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  • Zonnonn Sorry to clog up the feed with non-Skyrim stuff, but I'd just like to say that it's my 18th birthday today!
    January 22
  • Aysleph I've been pretty much dead the past couple of weeks, I have SO MUCH to catch up on.
    March 18
  • Caladran I will continue reading stories once this stupid heat wave is over. It's even harder to focus on writing. *weeps*
    July 11
  • Dragonborn2021 Urgh, my enjoyment of Basketball has taken a nose dive today. First the National Australian team gets into an on-court brawl, then Demarcus Cousins joins Golden State...leaving my favorite team in the process. Now I learn that the Pelicans are essentially gutted for this season, no Rondo, no Cousins...just, urgh. yeah rant over, sorry for bringing up the dreaded...SPORTS :P
    July 3
  • Teineeva So, quick PSA: If anyone's interested in Crusader Kings II, you can pick it up on steam for free today and you get to keep it. The game also has a pretty decent TES overhaul mod. So if you like RTS and/or TES go have a look at the game's steamstore page.
    April 5
  • Furrion 17 *Sighs* I remember why I stopped playing FO4. God damn it I hate Downtown Boston, can't walk 10 meters without a crash :(
    June 8