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  • Paul I don't know whether I've forgotten everything, or just missed a lot - but I'm seeing a TON of stuff in Skyrim that seems completely new for me
    February 24
  • Gollum I don't get the hype around Black Panther. It is a dissapointingly mediocre superhero movie.
    March 18
  • Amornar So for those of you who are D&D people I think I might start a Skyrim character inspired by Matt Mercer’s “Blood Hunter” class using the sacrosanct vampire mod, along with a few other options.....maybe even reinstall Legacy of the Dragonborn....
    March 2
  • Healer1478 So, I am fairly new to the forum world, but I have been stalking builds on here for a few years. There are so many builds I have tried, and so many ideas that I love. However, I have noticed something. I think a play through style gets largely ignored is the squire. Now, most would argue that it should be about the transition of the squire to knight that should be the main focus, but what about a build that focuses around crafting and 'repairing' your knight's armor. You wouldn't necessarily be support, but you are their whipping boy for lack of a better term. I guess I am curious if anyone else is missing this type of build or if it's just me.
    January 17
  • Joshua Primrose Fun fact: Scrolls and Staffs work at the entrance test to the College of Winterhold. Spellbreaker works as a ward in Tolfdir's class. I just completed the Mages Questline having cast no magic at all in the entire game.
    September 8, 2017
  • DeltaFox I would love to write down my playthrough of Empire: Total War, I was just wondering if the RPG group would be a good place for that, seeing as Total War doesn't really have a place here.
    March 5
  • Wulfhedinn I've found this mod that perfectly embodies the Anequinan culture from the lore, with huge houses pulled along inside caravans, and it looks awesome! I'll get some screenshots up of it soon, preferably with B'okhi and Khenarthi's Paw!
    12 hours ago