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Character Build: The Lovable Liar

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    September 4, 2018


         You want to know about M'aiq's past, yes? M'aiq comes from a town in Elsweyr called Annequina. He was once considered royalty among Khajiit, M'aiq fled Elsweyr after the battle of wightmoor. M'aiq wishes not to talk at length about is because he lost his parents and became an orphan. After many days and nights adrift at see, the cat washed up on the shores of Vvardenfell.

          M'aig told any traveler who would listen all about his travels and some extraneous information as well. While some adventurers who crossed his path welcomed such knowledge, no matter how cryptic it was, others just shunned the khajiit by threatening to make a rug out of his pelt or selling him into slavery. When M'aiq was satified with the traveler's lust for information, he set off for Cyrodiil from the Vivec docks.

        The process repeated once the Khajiit landed at a city called Leyawiin. Only this time M'aiq had to seek out people to tell his information to as they all had schedules to keep, whereas on Morrowind, they hardly had any schedules at all. When M'aiq did find someone to talk to the stories all started out with the same line, "M'iaq knows much and tells some. M'aiq knows things other do not." Then M'aiq would run away and find another adventurer and spout another pile of interesting, albeit useless coversation pieces. 

        When M'iaq was satisfied he walked to Anvil harbor and boarded a boat for Skyrim. When the boat reached its destination, the khajiit got out and marveled at the scenery. M'aiq heard a roaring noise and looked up. A dragon as black as night was swooping down towards him. M'aiq's quick reflexes enabled him to duck into the bushes along the roadside just as the dragon snatched un a wood elf male and soared high into the sky, The wood elf came crashed down to the ground and landed with a sickening splat. 

       M'aiq looked in shock at the rat with wings as it soared away into the mountains. M'aiq exited the bushes and went on his way to a city called Wintehold. When he got there, he could see people hustling about. They must have busier schedules than they did in Vvardenfell and Cyrodiil. M'aiq thought. M'aiq went into the local inn and started telling his story and half-truths to the local bar maiden.

    He knew now his curse was to tell half-truth in which province of Tamriel he finds himself in.

    Race: Khajiit Male

    Standing Stone: The Lord

    Stats: 2:3:1

    Apparel: Colovian Fur Helm (mage hood enchanted with fortify restoration and magicka regen), Furry Mittens (gloves enchanted with fortify alteration and magicika regen) Robe of Warm Sands (Vaermina’s robes enchanted with fortify health}

    Weapons: The Fishy Stick (steel dagger enchanted with absorb health) M’aiq’s Caliper (steel sword enchanted with chaos damage) Silver sword

    Spells: Oak Flesh, Stone Flesh, Ebony Flesh, Detect Life,, Waterbreathing, Flames, Clairvoyance, Fire cloak, Thunderbolt, Close Wounds

    Shouts: Throw Voice, Aura Whisper, Become Ethereal, Cyclone, Dragon Aspect, Storm Call, Slow Time

    Major Skills: Alteration, Speech, One Handed

    Minor Skills: Destruction, Pickpocketing


    Alteration M’aiq wishes there was Mysticism, but then again, he can waterwalk whenever and wherever he wants

    Destruction M'aiq fired a destruction spell at an opponent, he flew backwards like a ragdoll

    Speech All M'aiq does is talk. Now, he can use that for his benefit

    One Handed M'aiq likes to poke things with pointy swords, he wishes he can use spears as spears are much quicker

    Pickpocketing M'aiq had his pocket picked once, he stabbed the thief in the throat with a fishy stick


    M'aiq knows how to fight with all mediums. He can fight with spell, sword and voice. He relies on his wit. He outfoxes his enemies with a sharp mind and even sharper reflexes. M'aiq uses his extraordinary speech skill to make his enemies physically and mentally exhausted and then he strikes, embedding his sword into the head or swiping it across his enemy's throats.. M'aiq uses Swift Death on forsworn and bantis. When M'aiq is facing flying rats, he uses Wrath of the Gifted. M'aiq uses Swift Death for Dragonpriests because M'aiq does not want to become a crispy kitty.


    M'aig starts his adventures in the settlement of helgen. M'aiq must then make his way to winterhold to undertake the College of Winterhold questline. When khajiit is level 4, he will go and tackle the Dark Brotherhood questline in order to seek revenge on the people that killed M'aiq's family. At level seven, M'aiq contracted lycanthropy while adventuring on the island of Solstheim. Now every night, He transforms into a terrible beast. M'aiq does the thieves guild to increase his skill in the art of stealth and cat burglary. M'aiq then mut go the dawnstar so he can undertake the college of the bards. Khajiit is sadden by the fact there is no more calipers in Skyrim. He was searching for them ever since Morrowind, but, he never found them, which is why he does the Return To Your Roots quest.


    Wrath of the Gifted M'aiq slows down time and kills his enemy before the enemy sees it coming Slow Time + Steel Sword

    Sands of Restoration the sands of Elsweyr gift M'aiq with elevated healing powers Close Wounds + Equilibrium

    Swift Death Khajiit is skilled with magic, especially when dealing damage Storm Call + Flesh Spell + Steel Sword

    Death From Nowhere Khajiit sees auras through walls and then scewers them Aura Whisper + Fire Cloak + Silver Sword


    College of Winterhold M'aiq knows magic very well, but be careful as M'aiq burnt his sweetroll once 

    Dark Brotherhood M'aig is very good at sneaking and very good with either claw or sword

    Thieves Guild M'aiq is a natural thief. He will Rob you blind and pillage your house of valuable quickly

    A Return To Your Roots M'aiq is sad calipers are gone, oh well, at least there is nirnroot

    Bard's College M'aiq loves music, his mom used to play it for him as a cub. Also M'aiq is a big fan of bards, they hit him over the head with a lute once

    The Companions M’aiq wishes to take control of his affliction, perhaps friendly nord guild will help

    Companions M’aiq travels alone, No need to argue about splitting treasure

     Give constructive criticism, Yes? This would please M'aiq very much

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    I can't like this discussion for some reason. Looks good though.

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    September 12, 2018

    pretty nice to see a build based on M'aiq