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Far Harbor Chat: Monsters & Morality in Fallout 4 (Spoilers)

  • June 9, 2016

    Ugh, how did I forget about this? Well, at least I can comment now.

    I really think the thing that Far Harbor did best, to echo a ton of other people, was atmosphere. That will always be one of the series's strong suits, is taking you to an alien yet familiar world. When they get you to this world, all kinds of freaky stuff can happen, and you just sort of believe it, because you really feel like you're in the world. That's why, when we get taken to Far Harbor, I can believe there's a synth hideout on an irradiated, fogged out island with giant-ass whatever those Fog Crawlers are. Somehow, they made the unbeliveable believable, which is something I think Fallout has over other game franchises. 

    Another thing was SKILL CHECKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed these so much (and yellow orange red "give me money" options don't count). It was little things like no real skill checks that made Fallout 4 more FPS w/ RPG elements than RPG. Sigh, if only we could go back to the F:NV days

    The last thing that I like is just what you said, added consumables. I really want to see a build that just goes insane with these, or maybe even a few T&T articles that could explain how to maximize them. Who knows...

    EDIT: The armors are also amazingly cool too.