C.O.T.W Chapter 17: Tail of Ceralyne

  •  Vilkas was first to enter the mead hall closely followed by the argonian. Vilkas walked down the stairs and down to the undercroft,

    Hasir followed him. When they reached Kodlak's study, Hasir was stunned to see not only Rakel standing there, but also, Aela and

    Vilkas were there two. Kodlak eyed Hasir with quiet curiosity.


    The harbinger smiled warmly at him,

    "Well Hasir, looks like you beat Vilkas fair and square." He opened his mouth, but Vilkas cut across him.


    "Sir, he hit me with his tail, I hardly call that 'fair and square'"


    Kodlak groaned loudly,

    "Ignore Vilkas, he gets a little moody when a newcomer beats him." Kodlak paused, "Ah, but, you're not a newcomer, you are a



    Hasir gave Kodlak a sidelong glance, "What, may I ask, is a 'whelp'?"


    Kodlak looked from one circle member to the other for help, sighing, he told Hasir what a whelp was and what is to be expected of

    him. He may not be a full fledged companion yet, but, he is still part of the guild.


    Kodlak cleared his throat, 

    "Hasir, did you have something you wish to tell me? Something about Terrfyg?" 


    Hasir's eyes went wide with shock, how could Kodlak possibly know he want to ask Kodlak about Terrfyg, Aela must've told him, no

    doubt. Hasir was too stunned to think of any questions, though, one did come to mind seconds later, he decided to ask the

    harbinger about who Terrfyg was before fogging the old man's mind to much with questions. Kodlak stood up and motioned for

    Hasir to come with him into his bedroom, which was located on the right side of his study. Kodlak went to a cabinet that lay beside

    his bed and opened it. From the old wooden drawer, he extracted an old, dusty journal the argonian had never seen before. Kodlak

    sat done on his bed, journal in hand and motioned to Hasir to sit on the bed beside him.


    Kodlak opened the journal, but, before he could read it aloud, Hasir stopped him,

    "Ermmm, Harbinger, what is this?" He asked, tilting his head slightly


    The harbinger blew of the thick film of dust the had settled on the journal over the years,

    "This," He said holding it up for Hasir to see, "is the journal of all of your grandfather Terrfyg's thoughts."


    The lizard again looked sideways aat the harbinger, 

    "Erm, I did not know my grandfather had survived; my aunt told me he died in the fire that took Blackmarsh," He looked at the floor,

    mournfully, "along with my mother. My brothers and sister returned some years later to try and find her, but, the silver hand got to

    them first."


    Kodlak put a strong arm around Hasir and pulled him into a very heartfelt hug,

    "I am sorry to hear that, Hasir." 


    The lizard thanked him and said that he did not join the search for his mother because that happened when he went to Akavir to

    train to be a shadowscale. Kodlak smiled broadly and placed his broad hand on the argonian's chest showing Hasir that they will

    always be with him in his heart."


    Without further interruption, he began to tell the tale of Terrfyg, how he gave the companions the curse of lycanthropy because he

    had made a deal with the glenmoril witches who had granted his dying wish for his descendents to be able to hold their own in tough

    battle. With the witches curse came increase survivabilty and increased stamina as well, but at a cost, the witches did not want his

    decendants to become all powerful, so they added a weakness to silver. Kodlak went on to say that Terrfyg's descendants saw this

    not as a curse but a blessing, some even relish the idea of turning into a werewolf every night, mainly his son, Skjor and his niece


     Hasir looked up from the journal,

    "Erm, who are Skjor and Aela?"


    Kodlak slapped his forehead with his right hand,

    "Oh by the divines I forget, you haven't met them yet. In time, you will." 


    He got up, half turned to the beside table, and put the journal back into the drawer and then closed it. He turned to Hasir and told

    him not to tell anyone what he saw and that this will be their little secret.


    Hasir turned to leave, the harbinger called, over his shoulder,

    "Hasir, I have a favor to ask of you, The Crimson Fang is due at the winterhold docks by four o'clock. My favor is this: can you go to

    the winterhold docks and escort Quinchal, Inigo and Moonman back here?"


