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  • Paul We have the first poll in the NEW Fallout 76 group - join the group to take part...
    July 8
  • TwistedOrthrus Trying really hard to post something that 'actually contributes to the community' but vimeo sucks so i will have to try and embed it here. #Swiggity swag i still have the best tag
    September 22, 2016
  • Warlocksg Hi Guys, A quick question: Anyone know what's the maximum armor rating that can be achieved with the following: DragonPlate Gauntles, Dragon Plate Boots, Nahkriin and/or Jagged Crown, Heavy armor enchants across all possible gear, juggernaut perk and Heavy Armor potion (without resto loop exploits)? I'm trying to revamp one of my builds and looking to make it a heavy armor hybrid. Would appreciate the help on this. Thanks.
    January 22