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    Last Post by Paul
    10 hours ago

    [Miss Bizz] ESO Combat Basics for Beginners

    The following videos are producued by Miss Bizz, a long-time player and streamer of ESO, Tamriel Vault, and Fallout. I have found her videos to be very helpful and informative. Head over to her YouTtube channel and subscribe!

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    Last Post by Patriarch
    13 hours ago

    The Solo Player’s Guide to The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

    The following was reproduced from the official Bethesda website:

    If you’ve spent much time in role-playing games – especially Elder Scrolls games – chances are you’ve honed your solo adventuring skills to a fine edge. Most gam...
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    Last Post by Patriarch
    May 18

    ESO Helpdesk

    Post your ESO-related questions here and a more experienced member should be able to help you out!
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    Last Post by Patriarch
    May 18

    My Honest Opinion on ZeniMax and ESO Morrowind

    I had originally planned to post  what I am about to say as a comment under the Solo Player's Guide to Morrowind, but it got a bit too lengthy. Plus, I had hoped to generate some discussion on the topic. Most of you know me as a staunch supporter o...
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    Last Post by Patriarch
    April 28

    ESO: The Personal Touch - Beginner's Help and Tutoring

    Hello everyone! As you might have noticed, ESO has been getting a bit more attention here on the Vault due to the upcoming release: Morrowind. If you haven't heard anything about Morrowind, check out these posts: Video Trailer and ESO in 2017. 
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    Last Post by Patriarch
    April 22

    ESO in 2017

    The following was taken from the official Elder Scrolls Online page HERE

    Welcome to a new year in The Elder Scrolls Online! We had a great year in 2016. Our user base is larger than it was at this point last year, and is thriving. There are mo...
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    Last Post by Paws
    April 21

    ESO: Morrowind - Who are the Wardens Truly?

    The following was reproduced from the official ESO forum:

    Who are the Wardens and what is their connection to the Spinners? Read a short essay by the famous academic Lady Cinnabar for her thoughts on these mysterious new warriors....  more
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    Last Post by Skytastic
    April 16

    ESO Noticeboard

    Looking to organize some other Blog members to tackle a difficult dungeon? Some world bosses? A war party or some duels in Cyrodiil?  Some roleplay or even just a hangout? Post your notice here with your platform and faction.
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    Last Post by Patriarch
    February 10

    ESO Beginners Guide to Leveling (Deltia's Gaming)

    Deltia, from, has produced two of what I consider to be the best video guides on leveling a new character in ESO. The first video outlines some very important basics to leveling and how to level efficiently while questing and enjoying th...
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    Last Post by Teekus
    November 23, 2016

    Character Registry

    Introduce your ESO characters to the group! Tell us a little bit about them - what's their specialty? Feel free to include a screenshot!
    Be sure to include your username as well - this thread also serves as a listing of everyone's platform/factions.

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    Last Post by Patriarch
    9 hours ago

    Buying ESO Morrowind - what's the best way?

    Forgive me for perhaps not paying as much attention as I should have been doing, but I only twigged recently that one has to purchase the Morrowind expansion - rather than, for example, simply download it as part of ESO Plus (as I had wrongly assumed)
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    Last Post by Tenebrous
    May 20

    Tenebrous' Tamriel Travels #1

    So! This will be the place for my little walkthrough-things of Elder Scrolls Online! These will be pretty sarcastic and not at all serious, let me just say. This was inspired by DB's Modder's Logs project, which is really cool and you should check it out....
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    Last Post by Patriarch
    May 18

    ESO: Morrowind Adventure Guide

    The following was reproduced from the official ESO site:

    The mysterious island of Vvardenfell reaches out to you, adventurer. For the first time in The Elder Scrolls Online, you can explore the beautiful-but-dangerous home of the Dark Elves. Prep...
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    Last Post by Tenebrous
    May 8


    "You can kick-off the ESO: Morrowind storyline right now by embarking on a new prologue quest, “The Missing Prophecy.” This quest can be picked up from any Inn and will send you on a mission to track and defeat...
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    Last Post by Tenebrous
    May 1

    ESO Build: The Bosmer Heretic

    The Bosmer Heretic

    Overview: A renegade Bosmer, who has forsaken the foolish and antiquated Green Pact. He has walked dark paths, and combines a mastery of bow and dual weapons with Daedric armor and thunderous magics. But will he fight...
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    Last Post by Patriarch
    April 26

    Stamina Sorcerer vs. Magicka Sorcerer

    Alright so I've done my research on these two different builds, but I want to know what everyone's opinions are on the StamSorc and the MagSorc. Also, from what I have read they both have good survivability late game, but which one has the better survivab...
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    Last Post by Paws
    April 14

    Crown Crates: Clever or Con?

    With the Crown Store Sale going on right now (40% off 5500 crowns purchased on Xbox One!) I wanted to experience the Wild Hunt Crown Crates, hoping to get Southpaw, Rajhin's pet Lynx. Don't ask. To get him I would need 100 Crown Gems, or a stroke of goo...
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    Last Post by Paws
    April 12

    ESO: Three-Year Anniversary Event!

    The following was reproduced from the official ESO forum.

    Join us in celebrating The Elder Scrolls Online's three-year anniversary by participating in our delicious special event for a host of unique bonuses and rewards. 
    To celebrate ESO's ...
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    Last Post by Patriarch
    April 11

    ESO: Free-to-Play Week & Crown Sale!

    The following was reproduced from the official ESO forums.

    Thinking about exploring Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online? Starting tomorrow, you and your friends can play ESO free on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC/Mac for a limited time! Check ou...
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    Last Post by Sotek
    April 1

    Fight with a Broom! (No, really!)

    Not mkaing this up! Right now, for a limited time, you can get a broom as a weapon! Great hilarity will ensue, I'm sure. Here's the post: '
    Anyone can slay monsters and best their enemies with the finest weaponry and armor. A real warri...
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    Last Post by Patriarch
    March 30


    The following has been reproduced from the official ESO forums.

    Morrowind, the land of the Dark Elves, occupies the northeast corner of Tamriel. The centerpiece of the province, the large island of Vvardenfell, fills the Inner Sea. The volcanic Red Mou...
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    Last Post by Edana
    March 30

    Celebrate the Thieves Guild Anniversary!

    Hallo! Here we have a post from ZeniMax, detailing the on-going anniversary event for the Thieves Guild DLC. Enjoy!

    A special celebration is underway in Hew's Bane, and you're invited! In commemoration of the Thieves Guild DLC game pack's one-y...
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    Last Post by Edana
    March 27

    Upcoming ESO Jester's Festival!

    An interesting April Fools Jester's Day event! Gods only know exactly what zaniness is in store, but here's the official post to get you all excited for mischief:

    Once a year, troupes of jesters and fools gather and encourage the people of Tamr...
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    Last Post by RogueSilver
    March 16

    ESO: Battlegrounds Feature #1 Ald Carac

    Taken from the official ESO site:

    “Fighting in a Dwarven ruin? You have two enemies: your opponents, and the ruins themselves." – Merric at-Aswala
    Battlegrounds are coming to The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, including three uni...
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    Last Post by Vileo Sufora
    March 16

    ESO Build: The Storm Aegis - OUTDATED

    The Elder Scrolls: Online Character Build
    The Storm Aegis

    ...  more