ka'po'tun to try even harder to penetrate his defenses. Tigress succeeded and kicked

    the nord so hard in the chest that he flew through the air and collided with the wall next to the stairs leading to Hasir and Inigo's

    room. Tigress and Ocheeva hurried down the staris and told the nord if he did not leave now there would be trouble. The nord,

    taking that as a bluff, ran at Tigress sword raised. 


    Tigress smirked to herself,

    "You poor deluded fool, you have just signed your death warrant." She said, her eyes flashing maliciously


    She ran at him and delivered a mighty round house kick to his chest. The force was so great that the nord was sent through the

    main gates. Ocheeva looked at the massive hole that her daughter had created and gasped. She had know idea that she could have

    that much strength in her. She shook her head sadly as she followed Tigrss out into the snowy grounds that lay before the

    monastery and found the nord spread eagled on the bottom most step of the spiral staircase. 


    Hasir and Inigo heard something oing on outside their room, got up and went to checck it out. Inigo put on his black furred armor

    and followed Hasir out into the main room. Inigo asked Hasir what the commotion was about outside; he said he had no idea and ran

    out of the main doors to see his mom and grandmother staring down at a figure that he did not recognize. Inigo followed soon



    Hasir transformed into his wolf form and charged the nord that lay at the foot of the stairs. He did not know why but at the moment

    he wanted to rip the nord's throat out. When he got one step from the nord; he got up, smirked and transformed into a wolf that

    stood at nine feet tall. Twilight and Tundra stared each other down for a minute then Twilight sniffed the air, he could tell that the

    white wolf was here to harmm his grandmother. He smelled her scent on the air mixed with blood. Twilight growled as his snout

    wrinkled to show a multitude of pinty fang, each dripping with saliva. He lunged, fangs and teeth bared at the unknown werewolf.

    Fangs and claws tore into each other's fur. The white wolf went down and Twilight smirked in triumph; the white wolf shrugged of the

    pain and got to all four paws. He charged at the yinyang wolf who braced for impact. The white wolf connected, tossing him around

    like a poor helpless fox caught in the jaws of a wolf.


    Tears blurry his vision, Ingo ran over to his fallen friend and encouraged him to fight on. The wolf got up and charged at the white

    wolf who was getting ready to howl in triumph and the yingyang wolf dug his claws into the white werewolf and he howled out

    painfully as  Twilight opened a gash in his chest so deep that his enhanced healing could not possibly heal the wound. Twilight

    growled in triumph; he knew he had him. Twilight gripped the white wolf's neck with his fangs and tugged at the furry neck. A gash

    opened in his neck and red blood peppered the ground. The last this tundra saw was Twilight's fangs ripping his head clean off his

    shoulders. The wolf whined pitifully as he saw the snowy landscape fade as his life slowly left him. When that was done, Twilight

    howled to the sky as he transformed back in his Argonian form.

    Hasir took his hunting knife and and skinned the werewolf, folded the pelt and placed it into his bag. His tail rose and fell he did this,

    "I can't wait to see the look on Tulen's face." He said, chuclking to himself. He slung his bag about his shoulder and followed the

    other members into the monastery. As he walked his tail wagged from side to side.


    When they were inside Ocheeva told them all why the nord was there,

    "As you may have guessed, I-well, I wasn't really part of the silver hand assassin's, I only joined as I knew that was the only way I

    could see my grandson again after he fled beacuse of the fire in Blackmarsh. She said, head bowed low.


    Hasir turned to her and gave her a big hug and kissed her,

    "I know grandmother, but, try not to think on the past, instead focus on the future. You cannot change what has already transpired;

    all you can do now is change how you look at it yes it may be sad but try not to beat yourself up over it." He said, his tail swaying

    back and forth slowly behind him.


    Ocheeva released him and held him between her arms,

    "I know, grandson, thank you for that." She said, in a raspy voice. "I will not let the past sully what I think of the future," She

    glanced over at the windoows set high in the wall, "Nor will I let the past in anyway control me, true it is part of who I am but that is

    not all I am. Like the marsh, I am reistant and strong and will not ever be depressed about the obstacles put in my way. I will do my

    best to overcome those hurdles, no matter how burdensome they may be." 


    As Hasir looked at his grandmother, he did not see a tear in her eye during her speech, she was, at that moment, everything he

    aspired to be: strong, resiliant and unfettered by anything that gets thrust her way.

    Hasir took something white and slippery out of his bag which he had placed on the ground and threw it on the ground. The pelt left

    behind splatters of blood as it skidded across the floor only to rest before the eldery Argonian's feet. His grandmother bent low and

    looked at the pelt with narrowed eyes, her tail slashed through the air like a blade cutting through flesh,

    "Hasir, what is that?" She asked, pointing to the bloody pelt. Hasir gave a slight smile and told the bewildered Argonian that that

    particular pelt came from the nord that came to kill her.


    Ocheeva eyed her grandson with utter bewilderment,

    "Wait, what?" She asked, "you mean you killed the nord?" she asked, shrieking with laughter.


    She saw the Argonian's narrowed eyes,


    "Wait...are...are you serious?" She asked, looking at him curiously. Hasir nodded. Ocheeva stopped laughting at once and fell silent.

    She bent down again and inspected the white fur pelt closely. 


    Ocheeva told Hasir about how scaly residents of blackmarsh like to adorn the spoils of their kills to help raise their social standings.

    For instance if the king of Argonia sends a lowly Argonian, a harbor worker or an argonian slave, to battle a mighty beast, be it

    either a man, a Lilmothiit or a sabrecat that wanders mistakenly in the marsh. When he or she kills one such beast; he needs only to

    wear various parts of the animal or whosoever is foolish enough to set foot inside that inhospital land. After he or she dons the skin,

    pelt nails, claws, fangs, teeth or whatever else the Argonian deems of importance, he returns to the king and he can choose to

    elevate the hunter to a higher social status so he or she can enjoy the benefits of said social status. 


    Hasir slammed his tail down and his eyes narrowed,

    "I will not wear that!" He screamed at her


    Ocheeva bade him calm down,

    "Relax, I was just telling you a story." She sighed and shook her head, "Our people hardly go by that practice anymore. That was

    more...of the old days of the tribes of Blackmarsh." She said, waving a hand vaguely in the air.

    Word has reached Tulen's ears about the unnamed nord being cut down by his brother's wolf and he wasn't happy about it; in fact if

    he was a teapot, steam would've been pouring from his ears. In his rage, Tulen could care less about the things he knocked over or



    Tulen's eyes narrowed as his tail thumped on the group,

    "Well," he said, a bit out of breath. "I guess I will have to eliminate Ocheeva by myself then." He went out to the long table with

    silver weapons sitting on it and picked up the axe, silver sword, crossbow and bolts. He loaded a silver bolt into the crossbbow and

    put the rest of the bolts along with the one handed axe and sword into his leather bag sitting against the wall near the table.