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Character Build: The Farmer's Wife (FO4)

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  • March 23, 2017

    MaddMannatee said:

    I'd never think to find a farming build to be so...intriguing! I really enjoyed reading this and love the concept. Crazy how much money you made with some high charisma and lots of natural resources. Maybe I'll have to try a build similar to this for a nice break from shooting up supermutants. Excellent work John :)

    Thanks Madd.  Yeah, it's definitely a fun build and would really make a great second play option for you to just focus on your settlement building and also for just quick play sessions.  It's still geared to perk and be able to handle combat and quest if you want to go that route as well.  At that point I viewed it as "doing security" for the co-op.  LOL

  • August 5, 2017

    Mottyskills said:

    Oh I didn't see this make its way over from the workshop! Nice job John. Real unique take and I too am a fan of settlement building. Great call on avoiding talking to Preston. I really like how that gives you options for each settlement without minuteman interference. One small RP addition you could talk about if you want is adding a mini-not-really-quest of collecting Wasteland Survival Guides (issue 1 is called "Farming the Wastes" for example) and maybe even the Picket Fences Magazine too which add some fun little decorations while prodiving a little non-questing guidance to the build. 

    As to your question of when crops start to overflow into workshop inventory...check Oxhorn's "efficiency" build videos. He talks about it at some point though I couldn't find the exact video. (there's 50!) 


    Hey I know I read this (thanks for the time to comment BTW).  I've added to the build but not for Wasteland rather for the Junkyard Jerky Vendor for the 3% buying discount. 

  • March 6, 2018

    Thanks for fixing the video update DB.  No idea why it wouldn't show up for me.