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    July 17

    Bonelord said:

    Hi Pat, apologies for not being around I have been without a console for a while now, however that situation has now been resolved, what have they done to the Templar class while I have been away? everyone on you tube are cursing Zenimax every way till Sunday, can you tell me whats happened please or is it just some folk having a moan, thanks man, I hope your Mrs. has recovered well from her illness.

    Thanks for your kind words about my wife. She's doing much, much better. I hope you get your console situation sorted. 

    As for the Templar, people were moaning for the sake of moaning - for the most part. We have several Templars in our guild who do just fine with them. In fact, we have a stamina templar who runs trials with us. The changes that affect magicka variant involve healers, and changes that affect the stamina variant involve mobility in PvP.

    The Templar morphed skills, Ritual of Retribution and Extended Ritual, no longer provide Major Mending. Major Mending increases the amount of healing you do and receive. Our guild has run through the most difficult trial to date, the Halls of Fabrication, with Templar healers. As a damage dealer who is reliant on a healer keeping me alive, I did not feel any impact from the change.

    The biggest change was to the morphed skill, Repentance. It used to give the group free stamina and healing but now it's now just a situational AoE heal and only the templar gains stamina.

    The rage posts you read were probably when the changes were first announced. I remember reading posts about the Templar class being "dead" and that Templar healers would take a back seat to Warden healers. No such doom and gloom happened. In trials, it is absolutely mandatory to have at least one Templar healer. If I am tanking veteran dungeons, I prefer having a Templar healer due to the support the class still brings to the group. Wardens are fun, but far from the OP monsters that people predicted, Deltia included.

    After playing the new patch, most are finding that the changes were not that bad. It just called for an adjustment to playstyle. Those who were unwilling to adjust complained the loudest.

  • July 17

    i thought as much many thanks for the quick reply, console wise I will be sorted soon and, will no doubt see you somewhere in the world, I cannot wait to see and play Morrowind, everyone including you has had good things to say about it so heres to the moaners and groaners who got it wrong "lift a jug of mead" I don't hope it chokes them merely gloating over the prospect it might.