    He winked at Hasir and started to open the door to the meadhall,

    "Oh, and take Rakel and Aela with you, that subborn fiery-haired nord can be really helpful...when she wants to be."


    Hasir nodded, said he would not fail, and left the harbinger's study. He pushed open the doors and walked past a high backed

    wooden bench, where Aela and Rakel sat, waiting for him. They got up and made up a game to see who ccould catch up to the

    argonian first, Aela agreed on the terms set out. The two nords ran along the hall to see if they could catch the argonian who was

    walking at a pretty good clip. the fiery-hair nord beat out the brunette. Rakel swore under her breath and muttered something about

    being beat by one of her own race. Aela heard this and turned back and stuck out her tongue at Rakel.


    Rakel became infuriated by this and threw herself at the unprotected back of Aela. The huntress sensed Rakel's movement and

    side-stepped just as Rakel was getting ready to pounce. Rakel's hands closed arouund nothing but air and she was sent hurtling

    past Aela and slammed, head first, into the wall a few inches from where Aela stood roaring with laughter.


    Aela bent down and helped Rakel up,

    "Ha, you will never outwit me, I have double the speed you have, plus I can sense things people like you," Shee pointed a finger at

    Rakel, "can't." 


    Rakel stood there with a confused look on her face,

    "How can you? Unless you're...wait...your not are you?" Rakel asked Aela, wide eyed.


    "Am I not what?" Aela asked, bewildered.


    Rakel's mouth moved before her mind could comprehend what had come out,

    "A werewolf, not a manbeast, more a true werewolf, one that is two times bigger than that of the common wolf."


    Aela looked sternly at Rakel,

    "Are you dumb? Of course I am."


    Rakel, her hands on her hips, looked straight at Aela,

    "Prove it." She said with disbelief.


    Aela started tranforming, the bones in her hands broke and elongated, she dropped to her hands and knees. The bones in her legs

    and feet broke and reformed into different, more wolf-like shapes, just as her arms did, deadly three inch long black claws protruded

    form her hands and feet, all while this was happening, red fur erupted all over her body. Her teeth elongated into razor sharp, pearly

    white fangs. A wolf's snout was where the mouth of a nord was minutes before. her ears grew more pointed and her eyes turned

    from brown to a more wolfish shade of yellow. The wolf stood there, silently watching Hasir and Rakel.


    Rakel gasped,

    Aela, I thought you were just pulling my leg, I had no idea you actually WERE a werewolf!" 


    Hearing Rakel's shocked admittance of the truth, with an ear-splitting howl, the wolf transformed back into Aela. Hasir and Rakel

    both stared open mouthed. Aela stared at them and said all of the comapions, well at least the ones that share the beastblood  can

    transform as she did. Rakel asked what her wolf form is called.


    Aela turned and looked over her shoulder,

    "My wolf's name is Red, since I have red hair and...it goes without saying what color fur my wolf has." As she said this, she brushed

    her hand under her hair so it gracefully arced through the air. Now come on, the old man gave us a task and we must not fail." With

    that, they exited through the undercroft door to the main hall.

    She stopped Hasir,

    "Erpom, what do you think your doing? Danica has asked for you, best not keep her waiting." Aela said with a smile like she knew

    something he didn't.


    The argonian's shoulder slumped as he crutched over to the main doors and pushed. He stopped once he got over the threshold and

    breathed in a lungful of cool afternoon air. In the distance, he saw the temple of Kynareth, where he would find Danica. I wonder

    what she wants to talk to me about? He thought. He started walking over to the temple. When he got there, he knocked on the door

    with one clawed finger, no response. He called out Danica's name, no response, he tried again. This time, he could hear shuffling

    behind the door, it opened to reveal a young nord woman.


    She smiled as she saw Hasir,

    Hasir, I was expecting you, how's the leg?" She asked, tilting her head


    Hasir smiled back,

    It'ss ok, it hurtss off and on."


    Danica looked puzzled at this strange speech pattern, why was Hasir hissing? She thought. Hasir said that when he is in pain, gets

    anxious or nervous he tends to hiss. Danica stood aside so the argonian could hobble over the threshold into the temple. She offered

    him a tabled to lay upon, she took his crutches and leaned them against a pillar that had vines growing up it and returned to the

    argonian, looking concerned. 


