Breath of Kyne TOC (Tempory Hiatus)

  • (Despriction coming after hiatus is done.)


    In regards to the hiatus: It's not going to be permenent. I just need a break, and I'm clearly not sticking to any schedule right now. I mean, I haven't been doing anything, so it's hard to call this a break, but I want to make this on my own terms. By hiatus I mean I might still update, but it will be spordaiclly like I used to. Same goes with the description, I'll try to find the words to sum it up, but it might take a while, as I currently have only a few vague ideas about where the story is going. I'll probabbly still be on the site at least every other day, if not every day, so I hope you don't feel like I'm ignoring you. Thank you!


    Breath of Kyne

    Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 

    Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11| Chapter 12



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  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  October 12, 2016
    A break does us all good now and then. here's hoping for a quick return.
  • Edana
    Edana   ·  October 11, 2016
     Absolutely  makes sense. I find that creativity ebbs and flows so best not to force it and write when the mood strikes.  :) I also see I missed a chapter here! Will head over and have a look.