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  • Patriarch Me: It's too humid. We need to move somewhere cold, like Idaho. Nothing crazy ever happens in Idaho. Wife: (laughing) If Yellowstone blows, Idaho will be a bad place to live. Me: If Yellowstone blows, anywhere in the US will be a bad place to live. Florida (our home) will look like the ash fields of Stonefalls. Wife: (giving me the "wife look"): Is that in ESO? Seriously? Me: I guess I'm in the guar house now, huh?
    October 6
  • Tenebrous Nothing like a Lovecraftian horror as a profile pic to get myself in the Halloween mood!
    October 19
  • The Postman Just remember you have 60 years to be prepared for Fallout starting today.
    4 hours ago
  • Mottyskills Shotgun Survival Mode Run Fallout 4! What could possibly go wrong?
    September 2
  • The Long-Chapper *runs about flailing her arms in the air in anticipation and excitement waiting for Fallout Hosts to post the new CB event*
    October 6