The Death Dealer: Sonja

  • The sky over Castle Volkihar was almost starless, only two big, bright moons shone silently from above. Sonja was saddling her horse while the blacksmith was taking a look at her swords. She was ordered to protect a noble visiting the castle with his carriage. The last few days were rather calm for Sonja as there were no Werewolf attacks but now with a full moon hanging high, the situation might change.

    Sonja was a young Nord woman, with long, dark brown hair. Her eyes were once light-blue, but since she was turned, they changed to a dark, sometimes glowing, bloodish red. She was quite attractive, although a bit pale, and sometimes other women were jealous at her appearance. Not long ago she was granted the rank of Elite Death Dealer. Now she was allowed to lead her own squad of Vampire soldiers against the Werewolves. Despite starting a new life as Vampire, Sonja never regret her choice. She embraced her new powers and was loyal to her clan.

    The blacksmith returned the two blades carefully to Sonja and she strapped them to her belt. On her back, she was carrying a crossbow and a quiver with bolts. Finally she was ready to ride out. Suddenly the gates opened and a soldier came running towards her.

    ‘Lady Sonja, a group of strange men was seen following the carriage. You need to gather your squad and ride out, instantly.’ Sonja nodded at her soldiers, they immediately got on their horses and rode into the woods.

    From two miles away, Sonja could already see the torches of the carriage but fortunately no werewolves were seen. Suddenly a howl went through the forest, followed by growls and grunts.

    ‘Divide the group’, Sonja ordered her men, while grabbing her crossbow from her back. Not even a half mile away, Sonja saw the strange men, the soldier told her before. Some were just transforming to their wolf form, others were already transformed. Sonja didn't hesitate a moment and fired her crossbow. The bolt hit a werewolf, who was just running closer to the carriage right in the head and he fell down, not moving anymore. Soon the soldiers engaged the other werewolves and the beasts left the carriage and ran towards the Vampires. Sonja grabbed her swords and with a swift movement she stroked a smaller werewolf running towards her horse.

    All of a sudden, a beast jumped from the left and pushed Sonja with her horse to the ground. She rolled herself away and avoided the wolf falling on her and elegantly she jumped up and was back on her feet. Quickly Sonja reloaded her crossbow with bolts and shot the werewolf through the heart. Sonja’s men were fighting bravely and finally took over the battlefield. The remaining beasts, wounded and weakened, finally gave up and ran away. Some soldiers got on their horses to follow them, but Sonja called them back.

    ‘They are not worth the risk to follow them to their cave. Burn the dead and guide the carriage to the castle.’ 


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    Thanks :) I'll edit it.
  • AllSpark
    AllSpark   ·  November 25, 2013
    @Master Dread: in the dialogue with Serana before the quest to go to the backyard, she explains that supplies were delivered and entered through the north side of the castle. Voila, everything is in order  
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    I know that. I imagined the castle being on the mainland for this story or to change the name so it is a different settlement of the clan but couldn't come up with one fitting. And we don't know what is behind the part of the castle we can see and enter i...  more
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    But the castle is on an island so how is it going to get there?
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    Somebody watched Rise of the Lycans and liked it :P