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F04 Guide: Themed Settlements

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    March 10, 2017

    Awesome, I look forward to it!

  • March 27, 2017

    Amornar these are some really nice settlements. Just wondering, what do you do about materials do you scavenge a lot? Some people do use mods I was just wondering how you personally do it.

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    March 27, 2017

    I scavenge like a packrat! Lol yes I typically run pretty high carry weight on my building characters, often with Strong Back so I can hold a lot and keep moving with it in my inventory and fast travel. Or barring that you can take multiple trips.


    That said good settlements can generate a lot of caps (esp raider settlements) with things like purified water, fertilizer to make jet, things like that. Plus if you go out and gather so many resources you typically can get a lot of stuff like ammo, etc. that you can loot. All of which nets me money for shipments. Typically I have all the resources I need from scavenging other than the core wood and and steel and sometimes concreate which is primary what you need for shipments. Take some grape mentats before you but a big shipment haul too.


    I do use one mod that impacts my ability to scavege which is Realistic Scavenging I think is the name. It gives you a more realistic amount of scrap from things for example a car doesn't give you like 20 steel or whatever the base game gives, but a bunch of steel, rubber, electrical components like some copper, nuclear material, circutry, etc. Works on things like tire piles too so you get a pile of rubber from a pile of tires, not like....5 etc. I highly suggest anyone building use it, helps a lot getting those base resources to start up a new settlement when you go through and strap it before building.