    Hasir looked up at her from where he lay,

    "Tell me doc, is it bad? does it need to be apputated?" He smirked at his attempt at a joke. In response, Danica just shook her head,

    sighing to herself. Hasir looked taken aback by Danica's seriousness. "Geez, Danica, lighten up, I was just trying to defuse the

    situation with some humor. By Hircine, you are so serious. He punched her in the arm, "Lighten up, your patients will thank you for



    Danica recoiled as if Hasir's punch was a hot coil,

    "I will not because I have a pretty demanding job, patients come in, expect to be treated for various ailments and then leave, I

    hardly think levity is in the cards, you foolish lizard." She said as she untied the leather straps that held the lizard's cast together.


    Without the bonds, the cast feel apart in her hands, she set the pieces of the hardened leather on a wooden table that she had

    brought over. Hasir looked at his gauze covered leg and jokingly stated that he is glad the gauze was there or else his leg would fall

    off. Danica returned from what she was doing and told Hasir that the gauze has to come off. As she unrolled the gauze, Hasir's scales

    became as white as a sheet as he looked at its leg, which had was a bright shade of green. He guessed that now she would have to

    amputate it.


    Hasir called to Danica,

    "Er nurse," he smirked as he pointed to his leg, "I might have a severe case of gang green."


    Danica scoffed at him,

    "By the gods, Hasir, you are an argonian, your legs are supposed to be green, stop fidgeting so I can examine it." She said in a tone

    which stated she was fed up with his humor.


    Hasir chuckled to himself,

    "Oh, wow what a relief, for a second there, I thought I was going crazy." He smiled to himself as he lay back on the stone slab so

    Danica could start her art in earnest.


    Danica left the argonian and went into the back room where Rakel had waited weeks before. Hasir guessed she was looking for

    powerful spell in her multitude of healing art spell books that she could use to see through his skin to closely check on the

    bone's rate of healing.


    While she was gone, there was absolute silence. Hasir could go mad if that silence was not broken soon. He looked over

    at stone slab a few feet from his own and discovered a young altmer female was fast asleep on it and, Hasir had to squint to see

    properly, she had a similar looking leather cast on her leg.

    Hasir picked his head up, turned in the direction of the lame elf. Minutes later, she stirred and surveyed her surroundings. She saw a

    male Argonian eyeing her from across the temple. Hasir tried to swing himself so that his legs hung over the edge, but when he

    attempted this, a sharp pain shot though him, so he thought against it and turned his body halfway and lent on his elbows for



    Hasir smiled widely at the Altmer,

    "Hi, my name is Hasir, isn't this an ideal place to meet new people?" He asked, jokingly


    The Altmer blinked a few times, as if to ward off the intense light which shone through the vine-covered windows,

    "What?" She said, her voice raspy.


    She grabbed her crutches, which were fashioned out of cedar, and went over to where Hasir lay. The argonian repeated his greeting.


    The Altmer put both crutches under one arm and stuck out the other,

    "My name is Ceralyne Athaen, nice to meet you, She said jovially, "you said your name was...Hasir correct?"


    Hasir nodded, beaming, 

    "Yep, the one and only. He bent forward a little, shifting his elbows, "may I ask why you are here?"


    Ceralyne's face turned away in ebarrassment,

    "I don't want to bore you with the details."


    Hasir said it was no problem, so Ceralyne told him how she ended up here. She told him that she was investigating a silver

    hand hideout, when a silver hand came out of nowhere and caught her offgaurd, shattering her leg with his massive two handed

    sword. She said she has to wear the leather cast until the fracture heals, which she surmized would be well into Rain's Hand. She

    then turned to Hasir and asked him about his injury. 


    Hasir waved a hand in the air,

    "I willl tell you later." He motioned to her with an open palm, "I would like to know more about you, like, for instance, where you

    were born?"


    She tossed her head so her beautiful blonde hair rippled through the air,

    "Well, let's see, erm, I was born on Anar Riel.' Hasir's face screwed up in confusion. She could hear her father's voice saying

    Ceralyne, not everyone knows Aldmeri, use your tamrielic words "Sorry, erm, In the common tongue it is called Summerset Isles.

