Legends of the Skaal: TOC

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    Legends of the Skaal will chronicle the lives of two Skaal brothers as each must answer the call in the Fourth Era of Man and Mer. Dragons have returned to the lands of their ancestors, threatening fire and ruin to all; ancient powers stir in the shadows, growing stronger with each passing moment. Daedric forces are uncomfortably close, and redemption for one father's legacy will carve out a fresh story - or set fire to the old one. A Frost Moon hangs high above Tamriel, shedding light on the unseen.

    The first book will see the brothers separated by the civil war, and will cover the beginning of the civil war as told by the Stormcloak side (though quests will be out of order).

    Frost Moon is broken down into three parts:

    Unblooded, Sign of the Bear and Change Moon.


    Ages 14+ for violence, language and other mature themes.


    Frost Moon Logo

    When the frost moon high has risen,
    The bear from slumber shall wake
    Winged death will shun its prison
    and men will yield to the snake.

    The immortal soul shall sunder
    The songs of yore resung
    High the mountain shall thunder
    and ring with ancient tongue.





    01: Predictions in the Smoke

    02: Questions Arise

    03: First Signs of Trouble

    04: Rescuing Baldor

    05: Lightning Strike

    06: Resolved

    The Story So Far




    07: Windhelm

    08: In Search of Truth

    09: Diverging Paths

    10: Diverging Paths II

    11: Camp Varglya

    12: Vigilant

    13: Bearer of Bad News

    14: Fool Me Once

    15: Delayed

    16: Thurza

    17: Windbreak Chapel

    18: Korvanjund Part I

    19: Korvanjund Part II

    20: The Jagged Crown

    21: Fables Unearthed

    22: Changing Shape

    23: A Sigh of Ghosts

    24: Dawnstar

    A Bundle of Letters

    25: Redbelly Mine

    26: Plans Are Made

    27: Northwind Mines

    28: Into Shadow

    29: Awakening

    End of Part II: Interlude

    30: Deepened Shadows

    31: Frostmere

    32: The Forest of Ice & Fear

    33: Nightfall

    34: Change Moon

    35: Then and Only Then

    End of Part III






    Frost Moon and the rest of the trilogy will not always be lore-friendly, in fact it will probably deviate from the lore often as the story unfolds. I will be adding my own ideas to the Skaal and to certain families within Skyrim. So no need to post comments to correct me, I've probably written it that way on purpose. Big thanks to Lissette, TheUnhelpful, Sotek and everyone else who supported me back in November when this story was first getting off the ground.


    (December 23rd, 2018)


    For anyone wondering where Reidar's two chapters have disappeared to (originally chapters 31 and 34), never fear! You will see them again... In the next book!


    After studying my timeline and my author notes, I decided that ultimately the story should start and end with Kjeld, not Reidar. I would rather trim back two chapters than try to tack on some kind of rushed, unsatisfactory ending for this part of Reidar's story.


    Reidar's last chapter in Frost Moon is now Chapter 29, which I feel is a stronger cliffhanger than anything I could cobble together right now.
    There is now ONE chapter of Frost Moon left! The conclusion to Kjeld's tale (so far!) will be Chapter Thirty-Five. As a Christmas Present to myself, this chapter will go up either today or tomorrow, on Christmas Eve!
    Thank you again to everyone who's kept up with the story so far. It means the world to me that people have actually (willingly!) read my work. I have a lot of room for improvement, but I can feel proud knowing that Frost Moon is the longest thing I have ever written and actually finished. It's the longest thing I've ever shared to the public, and I can't put into words what that means for me.
    Lots of love, hugs, and Rotmeth,


    Copyright goes to Bethesda, as well as to Lintumieli (@DeviantART) for the shaman brushes.


    Creative Commons License
    Legends of the Skaal: Frost Moon (By Spottedfawn) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


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  • Delta
    Delta   ·  April 24, 2018
    Well it's going to be a long read to catch up.
    • SpottedFawn
      Well it's going to be a long read to catch up.
        ·  April 24, 2018
      :) Take your time. I have 9 or 10 chapters left to post, after that it'll be a good while before the next book. Plenty of time to catch up. ^^ I appreciate you giving it a read.
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    Formatting issues have been corrected in chapters 13, 14, 20-22, and header images should now be present for all chapters!

    New chapter will be posted this month!
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      I'll have a read of this later tonight. I'll check out chapter 7 too.  :)
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