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    Modder's Log Archives

    Edward Amiele, DB's Modder's Log - Complete
    Lissette's Requiem Playthrough
    The Wrath of Hircine, DB's Modder's Log - Complete
    Arch Atronach, Lissette's Modder's Log - On Hold
    Red Wife of Dagon, Phil's Modder's Log - Adult Cont...
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    Modder's Conclave: Build-a-Mod Event

    Welcome one and all to the Modder's Conclave's second event under yours truly. This is the first Event of it's kind (ever I do believe) and hopefully will set a bit of a trend for things to come. The idea this time was to create an Event that would actual...
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    Tenebrous Mod Thread

    Hallo! This will be the page for downloading any mods I make for Skyrim. Currently, my only project is porting the ESO armors, though that is subject to change. Enjoy!
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    April 19

    Modder's Conclave Help Desk 2

    The Modder's Conclave Help Desk is the destination on the Vault for anyone wanting to get help with anything Mod Related. Need some help installing or uninstalling a mod? Modifying your Load Order? Maybe you have a bug or a compatability issue, well any q...
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    December 17, 2016

    The Modder's Conclave Archives

    The Modder's Conclave Archive is, at currently a work in progess. I still haven't actually figured out how to tag I'm probably going to need some help with that before setting any up (or I could just wing it...)
    My first step whenever I come ...
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    5 hours ago

    Modder's Log - Requiem (Or Dying and Stuff)

    So, before anyone gets excited about a new Modder's Log from me, do understand that I'm still working on the Mod List for this one so I'm still at least a day or two out from playing it (and I'm probably getting Breath of the Wild tommorow which absolutel...
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    1001 Ways To Die: Redux

    I love the idea of Requiem. So much so that I keep coming back to it. I want, however, not to have the pressure of producing a build out of it. You just play sometimes differently when you're working on a build and I don't always want that for a Requi...
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    May 21

    Modder's Log - Just another drop of blood

    I recently helped the thrassian taskforce tag a few of the older builds on this site and I came across some old content from Ponty; his Histmaster. While I doubt it still actually qualifies as a build seeing it's lacking a good bit of the modern requireme...
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    Modder's Log - The Pure Alchemist

    Yo, so I'm really lazy and won't be writing out this character again over here. The build is based off of my current WiP The Pure Alchemist and all the information on the general combat style, gameplay, race and whatnot will go over there. The Modder's Lo...
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    PS4 Modder's Corner

    Even though most Skyrim players can now access mods, each console has unique and personal mods that differ slightly from what the others get. Because of this, each console (and PC) gets a corner where you can discuss just about anything in regards to mods...
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    May 8

    Event Pitch: Rise of the Vigilants

    When I saw the Build-a-Mod Event, I thought that it was for people that know how to create mods for Skyrim and other games and stayed clear of it. The next time I logged on, I decided to take a look and I'm glad that I did. So, here is my idea. The Vigila...
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    Event Pitch: Umbra Reclaimed

    Umbra Reclaimed

    The Umbra Sword was enchanted by the ancient witch Naenra Waerr, and its sole purpose was the entrapment of souls. Used in conjunction with a soul gem, the Sword allows the wielder the opportunity to imprison an enemy's soul in the gem....
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    Event Pitch: Gambling the Days Away (Oblivion)

    ----- An Arena Betting Overhaul -----
    If there's any feature of Oblivion that I've never thought about it would have to be the Arena Betting 'system'. At best it always felt like it was kind of tacked on to the Arena as an attempt to make it feel a lit...
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    Event Pitch: Mehrunes Razor Reclaimed

    So, why am I following up Umbra, the magical weapon that when you look back on it was kind of awesome but isn't as awesome as it could be with Mehrunes Razor, an item so ridiculously cool and overpowered that it can one-shot just about anything? Well, the...
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    Event Pitch: Goldbrand Reclaimed

    The sword Goldbrand is almost a complete mystery. Thieves tell tales about its golden make and how it was actually forged by ancient dragons of the North. Their tales claim that it was given to a great knight who was sworn to protect the drago...
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    Event Pitch: Dawnguard Enhanced

    So, I've been replaying Dawnguard and remembering why I think it's one of the best DLC ever. It feels like one of the few Skyrim questlines that actually have choices, it's got most of the game's interesting characters and brough us some really awesome Mo...
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    Event Pitch: The Lost Race - A Dwemer Overhaul

    This is a mod proposal; just an idea for a mod for the "Build-A-Mod" event in the Modder's Conclave.  I spent some time thinking about both Skyrim, Fallout and the Elder Scrolls in general to come up with ideas and set forth upon this one. 
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    Event Pitch: Teachings of Skyrim

    Teachings of Skyrim: A minor quest reward overhaul
    After playing through the game for way more times than is probably sane, I've come to add yet another "little thing that could have been so much better" to the ever growing list; quest rewards. Befo...
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    Event Pitch: Reworking the Mage's Guild

    The Mage's Guild has always bothered me as a questline in Oblivion, it's an incredibly long quest that requires going to all corners of the world to talk to the various leaders of the Guild in their guild halls and then suddenly rushes you through what ...
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    May 8

    Event Pitch: A Racial Overhaul of the Khajiits

    Khajiit Racial Overhaul
    This is a mod suggestion and an idea for the "Build-A-Mod" event in the Modder's Conclave for the Khajiit race because they are the only race that is tied with the Bretons as my favorite race of the Elder Scrolls games. I nev...
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    Last Post by Medieval
    May 8

    Event Pitch: Bloody WaterFalls

    This is already a mod I have created, I'm going to post here as Modder's Conclave Event: Build a Mod
    As I said on my first entry on this event, I'm a modder, I have a mod profile on Nexus:
    The ...
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    May 8

    Event Pitch: Death Coil Death Knight Spell Warcraft Inspired

    (You can avoid this, and just go To the Point and see the mod concept at once, this is just an intro even a bit fun)
    I have my own profile on Nexus mods site, here it is: , my nickname there...
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    Modder's Log - Tales of the Dead

    So, I have to admit I was mostly inspired to post this after checking out Motty's Fallout Dead is Dead thread but it gave me the idea to create something kind of similar, but with hardcore mods being a part of the game and I guess...well making it into a ...
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    Sim Settlement and S.S (Lite)

    Hey Vaulters, so I did a review for a cool mod called Sim Settlements available on Nexus for the PC.  Basically it allows you to change your entire settlement building idea into more of a Sim City type building.  Basically you place a "plot" and...
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    April 26

    Xbox One Modder's Corner

    Even though most Skyrim players can now access mods, each console has unique and personal mods that differ slightly from what the others get. Because of this, each console (and PC) gets a corner where you can discuss just about anything in regards to mods...