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What are you working on?

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  • February 24, 2021

    Sotek, have you met Reesa, Veedaza or Venom-Tongue in ESO yet? They are really interesting Argonian npcs. I might use them in my story.. Venom-Tongue because he looked cool and I love how he has an imposing yet sweet demeanor about him, Veenaza because I love the way he speaks, I also find him extremely funny and clever and Reesa, I might make her Hasir's mom, I love her demeanor and that she is in touch with the spiritual world around her. I also am working on three plots right now, one is Hasir's continuation of his family arc (he  finally meets his real mother), the second is the dumners who plan to steal a Mnemic egg to get revenge on their ancestor, who they beliieve angered Hircine by marrying an Argonian non-lycanthrope. 

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    February 28, 2021

    Sotek have you met Reesa, Veedaza or Venom-Tongue in ESO yet? 

    Well I have to be honest, the names don't mean anything to me although I haven't done a great amount of actual quests. WHat areas are they from? I will keep a look out for them.

    its great that you are looking into the history of Hasir and are thinking of family ties. ESo gives us a whole world to explore and use as an idea platform. I will be having a small group of Lamia in my story. got big plans for them regarding Sotek's history. 

  • February 28, 2021

    Lamias are really cool. I might also use hackwings in my story. Reesa is an Argonian in Davon's watch. Venom-tongue is a shadowscale that you encounter in an Outlaw's Refuge during the dark brotherhood questline. Veedaza is a rather unique Argonian who expounds on existing words to create new ones; you encounter him in a quest in shadowfen, which Hasir's family hut is.

  • March 1, 2021
    So I was playing with mods and pondering stuff and came up with a concept for a Spirit/Shaman-Esque version of Alastor’s High Summoner. Rather than being a Breton, he’s a “young” Altmer who is able to sense and communicate with spirits and the unquiet dead (largely due to his Dragon Soul). He was the student and assistant to an old, reclusive Breton who taught him how to live in balance with the world and embrace his nature. I was thinking about trickling in NPCs like Erandur and Illia to make it a proper story that focuses on overcoming regrets and the things a person can do after moving on. Also Aetherius and Spirit world stuff. Also violence.
  • March 2, 2021

    I alctually changed Hasir's mother's name to something not already existing lore or game-wise and I am going to edit the plot a little bit so all the enemies Hasir and the gang fight are all because a certain Argonian sorcerer from ancient Argonia is throwing the world into chaos.

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    March 7, 2021
    Had a lot to think about on the current story, thanks to Paws sharing further analysis on Meridia from ESO, there's still parts that I haven't completely grasped or have yet to play, so writing a Daedric Prince can get tricky. I've also managed to flesh out the starting point a bit more, this was the tricky bit as it's where my story heads off in a different direction and then tries to run parallel. More characters now have back stories that can feed into their reactions and dialog, which I'm pleased with. Heading for 20k words soon
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    March 8, 2021

    Mercurias, NPC's can and very often do add insperation for plots as well as provide links to Skyrim, ESO and the other games helping readers to relate to our worlds. There's so much you can do with them. Hope the project goes well for you. 

    Hasir, I've had a few times when I had to change something, causing an insuffereble amount of back changes. Worth it in the end though. Now though you are in the heavy writers. With over 60 chapters to your story, its easy to miss something out which you have written many chapters ago. I don't know if you do, but once in a while it will be worth you reading your story from the begining. 

    This will help you keep on  track of relevant changes and I bet you that you will come across sections which you have completely forgotten about. Its worth the experiance. Also you get to see just how much your writing has changed and developed. 

    Meli, TV has always had a large group of people who are willling to give advice and pass on their knowledge to others. Paws is no exeption. Delta gave me some great advice regarding naval warfare for my story as well as others. I've even had a suggestion from someone, (Sorry can't remember your name), about using Cadwell's Kitchen Set for Tilma in my story.

    Writing Daedric Proinces is bloody hard work to get the feel right. So many strong personalities to work through. Great to hear you are apporaching 20k words. Looking forwards to it.


    As for me, another chapter edited. I have also made progress to shifting U.o.t.W. from Skyrim to the ESO world. This will mean I will be using various NPC's and vastly expanding their roles in my story. I have had a long chat with Aela to make a shortlist of main and secondry characters for when we include portals and the short list has around 28 main and support characters.  Things are going to get a whole lot bigger...

    This list may change but what we are looking at so far is this.... 