    You would like the isles, with their white-stone buildings, massive castles, monasteries and vibrantly brilliant trees and valleys. You

    should visit sometime."


    Hasir was about to say that he would when Ceralyne's head whipped around to see the silvery moonlight that had just spilled into

    the temple via its many windows, making the temple look like a huge disco ball reflecting spots of silver light on the floor and

    walls. The light touched the stone beds in such a way that they seemed to sparkle in the moonlight. 


    Ceralyne transformed where she was. Seconds later, where a young Altmer woman was seconds before was a nine foot long blonde

    wolf who was looking down on a writhing and screaming argonian as if his spirit was being split in two, which was in fact the case,

    the wolf licked Hasir's face to try and lessen the seven minutes of torture he was going through. During his painful transformation,

    he pleaded to Hircine to lessen his pain. Several minutes later, a thoroughly exhausted white wolf was laying there, panting heavily,

    his fur drenched in sweat. Next to the middle of the stone slab was another wolf, a black wolf, representing Hasir's two emotinal 

    mindsets. The white wolf tried to right itself so he could get a better look at the blonde, he gave out a pitiful whine as he gave up

    and lay back on the bed. The blonde wolf dropped to all fours and padded to the middle of the stone bed.

    Whe she got there, she put her front paws on the edge and used them to pull herself up onto the slab, she straddled the white wolf

    so her face was just above his, they looked into each other's eyes. Instantly, they knew that something had clicked between them.

    She gripped the wolf's hind haunches with her powerful front paws and executed a rocking motion with her hips. The white wolf

    knew something was wrong. The black wolf, however, was loving every second of this. This event lasted for the remainder of the



    Hours later, the sun ran its fiery fingers along the wall of the temple, bathing everything in a yellowish light. The Argonian and the

    Altmer lay on the same stone bed, one wearing his black fur armor and the other wearing her vestment of leather armor.


    Hasir's eyes snapped open as he backed away from her,

    "Ermm, Ceralyne, did we just make love in the temple?" His face contorted in a mask of disgust.


    Ceralyne nodded affirmatively,

    "Yes we did, that...is not a problem is it?" She asked, her face streaked with concern.


    Hasir jumped off the stone bed,

    "Yes, frankly, that is a problem, Ceralyne, you are very beautiful, but I have a girlfriend. well, I am not sure if she considers our

    relationship as that serious yet." He looked up and saw the high elf's face was hidden in her arms. When she lifted it up, he could

    she her face streaked with tears.


    Hasir look shockedd and somewhat saddened,

    "Ceralyne, her and I we are just best friends for now as we had not done whatever that, He pointed to the stone bed, was." He put

    his hands, palms out, in front of his face, as if warding something evil away, "I don't want to create a feud with you two, I am sorry

    again for any misunderstanding I may have caused."


    Ceralyn wiped her tears away,

    "I'm sorry, it's just my mind is so fucked up after everything that has happened, I don't know what my wolf was thinking, she is as

    confused as I am about all of this." She paused and looked at the argonian, who was sitting on the floor, soaking up every word.


    She continued after take a breath to calm herself,

    "You see, my brother, Adrian, was once a well respected member of the court in Alinor but that all changed when a courier delivered

    letter adddressed to him."


    Hasir looked at her with curiosity,

    "Do you have any idea what the letter said?"


    The elf shook her head, causing her hair to flail about. She said all she knows is that when her brother read the letter, something

    happened. He was overcome with an unhealthy urge to help Molag Bal attain souls, but for what? I do not know, It might've had

    something to do with Arkay. Anyway, he went to a fort where the silver hand were and joined up, no questions asked. He convinced

    the silver hand to follow the orders sent to him by a mysterious figure.


    Hasir's eyes went wide and his face become overwhelmed with shock,

    This must be Molag Bal's plan that Hircine was telling me about."


    Ceralyne looked at him, confused,

    "Wait, Hircine contacted you?"


