Finished!! [possible spoilers]

  • My character known only as Prisoner, has defeated Alduin and restored order to Skyrim. After 130hrs 3mins of real time, I have completed the main quest. It was bittersweet to be sure. It was nice to be done with the main quest, but the final battle with Alduin was a little too easy. Visually, it was spectacular! The sky in Sovengard was so cool looking. I finished the main quest half way to level 53. I know my character was pretty dang powerful, but I felt Alduin was pretty weak once you got him on the ground. The big outside area before you take the portal to Sovengard was epic. I had a kickass battle with no less than four draugr death lords and at least three more draugr of various other types. 

    From my character's prospective, he was in Skyrim for roughly 145 days before defeating Alduin. Prisoner [named that because on 11/11/11 my stupid butt didn't realize when I needed to enter his name] defeated the Imperial Legion, rose to the head of the College of Winterhold, became champion of the Companions Guild, was a master of enchantments, smithing, and the bow. A crack shot from virtually any distance, Prisoner could deal monster damage with the sneak bonus. His weapon of choice was an enchanted ebony bow named Longstrike, that caused 25points of frost damage as well as trapped the souls of its victims. Prisoner wore all glass armor, preferring the maneuverability it offered. His armor was enchanted to boost his skills, each piece hand crafted and given a unique name that reflected it's purpose. 

    Prisoner was mostly a champion of good in Skyrim, but sometimes ran afoul of local law enforcement. Prisoner was often known to steal horses when the need arose. There were regrettable moments in his life, for sure, but nothing that he couldn't live with. Prisoner's most unscrupulous act was the murder of the priest of Talos in Whiterun. Constantly annoyed by his ramblings, Prisoner killed the man in his home with a well placed arrow to the back of his head. Several hunters were killed in the wilderness by Prisoner, mainly in the beginning of his journey, justified by the need for goods and equipment. 

    Prisoner finished his journey an extremely wealthy man. Earning his fortune making enchanted jewelry, and questing for Skyrim's citizens. Prisoner knew not a wife, and had few friends. His only true companion was Marcurio of Riften. The two explored much of Skyrim together for gold and glory. Many epic battles and exciting moments were shared between the pair, including the defeat of several dragons in glorious battle. 


  • Brad Young
    Brad Young   ·  May 1, 2012
    Oops, I'm writing it now.  Sorry, didn't expect people to respond so quickly.  I'm at work so it will either be done during lunch or shortly thereafter.  Loved your post and it inspired me to write one as well.
  • Rumpelfugly
    Rumpelfugly   ·  May 1, 2012
    Brad I don't see your post up there. Can you link it?
  • Brad Young
    Brad Young   ·  May 1, 2012
    Thanks for the summary.  I just 'finished' as well, and retired my character.  I may bring him out of retirement, not sure.  See my post.
  • Rumpelfugly
    Rumpelfugly   ·  April 25, 2012
    Bilal>The only quest line I haven't done is the Dark Brotherhood. I don't know why, I just can't bring myself to do it with Prisoner. It think I'll make a new guy that is a really bad guy and do it then.
    Nerevarine> The music was super awesome...  more