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    March 15

    Modder's Conclave Help Desk 2

    The Modder's Conclave Help Desk is the destination on the Vault for anyone wanting to get help with anything Mod Related. Need some help installing or uninstalling a mod? Modifying your Load Order? Maybe you have a bug or a compatability issue, well any q...
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    Modder's Log Archives

    Edward Amiele, DB's Modder's Log
    Lissette's Requiem Playthrough
    The Wrath of Hircine, DB's Modder's Log
    Arch Atronach, Lissette's Modder's Log...  more
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    POLL - Content Focus

    Hey there MC members, I wanted to throw out a poll for the next few weeks asking you guys what types of content you'd like to see more of in the future. I think it's important that you guys have a say (instead of me just running whatever I feel like whene...
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    Conclave Announcement - Modder's Hubs

    Hi there everyone, I wanted to announce a new feature of the Conclave that's mostly oriented towards people creating Modder's Logs. Modder's Hubs are a new, focused way to keep any content based around an individual's Modder's Log in one single area, thin...
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    Last Post by Dragonborn1721
    December 17, 2016

    The Modder's Conclave Archives

    The Modder's Conclave Archive is, at currently a work in progess. I still haven't actually figured out how to tag I'm probably going to need some help with that before setting any up (or I could just wing it...)
    My first step whenever I come ...
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    21 hours ago

    Mod of the Day

    I wanted to post a fun little discussion that doesn't require much thought or a big long paragraph. Mod of the Day is a way for us to just quickly share a bit of information about a mod we've been playing with, in the form of...well just about anything, a...
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    Last Post by John LeBlanc
    Thu at 5:20 PM

    Overhaul Mods

    So I just finished the TwoInTwo event build I was working on so now I can install Ordinator and give it a whirl.
    I was looking through other Overhaul category mods like Ordinator (and Requiem) and saw one called Skyrim Chocolate.  Seems to just twea...
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    Last Post by John LeBlanc
    March 19

    SKSE For Skyrim

    So it's still not complete per the Silverlock website but they projected a mid-March completion so hopefully we are getting close.
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    Last Post by John LeBlanc
    March 17

    Ordinator Help Desk and Tips Corner

    Ordinator might just have managed to pull itself up as one of the most notable Overhauls around. The reason for this is because it's one of the few that is available on SSE, and even fewer available to Xbox players. Because of this it has the unique quali...
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    Xbox One Modder's Corner

    Even though most Skyrim players can now access mods, each console has unique and personal mods that differ slightly from what the others get. Because of this, each console (and PC) gets a corner where you can discuss just about anything in regards to mods...
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    Oblivion Mod List

    Current Mod List
    Immersive Weapons...  more
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    Last Post by John LeBlanc
    March 13

    Mod Review: Snap'N Build

    So I use a few mods, mainly in the settlement building process.  One item in particular I've been looking for is the little Airstream trailers like found near Abernathy's Farm.  I thought they would make neat little pod-style houses.  Well,...
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    Modder's Hub - Derrani Relvir

    So...I told myself I would play a different game but I got brought back by the idea of testing out a mage in YASH and couldn't get rid of the idea. I wanted to create another character to run when I get a bit bored of Sneaky/Berserker Characters (Guurg in...
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    Modder's Log - Derrani Relvir, Part One

    So, before I delve into the entries I figured I should explain a few things. This is going to be a bit more of a gameplay-oriented Log rather than a Roleplay oriented one. For those that have delved into my Modder's Log this mostly means that I'm not goin...
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    Last Post by Golden Fool
    March 12

    Anyone here have experience with Morrowloot?

    For the past couple of weeks I've been using a difficulty mod for Skyrim SE called Morrowloot. Basically what it does is greatly reduce the amount of valuable items you'll find in chests at the end of dungeons, bandit camps etc. For example, you probably ...
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    Modder's Log - The Arch-Atronach

    Hello everybody. Yes, still working on all my other projects, but I wanted to jump on this while it was hot and this is more of an ongoing project rather than something that will be done right away. As you know, when Henantier's writeup is complete, I wil...
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    Modder's Log - The Wrath of Hircine (On Hold)

    It was almost ironic. The executioner standing above me, almost taunting me with the sweet sing of his axe. I could hear the sound it made as it had finished off the Talos-spouting Nord before me, and the song from that axe. It made me seriously contemp...
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    Interesting New PS4 Mods

    Hey everyone, I've decided to start a bit of a casual thread where I'll be posting links to any new mods for PS4 that I think are interesting. This will mainly focus on Skyrim, and while it won't always be a daily thing I do check the Beth Forums on a dai...
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    Modder's Hub- Wrath of Hircine

    The Wrath of Hircine (or Guurg) is an Orcish Barbarian that is mostly based around a cool little idea I had about playing as an Assassin that also used their Werewolf form as part of their entire Assassination Method. Basically what Guurg does is sneak in...
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    Modder's Log - A Red Wife of Dagon

    Ilibi Alit-Adda is a Red Wife of Dagon, a faction mentioned fleetingly in the Thirty-Six Lessons of Vivec, and one known for their eroticism and interest in Dwemer artefacts. This passage from 36:5 in which a merchant caravan finds Vivec in the form o...
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    Morti's Minimalist Immersion Mod List

    Some people like their Skyrim to be bustling with new and more interesting game mechanics and overhauls, I am one of those people. Then there are others, who enjoy the more simple changes and keep their game as close to vanilla as possible. If you're one ...
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    Cloakapalooza! Find Cloaks for Pheeeeeeeeel!

    Skyrim is a cold, harsh land, find me things to wear! Such cleavage cannot be rendered frozen!
    One of my favorite mods is Cloaks of Skyrim, which adds throughout the game world cloaks, including special cloaks with magical properties and factio...
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    Last Post by Tenebrous
    February 22

    Tenebrous Mod Thread

    Hallo! This will be the page for downloading any mods I make for Skyrim. Currently, my only project is porting the ESO armors, though that is subject to change. Enjoy!
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    Last Post by Dragonborn1721
    February 20

    FO4 Mod Review

    Time for another mod review that I've found.  So, as I wander the wastelands and, especially in the dark, kill an enemy; it frustrates me no end that I can't find the corpse to loot it.  Especially things that are blown apart by the Bloody Mess ...
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    Dragonborn's Mod Reviews (Kinda) - Episode 6

    Welcome everyone to the esteemed, DB's (kinda) mod reviews, the latest series of discussions that delve into the great new world of Console Modding. Each week (more or less) I'll be releasing a compilation of reviews on similar mods and delving into the p...