TOC: The Streets of Boston

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    It is the year 2077, despite the efforts of the Boston Police Department, organised crime in Boston is at it's highest. Divided in families and gangs these maffiosi have been the scourge of the Boston populaton for longer than any can imagine. However the board is soon going to change, big players will be wiped off allowing for the small ones to thrive or for the surviving to crush everyone under their heel.. Hoping to avoid the oncoming disaster the largest fish desperately look for a solution. After all, once the world has been set on fire, someone has got to rebuild it, right?


    Two hundred years later the world has changed, and certainly not for the best. Between the Raiders, mercs and horribly irradiated monsters that roam the late city of Boston, misery, famine, violence and fear haunt the commonwealth. And to make matter worse the last barrier between the people and those that would hurt them; the Minutemen, recently crumbled under their own corruption. It is in this period that new players rise for the good of the people, whereas old players emerge from their slumber with nothing but sinister machinations.


    Main characters:

    Mr Simon Lafoy: Never far away from a well pressed suit and his submachine gun Lafoy is an old crime boss from before the war, he surprisingly enough, even after 210 years, still doesn't sleep with the fishes. Of french descent Lafoy is calculated and ruthless, but is a firm believer of Gentilhommerie which gets in his way more often than not.

    Captain Eric Asher: Among the few that survived the Quincy massacre, Eric took command over the minutemen that fled Jamaica plains after the second gunner attack. Born and raised in Diamond city, he wasn't content with the diamond city way of cowering behind the wall while the rest of the wasteland was still barren with raiders, mutants, and bloodthirsty mercs. So he signed up with Ezra Hollis' company and fought for the minutemen ever since.


    Content warning:

    This story follows our main characters down a gritty path as I unleash my inner Mafioso/Psychopath. Therefore sensible audiences would do best to avoid reading this as I will approach mature themes, such as death, slavery, torture, and sex.

    I am not responsable for anything the reader may experience after reading the Streets of Boston, be it disgust or the appearance of strange french accents and an unlimited ambition for power. Although I will absolutely bask in it.


    Notable quotes from readers:


    "You got balls, Teineeva. Big story-telling balls. Love it. " - Lissette, Host of the Story Corner


    "You guys ever thought about that "SoB" is very fitting shortcut for Teineeva´s story, especially his main character?" - Karver, Host of the Lore group, ex host of the Classics group


    TOC - Texting

    Prologue - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 -Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8 - Chapter 9 - Chapter 10 - Chapter 11 - Chapter 12 - Chapter 13 - Chapter 14 - Chapter 15 - Chapter 16 - Chapter 17 - Chapter 18 - Chapter 19


    Prologue: A glowing opportunity

    Simon Lafoy's last day in the Boston he knows, loves and pretty much rules.

    Chapter 1: Apocalypse

    "The day the bombs fell" and other anecdotes.

    Chapter 2: Breaking Point

    Simon reflects on his past choices as the solitary lifestyle becomes too much for even him to bear.

    Chapter 3: If you want something done ...

    Simon emerges from his shelter, 210 years after he first entered it and arrives in a somewhat dissapointing version of his old home.

    Chapter 4: Wish and you shall receive

    Simon's first encounter with a wastelander, it goes about as well as you can imagine.

    Chapter 5: Well, isn't that my luck...

    After a good night's sleep and a good track of Jazz, Simon makes his way to Diamond City

    Chapter 6: Meanwhile ...

    Meanwhile ... In a parallel universe where Preston Garvey isn't annoying

    Chapter 7: Salvation?

    After the deathclaw excrements and raider guts seriously hit the fan, will Asher and his survivors finally have some well deserved rest?

    Chapter 8: Making History

    History is but a long string of documents, the history of the Reformed Minutemen of Concord begins here.

    Chapter 9: A sly vixen

    Simon makes his way into Diamond City and encounters an interesting woman

    Chapter 10: Lafoy against the world - Round 1

    After enjoying his first night in town, Simon prepares for an interview with his new acquiantance.

    Chapter 11: The pied piper of Diamond City

    Yeah, it might be best to just read this.

    Chapter 12: Hello darkness, my old friend

    See the above.

    Chapter 13: Abandoned

    Asher and Preston make their way around the local settlements and come accross horrible discoveries.

    Chapter 14: The Suit

    A group of raiders is assaulted by a mysterious force they end up calling the Suit.

    Chapter 15: Olivia

    Asher and Preston prepare their vendetta, and their first step in freeing the Commonwealth from raider oppression.

    Chapter 16: Backstreet fling

     What a night to meet a stranger.

    Chapter 17: Mission report

    Asher and Preston conduct an assault on the USAF Satellite station.

    Chapter 18: Captain Eric Asher

    Things are finally getting into motion for the minutemen in this penultimate chapter in the first arc of Eric Asher.

    Chapter 19: Welcome to the Jungle

    Everything unravels in Boston as Simon enacts his plans and starts on his goal to rule Boston like his personal little empire.


    Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3


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  • Mottyskills
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    I was wondering if you'd weave Winter into the story...and handling the interaction with the Sole Survivor in chapter, pretty funny. 
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    YAY, ToC looks great, Teineeva.