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Site Hosts are members who have been given responsibility for a particular section of the site. They are given moderation tools for their particular area, and can delete content, edit posts and so on. However, their main role is to help assure the smooth running of their area, keep things tidy and help people to find their way around. Feel free to contact them via the on-site messaging system if you need their help. They don't bite!


Site Administrators are members who manage the day-to-day workings of the site, troubleshoot issues, and help keep the peace. If you have any questions about the site or encounter any issues that go beyond the scope of a group, please contact one of the administrators. 


Note that Hosts and Admins are the unpaid volunteers of the site, and as such, are not always available immediately, and will help as soon as we are able. Attacks against Hosts or Admins will be handled the same as attacks against fellow members, as outlined in the site rules (e.g. they are not to be used as punching bags). 




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Elder Scrolls Groups:

Character Building: Noodles

Elder Scrolls Online: Patriarch, Tenebrous & DeltaFox

Lore: Teineeva & Karver the Lorc & A-Pocky-Hah!

Roleplay: Zonnonn

Skyrim Tips and Tricks: Chris H

Elder Scrolls Classics: Caesar & Medieval

The Story Corner: Sotek & The Long-Chapper


Fallout Groups:

Fallout 76: Paul

Fallout Character Building: Motty Skills & Amornar

Fallout Hub: ProbsCoolerThanYou & FlamezSword


Site Sections and General Groups:

Art: Noodles

The Workshop: Duvain & The Long-Chapper

The Modders Conclave: Ebonslayer

Photos and Videos: Dragonborn2021

Social Media: ShinJin (on hiatus); managed by Edana



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