D.K.R. Year 6 Alpha Part 4 Blood On Her Hands


    Hasir stood there, mulling over what had just happened it his mind. The Argonian surveyed the room with eyes like crystalized water

    until he spotted the speaker struggling against the wolf Ocheeva had become. He quickly ran to his aid; he tried freeing Mai's sharp

    fangs from the flesh they clung to like a vice. The effort only served her to dig in deeper, causing Lucien to scream even louder. After

    several minutes of trial and error, Hasir finally did manage to disengage Mai's teeth from the Imperial's neck. Mai growled in protest;

    not liking the intruder approaching her meal. The bony, grey werewolf tried to resume her meal by trying to shove Hasir out of the

    way but the male Argonian just held his hand out, fingers outstrenched, palm face down. 


    Mai considered this, growled deep and low, but obeyed and sat down on her haunches as she watched the Argonian call healing

    magic to his fingers; pressing them firmly to the Imperial's neck. The wound healed but Hasir knew Lucien was too far gone to be

    saved entirely. He looked disapproving at the grey werewolf and silently threatened her that if she killed the man, they would have a

    serious talk about Ocheeva's, or more exactly, Mai's mental state.


    The Imperial coughed up thick, viscous red making Hasir groan audibly, The Imperial begin to stir from unconsciousness, making Mai

    lunge at him without any pretense, she jerked her head this way and that as Lucien's head began to tear away from his throat, flesh

    tearing like flesh from a chicken breast. Hasir went over to a small table in the corner of the room and grabbed fine goblets,

    silverware, tankards and plates; throwing them at the werewolf, trying to stop her from flaying the man as if he was just a mere

    piece of meat. Mai yelped but sunk back into her meal, the smell of blood and flesh too strong to be deterred.


    Hasir grabbed some swords and arrows from a nearby weapon rack and tossed them at the werewolf, but the only thing this did was

    make the grey werewolf even madder, clinging tighter to her meal which was just barely hanging from a few strands of flesh. Hasir,

    fearing Lucien was already dead, moved silently across the room approaching Mai from the rear, grabbed a couple of broken swords

    and arrows and jammed them repeatedly in Mai's fur. Nothing worked; crestfallen, he slumped to the floor, head in his hands as he

    heard the sounds of chewing as Mai ripped bits of flesh from the dead speaker's head. 


    He could hear footsteps in the adjoining corridor, those of which he had guessed were other dark brothers and sisters. The door

    banged open and Hasir shrieked as three shadows stood in the doorway. An unfamiliar voice rang out in the nearly empty training


    "What in the name of Sithis happened here?" The Argonian name Shaleez asked with stunned shock. The Argonian motioned for her

    nord and khajiit comrades to inspect the room. They did as they was asked and entered the room, outraged when they saw the grey

    werewolf finish off her meal.


    J'ghasta bellowed at the grey werewolf in outrage, 

    "How dare you! damn you to Oblivion, why have you done this?"


    Behind him, Hasir's mouth fell to the floor as the grey werewolf shrank in stature until it became an Argonian. He covered his mouth,

    silencing his scream and he saw Ocheeva's mouth smeared with sanguine liquid and a long strand of flesh dangling from her

    mouth. Ocheeva realized with great fear that he had gone too far. She ran to the door but J'ghasta and Havilstein intercepted her,

    trying to restrain her but Ocheeva drew her dagger and delivered a killing blow to both the Nord and the khajiit.


    Seeing two of her cohorts dead, Shaleez belloowed with rage and ran, head down, at Ocheeva. Hasir ran to position himself between

    the two Argonians, hoping to stop them from tearing each other apart,

    "Ocheeva... this is not you, the wolf has taken control." Hasir insisted, clinging to the body of his grandmother, trying to stop her

    from doing something stupid, "Ocheeva, please, think about this. You have to fight this." Hasir said, getting frantic now; he did not

    want to lose his grandmother to this primal fury. She looked at him and snarled, urging him to let her go but Hasir remained



    Shaleez laughed and sneered,

    "Be a good boy and run along. Go on, your grandmother has broken one of the many tenents that governs the dark brotherhood,

    she must die." Shaleez said, smiling slyly. She pointed an accusing finger at Ocheeva, "Lucien Lachance, J'ghasta and Havilstein did

    not deserve to die, she fucking killed them." She screamed, tears in her eyes.


    Hasir threw himself in front of Ocheeva,

    "Stop, she does not know what she is doing, the wolf had taken over her mind."


    Shaleez laughed, her tail rising and falling behind her,

    "She know exactly what she's doing." She spat. "step aside fellow Sahxleel, this is a blackhand matter now. She killed three of our

    own, we cannot take that laying down." With that said, she drew a small curved dagger and lunged at Ocheeva, dagger raised and

    murderous intent in her eyes.


    Hasir ran forward and met the speaker of the black hand, outstretched claws connecting with her dagger,

    "Look, I don't know who you are but I won't let you hurt her, I'll handle this." He snarled as he conjured up his flame whip

    again. though I've no idea how."


    She stared at this in horror as she came to a rather sickening realization, "Sithis no, y-you killed... Vicente Valtieri? why?" Hasir

    smiled as the flames danced in his fist, "I killed him because I had to, let's leave it at that, shall we?" He said, showing her rows of

    pointy fangs. "don't read into this more than you have to." He said, looking at her with mocked pity. "Leave now before my whip

    claims another life." 


    Shaleez stared at him, her tail frozen in mid air,

    "But-" She began but Hasir cut across her, "I said I will handle this Hircine dammit now go, do you really want to add your own death

    to the list?"


    Shaleez did not need to be asked twice, she said something about them being kicked out of the guild for their indiscretion. She

    turned abruptly and disappeared through the door. Hasir's hands fell to his sides, letting the flame whip dispel in the process and

    went over to Ocheeva who was still trying, desperately, to claw at thin air. 


    Hasir tried everything he could think of to snap his grandmother out of whatever hypnotic or aggressive state she was in, nothing

    worked. Sighing heavily, Hasir gestured to the double doors and said he would be outside, at the well whenever Ocheeva chose to

    return to her own mind but stopped and clung to Ocheeva, hoping for her return,

    "Ocheeva, come back to me." He said,  hugging the stunned elderly Argonian. "By Hircine, you have to lock your wolf in a mental

    cage. Please don't have your soul reclaimed by either the hist or the Hunting Grounds; at least, not yet."


    He fell to his knees and prayed to Hircine for the release of Ocheeva,

    "Wolflord, please shed some light on whomever may have done this." Hasir's eyes flicked open and darted this way and that as if he

    was waiting for Hircine's response. To Hasir displeasure, he did not respond. He yawned and lay down where he knelt and closed his