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  • Dedicated to housing all forms of Elder Scrolls / Fallout art. The group strives to catalog the best and brightest pieces both created by our talented members and collected from around the net.
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    Last Post by Chris
    April 20

    Art Group Services Request Thread

    This discussion is the place to request various services from other members of the Art group.  We can provide many services that can be helpful to anyone posting a Character Build, Blog Entry, etc. Here is a sample of the types of things the Art Grou...
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    Art Group Screenshot Request Thread

    This is the place for Vault members to post requests for screenshots from the other members of the site. Much like the Services Request Thread created by Zimbu in generations past, anyone can post a request and anyone can volunteer to fufill that request,...
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    Last Post by Golden Fool
    March 17

    Blacklight the Oddball's Editing Thread

    Hello, Art Group. Blacklight here, and I wanted to set up a little discussion in the Art Group to help people out. In this thread, you can ask me,(or others, if they are willing to help) to edit images for you. Be warned, I can do basic edits, however if ...
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    Last Post by Meli
    January 22

    Meli's Gallery

    Please note that the gallery is currently undergoing maintenance following the introduction of the new photo plug-in, normal service will be resumed as soon as possible
    Hello all, following a recommendation by Curse Never Dying and Golden Fool to create ...
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    Last Post by Lee
    January 4

    Dragonborn's Banner Request Corner

    Hello Art group, bet you thought you'd seen the last of me  But nope like a...Ah, can't think of a metaphor right now...Anyway I'm back in the Art Group, and this time I was kind of hoping to set up something long term. Now, in case you didn't k...
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    Last Post by Wolf-Isa
    November 8, 2016

    Wolf-Isa's Skyrim Art Gallery

    This is my newly remade gallery to showcase some of my screenshots and videos of Skyrim.  All my shots can be found on the Nexus and my videos are featured on my Youtube Channel.

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    Last Post by Veloth the Prophet
    October 22, 2016

    Favourite Piece Of Elder Scrolls Art

    Elder Scrolls has inspired many a pieces of art over the years and we all have our favourites This is a thread were you can post it whether it's fan art, concept art or even art from the games themselves and tell us why you love it.
    I spend too much of m...
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    Last Post by Sotek
    October 5, 2016

    BlueDremora's Skyrim Gallery

    Do you know that feeling you get in your gut when you see something completely and mind-blowingly awesome? If you do you might just have come to the right place. This is basically a collection of some of the most awesome Skyrim screenshots “stolen&r...
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    Last Post by Sotek
    October 3, 2016

    Sotek's Gallery

    There’s been a few members snapping at my tail to form a gallery showcasing all my art here on the blog, (Curse, Edana, Meli, GoldenFool just to name a few).
    What certainly came as a surprise was just how many actual pieces I’ve produced si...
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    Last Post by Blacklight the Oddball
    September 11, 2016

    Nelaf's Official Apparel Combo Catalogue {NOACC} - Page 2

    Nelaf's Official Armor Combo Catalogue {NOACC} - Page 2
    Here, is page 2 of my massively popular armor combo guide for you Tamrielic Fashionistas! Same rules as before; Name your combos, be clear on what you mean, and if you really want to go the extra mil...
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    Last Post by Game
    September 8, 2016

    Screenshoters Wanted

    I originally meant to post a discussion similar to this back before the site shifted to include Fallout, but my amazing ability to procrastinate got in the way and I never got around to it.
    In the past there have been various members; who I would like to ...
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    Last Post by Chunk
    June 23, 2016

    Joe's Skyrim screenshot request thread

    Hello and welcome to my thread, This is a place where you can request for some screenshots for your build or something else on the blog.
    Here are some examples of my work
    Here is the rules to take in to consideration 
    Be specific: Tell me what you want th...
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    Last Post by Blooded
    June 17, 2016

    Skyrim Character Portrait Showcase

    This is a discussion for anyone eager to show off their character's face be it attractive, menacing, or downright hideously deformed. Take a screenshot or a picture of your TV that shows off your character's face and post it here with a brief bio of your...
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    Last Post by ShyGuyWolf
    May 26, 2016

    Fallout Character Portrait Showcase

    First one to make a Bob Ross FO4 Build wins!
    Hey fellow vault dwellers. Given the success of the Skyrim Character Portrait Showcase, I figured why not try the same thing with Fallout 4. 
    This is a discussion for anyone eager to show off their lone survi...
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    Last Post by FishDout
    May 22, 2016

    The Request Thread Showcase

    Hello all. As you know a lot of the activity in the Art Group is due to the Request Thread where you as members can ask for help with making perk and equipment spreads, but what some of you may not know is that this is not all that can be requested from t...
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    Last Post by Edana
    May 12, 2016

    Art Contest - The Gateway Icon

    Greetings all, a while ago when the Gateway first launched there was some discussion about the group's Icon and whether the current one suits the group, so Edana and I got to talking about it and this is our solution...
    We're going to let YOU, the member...
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    Last Post by Golden Fool
    May 2, 2016

    Art Bonanza: Crossovers

    Well it’s been a good 3 or 4 months since our last event, as such I would like to announce the Vaults 3rd Art Bonanza and welcome you all to enter. This time around we’ll be using the theme of Crossovers where any entries must be a crossover between eithe...
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    Last Post by Ebonslayer
    May 1, 2016

    Gallery: Okan-Zeeus' Screenshots

    This is a compilation of screenshots (and artwork) I've made over the years. Most of it is fairly recent and a result of my time here on the Skyrim Blog.
    Last Updated: 10/15/2015
    Seasons of Skyrim ENB DynDOLOD Race Men...
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    Last Post by ShyGuyWolf
    April 22, 2016


    The Rules of this thread are Simple
    You Draw Another Persons submitted character that is TES or Fallout 
    Then You Submit your Character for someone Else to Draw
    You may do this as many times as you like
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    Last Post by Tae-Rai
    April 17, 2016

    Gallery: Skyrim Props and Replicas – by Folkenstal

    Hello guys
    I was invited by Emer Dareloth to share my stuff with you. Here's a few pictures of daggers and other items I've made. All replicas are Skyrim related and I am working on a new project right now. My newest project is the Dragonbone Dagger which...
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    Last Post by Oddball
    April 17, 2016

    Tutorial: Skyrimising Art (GIMP)

    Oddball's Skyrimisation Guide
    Hi, Oddball here with a tutorial that is guaranteed to increase the quality of your builds with a bit of practice. GIMP is a free piece of software and it only takes a few hours to get the basics, download it here. This tuto...
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    Last Post by Garthar the Old
    April 17, 2016

    Gallery: Tae-Rai's Screenshot Showcase

    A simple gallery showcase of what I believe to be my best screenshots. Mostly from Skyrim, however there are also a few from The Elder Scrolls Online beta, Oblivion and Morrowind as well.Last Update: 30/04/14

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