    Hasir nodded. He spent the next fifteen minutes telling the high elf about what the wolflord had told him in a dream he had a

    month ago. Ceralyne looked utterly shocked, she had absolutely no idea that Hircine knew of Molag Bal's plan to even the score with

    Arkay, who he feel wroned him in some way.

    Just then, she heard movementbehind the door of the back room, the high elf hurried to get her crutches, once she got them, she

    hobbled over to her stone bed and lay down. Hasir did the same thing on his bed, he was sweating profusely. He did not want Danica

    to know he was talking to or had feelings for one of her patients. 


    Danica opened the intricately carved wooden door as she emerged with the same wooden table but, this time, it was piled hile with

    many different books from different schools: restoration tomes, illusion tomes and alteration tomes. She had three neatly stacked

    piles of books on the table. Hasir also saw that she also had a haphazardly stacked piles of illusion, restoration and alteration books

    that did not prove useful in her line of work. She moved the table so that it was equidistant from the argonian and high elf.


    Her forehead creased,

    "Hasir, your broken leg I can fix easily with a restoration spell, now which one to use? Fast Healing? How about no?" As she said that

    she tossed the tome on the ground right near Hasir's bed, "Healing hands? Nope." The book joined the previous tome, "Close

    Woundslaaame!" "Grand Healing? Gods no. Where in oblivion where will I find-hello, what's this?" Danica knelt down and picked up

    healing potion someone had apparently discarded, uncorked it and brought it over to Hasir and dumped the contents of the bottle

    down his throat.


    The Argonian coughed, 

    "By the gods, what is that? It tastes like kwama dung."


    Danica told him that was a healing potion and instructed Hasir to look at his leg. the argonian lifted his head and a shocked

    expression stole over his face as his broken leg seemed to be enveloped in a sideways cyclone of golden light, it lasted several

    minutes and then it faded, Hasir frowned when the light fizzled and died.


    Hasir Furrowed his brow,

    "Hey, what gives? my skin around the wound healed, but, I don't think the bone itself healed."


    Danica smiled,

    "Well, Hasir, why don't you test that leg out."


    The argonian swung both of his legs counter-clockwise and stood up. His leg buckled under his weight and he dropped like a bag

    full of heavy clay. Danica walked over and offered him her hand. He took it as she helped him stand up. She could see his face was

    racked with pain.


    She frowned,

    "Aw crap, I thought the healing potion would work, but, I guess it only works on the top scaly layer. It has no effect on a tibial

    plateau fracture, which yours is."


    Hasir laughed, panting,

    "Yeah no shit," He pointed a finger at Danica, "What the hell Danica? you said you could heal me! You know what? I will find

    someone else who knows what they are doing."


    Danica back away, frightened, from Hasir and instead, tended to the elf. What she did not know was that he was right behind

    her, standing on his crutches, watching her,

    "Ceralyne, I am sorry but, no premade spell or potion can heal a tibial shaft fracture."


    Hasir's face twisted in confusion

    "A what? why don't you speak plain fucking English, some of us are not as well versed in medical terminology as you are."


    Danica turned around to see the mad argonian standing behind her,

    "Oh, Hasir, I did not see you there, I was just telling Ceralyne about her fracture."


    Hasir bade Danica continue and not to let him interrupt her.


    Danica laughed,

    "Oh sorry, a tibial shaft fracture is where the big bone of the leg, the tibia, is broken in two parts along the shaft, or mid-section of

    the tibia."


    She then smiled and suggested that they both go to Arcadia's Cauldron. Arcadia can train you in how to make a homemade

    healing potion that is far more potent than any of the premade potions." She hesitated for a moment and then added, "Hasir, you

    might want to have her brew up something for yourself also." with that said, she released them. Hasir crutched over to a pillar, got

    Ceralyne's crutches, helped her to her feet and gave her the crutches, Hasir gave Danica a stern look, slowly shook his head and

    they exited the temple.



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    Feels a bit strange seeing someone else call Aela's Werewolf form Red. Mind you be even stranger if she was called something else... Curious to see howl you handle Red's and Aela's personalities. 
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      Awwwooo Hasir…   I will get to this Sunday and have a read of your character profile. I have not been answering your questions about my story which, to be honest is rather rude and not good enough so I will also look at the questions and answer them,...  more
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