Tales of a Quite Peculiar Cat - TOC


    Welcome dear readers as I, Rubyn Frey, bestow upon you the most fantastical, but true tales of the Khajiit known only as Ji'sari. Yes, 'tis true, a Khajiit, that is now a legend in her own lifetime, stories of her feats of adventure in Cyrodiil and Skyrim will shock or bedazzle the unwary.


    You will find below a list of currently published works, I heartily encourage you to collect them all.



    Volume One

    In which our feline heroine displays her acrobatic talents




    Ji'sari finds her self in a sweet pickle


    In which Ji'sari shows off her abilities and begins her journey



    Authors Notes:

    Thanks to Paws for getting me to turn a random status into a set of stories.


    Graphics and links will be forthcoming.


    Rubyn is currently channeling Brynjolf more than Mercer in the ToC, which is slightly curious.


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  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  September 9, 2017
    This is looking great Meli. 
  • Meli
    Meli   ·  September 1, 2017
    Currently working on ToC graphics and layout, thinking about having a set per province based on Ji'sari's travels.