    Main list                             Secondry list

    Aela the HUntress               Tilma

    Sotek                                Legate Rikke

    Kodlak Harbinger                Irileth

    Kul-et                                Ri'saad

    Veezara                             Danica

    Ebony (Ria)                        Farengar

    Farkas                               Belethor

    Vilkas                                Aruzzel (Quentari's other half)

    Lydia                                 Vele'nara  Sotek's oldest sister

    Kite                                   Kut'ara     Sotek's second oldest sister

    Sam                                  Kat'rini     Youngest of Soteks older sisters.

    Sabre                               Arcadia

    Quentarii                           Andvarr and Runi  (Guard of Whiterun I made up. Runi is a dog)



    The plan is to have a playable character made up in ESO for each of both the main list and secondry list. Fortunatly, we only need teh characters to hit L 16. Then they will be fully functional for screensots, events and specific roles within the story.  One issue I had was with the change of armor as Skyrim has different armor sets to ESO but I came up with a solution to explain that. Eorlund uses teh Skyforge to make teh Companions armor. WHat they all need to do if they travel through the Wayshrine is to get more basic armor which can be repaired with materials at hand rather than using Skyforge steel. I have however tried to keep the armor looking the same. 

    Heres a preview of Kodlak.

    Yes, that IS a bear. Got plans for that. 

  • March 8, 2021

    Sotek, I have never gotten into warden as the fun factor of the class kinda faded with my Hasir character, whom I had since made into a dragonknight, I made add Kassamae (Hasir's mother) as a warden. What do Sotek and Veezar look like in ESO? Is Vul Sligonis a character in your story as well or is just a character you made for the game?


    This is my ESO roster:


    Midna Darkheart and Khorbash are characters I made up for the game but Hasir, Kassamae and Beela-Kaar-ancient Argonian sorcerer (villain) are from my story. I have plans for the Nagahide Welwa Ravager, the lizard-horse in the background

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    March 13, 2021

    Not as much wrting this week, work has been getting in the way.

    I did get a bolt of inspiration to disrupt ESO's storyline even further, and now have a plan for two more characters to play in game (a Khajiit Nightblade and a Argonian Sorcerer), that are likely to creep into the story somewhere along the line, or even before the start of the story, that is still to be determined.

    It's very much a what is Meridia up to, and are there alternate realities, or maybe the three characters are all in the same reality but there are still alternate realities as well, in which case, did Molag Bal ever really stand a chance? I just hope there aren't alternate realities of Oblivion, or we may be in real trouble.

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    March 15, 2021

    Just updated my ESO roster and sorted out a few more Characters for story. Still have at least another 4 to create. I am handling the males and leaving the female characters to Aela. Works out at this moment, 14 each.

    Here's Veezara as you requested to see Haskir. I had to make some adjustments to all chars from Skyrim as ESO doesn't have all the same settings for characters. One thing I can honestly say is that TES is consistent. No two games have carried any of the same characteristics from games before. Skyrim, two pointed bone spikes. ESO they are curved.......  And can I get a good green skin? It's like Sheogorath has taken a personal interest in *screwing me over.


    Anyhowl, yes... There are some differences but overall the content ESO will provide will ultimatly give me infinite ideas and possibilities.

    *If anyone has any ideas on what I can use for Nocturnals Robe and for Aela's three face markings then please, howl bloody loudly and tell me.

    A lot of chars will change from horse mounts to specific mounts. (See Vezzara for instance). Got a few good ideas on implimenting this as the ESO story in UotW develops. 

     Aela's Character list                                      Sotek's Character list

    Aela the HUntress      Grey Wolf                     Sotek     Grey Wolf

    Tilma                           ?                                Kodlak Harbinger    Brown Bear

    Legate Rikke  Black horse "Midnight"        Ri'saad    Senche-raht

    Irileth                            ?                             Veezara   Nagahide Welwa

    Kul-et        Nagahide Welva                            Farengar              Frost Atronach wolf. (Starts as cat but Aela persuades him to change it)  

    Quentarii       frostbane guar                                              Belethor        Camel. (Don't ask, Sotek nor the Harbinger is happy about it.)

    Ebony (Ria)   "Patch", brown paint horse            Vilkas                       ?         

    Arcadia                           ?                        Aruzzel (Quentari's other half)

    Danica            Stag                                        Farkas                             ?

    Lydia                               ?                        Sabre                                ?

    Vele'nara          Guar                                     Andvarr                     ?

    Kite                   Senche-raht ?                      Orlund                    ?

    Kut'ara              Guar                                    Sam                       ?           

    Kat'rini                Guar                                   Bjorlam   "Chestnut" Sorrel Horse


                                          ? Still to decide