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Pseudo-Lore: The Towers and Tower Stones

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    December 7, 2017

    I hope no one minds that I am about to perform a bit of forum necromancy with this comment. lol. Further, I did not read all 7 pages of comments so I hope I'm not repeating already-discussed material.

    After re-completing the Greenshade questline in ESO (in Valenwood), this forum discussion came to mind. In particular, I've been contemplating the true identity of Green-Sap. Toward the end of the questline, you are called upon to defeat the Shade of Prince Naemon who has been corrupting all of Valenwood. Through the course of discovery, you learn that he/it has tapped into the Heart of Valenwood, which was the source of his corruption of the Green. You end up battling the Shade in the great Alyeid city of Hectahame, which is literally radiating power. You learn that the source of Hectahame's power lies at the city's central hub, the Heart of Valenwood:



    Long story short, the Shade is defeated through the combined efforts of the player and Indaenir, a cooky Bosmer. Although Indaenir dies, he is resurrected by the Heart of Valenwood (the tree itself) to become the new Silvenar. 


    Truly this tree is powerful. So powerful that the Ayleids built one of their most powerful cities around it and placed ancient, magical wards to protect it. So powerful that controling the Tree means controlling Valenwood. So powerful that the Tree can resurrect anyone it chooses. It is true that the lore book, Heart of Valenwood, minimizes the physical tree in favor of the more spiritual (soul) aspects of the Heart of Valenwood (the Bosmer love their symbolism).

    But, could Green-Sap Tower be this Heart of Valenwood? Perhaps it's the Tower Stone?