This Woman of Ice - Chapter Two:

  • She entered the village alone in the black of night, her fur armour was matted with blood and she carried a bow on her back. The pelts slung over her shoulder suggested she had been hunting which accounts for the gap in time between her escape from Helgen and her entering the village, she must have been the last of the survivors to reach civilisation that day. My good friend Faendal, a hunter in that area, noted that among these pelts was that of a bear and an ice wolf which just goes to show that even in the early days she was a more than capable huntress.


    Sven, the local bard was up to meet her as she entered through the gate. Now, Sven was always the sort of person who could quite easily get on anyone’s nerves, my friend Faendal more than anyone. It was never something that interested me but it was a case of them both having eyes for the same woman: the sister of the local shopkeeper, an Imperial named Camilla Valerius. Quite simply you’d think that these two men could figure out that there are more single women in the world than exist within their small village but they just had to have her, you see.


    Camilla was later found dead in the room she shared with her brother Lucan above the Riverwood trader, it was Lucan who found her the next morning when he woke up and turned around to see her lying there frozen solid. Maybe it was the pseudo-love that these two men professed for her that sickened her so, a feeling so alien to her and what she had come to understand about people. So… it might have been a revenge-killing or maybe in her twisted brain this was her way of solving the problem so that both men could move on and find other things, other women to occupy their time.


    Whatever the reason for her murder, this was not the last person to meet with a cold and bitter end at the hands of the woman of ice. No one ever knew that she had been the one to do it but knowing what we know about her now, there is no one else it could have been. She left for Whiterun shortly after her arrival but would return to Riverwood later as part of her quest, a quest she didn’t know about yet but would nonetheless dictate many of the things she would go on to do with her life.




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  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  April 3, 2017
    Well that's a twist in the tail... 
    I really do like the way you've portrayed your story....
    keep up the great work.
  • DeltaFox
    DeltaFox   ·  March 21, 2017
    I have to admit, I didn't expect her to murder Camilla. This is really a fresh take on the story of the Dragonborn.
    Great job. :)
  • Tenebrous
    Tenebrous   ·  March 21, 2017
    Oho, she murdered Camilla? Nice little twist, there.