Storms over Tamriel: 4 - Fog of War, part 2

  • This session was run on the 6th of December, 2014.

    Fog of War, part 2

    Licks and Aethenar returned to the shores of Vulkhel Guard to see the Maormer commander ordering his remaining men to charge into the city. Atop his great serpent mount, the commander was a truly fearful foe, even with support from the returning Zakar and a squad of Altmeri guardsmen - 3 wielding crossbows and another 3 covering with heavy shields.

    Licks managed to open the battle with a surprise attack to the commander, but was soon rendered unconscious from the combined ire of the commander and his mount. Aethenar succeeded in dismounting the commander - a no less effective foot combatant - and the soldiers drew the serpent over with some surprisingly effective crossbow volleys. While Zakar and the soldiers did battle with the serpent, Aethenar and covering guardsman went and revived Licks. While they did require some reinforcements, the commander and the serpent were defeated with minimal casualties.

    As reward for their services to the city, the Canonreeve of Vulkhel Guard (similar to a mayor) offered them lodgings in his city as well as his apartment in the Imperial City, were they ever in need of it. A celebration followed, which was cut short for the party - they were approached by Cyrelia, the captain of the vessel that rescued them from the Maormer’s clutches, with another assignment. It had been discovered that the Maormer were planning to gather Storm Orbs from Ayleid ruins around Tamriel in an effort to create a storm large enough to swallow Summerset whole. They were to leave in a couple of days for mainland Tamriel - to the port city Senchal, in the Khajiit homeland of Elsewyr, near which some Maormer activity had been reported. The party made some preparations and headed off.

    After a couple of days voyage, they arrived at Senchal. The city rested on a peninsula, with the palace and upper district atop a cliff towering over the bazaar, docks and commons below. As the pockets of the party could attest, crime was rampant in the commons, where skilled Khajiit pickpockets were making more than a living off the belongings of unwary travellers. Licks attempted to track down the local Thieves guild (which had much greater success finding his gold), while Zakar tracked down a guard from a caravan which had been attacked by Maormer, Dro-Zahd. Aethenar visited the Altmer embassy at the palace (and was approached by a Khajiit, Razar-jo, offering the finest “delights” in the city) for information, and together they learned of a force of Maormer searching for an Ayleid ruin somewhere in the Tenmar Forest to the north-west.

    They mounted up with horses and senche-tigers and set out on their journey, running afoul of a group of Imperial deserters in a brief skirmish. They took a prisoner, Stevius, as an extra sword-arm/bait/meatshield. Further down the road, they found the site of a caravan attack with evidence of Maormer involvement - namely shock trauma on several of the dead. They tracked them into the forest by the road and ventured inside.

    On occasion the party spotted the shape of a small humanoid following them through the trees. They eventually set up camp for the night, and while on watch Aethenar located it with a detect life spell, and launched a force bolt. Before it escaped, he recognized it as a Wood Elf tribesman, who didn’t seem too happy with a High Elf attacking him in his territory...

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